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  1. 23rd Emperor Active Player

    Yeah. I'm getting knocked down for tapping square. This is stupid. And then he knocks me down when he lunges but when I lung I don't knock him down? This is stupid, and I have better gear than him too. Arenas.
  2. 23rd Emperor Active Player

    Also, he's literally knocking me down with the one tap hold kick up from martial arts thing and I find that to be so stupid, and whenever I do that thing he NEVER got knocked down. Not even once did he get knocked down. But every time he did that I always got knocked down and this makes literally no sense.
  3. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    It makes perfect sense. There are tons of things that make you immune to control effects. The pvp trinket, just about every tank/healer/troll shield, the innate in the movement mode sp tree... even breaking out gives you immunity from control effects for the next little while. You might want to spend more time learning the game before forming such strong ignorant opinions.
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  4. Operation Failure Well-Known Player

    Throwing random range attacks can be lunged causing you to be knocked down. Tapping melee more than 3 times while your opponent is blocking can cause you to be knocked down. To counter an enemy blocking hold range aka triangle. I'll need more info to help you out. Sometimes your weapon combos can stun an opponent for a brief second causing them to have to breakout. Honestly this is why I wish the counter tutorial was still a thing. Went against a player with excellent gear and max arts but had no idea that hold range breaks blocks.
  5. Nanak New Player

    The new training area where you see Nightwing and Slade is a missed opportunity. It would have been A good opportunity to put a pvp ring there where heroes and villains could fight and see themselves in the large projections.
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  6. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Your words scream "I have zero knowledge of how PvP works in this game."

    I hope you are not a tank power on the PvE side. If you are, I would stop immediately. Not understanding how to counter or lunge attacks is sad.

    Actually, this is the bread and butter or PvPing and Tanking. They did incorporate this into a mission before you leave the Braniac ship. Guess you didn't pay attention.

    Read the descriptions for you weapon a d the combos you like to do. They even tell explain how you could be countered. Probably never heard the term catching blues.

    Reading is hard.
  7. Lovora Liaht Well-Known Player

    That would have been cool to see. I don't think PVP is their priority right now though...sadly. :(
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  8. Lvl 30 New Player

    Pvp wasn't, isn't and probably never will be their priority.
  9. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

  10. Saami Loyal Player

    PvP in this game at early days was glorious. So much fun and still competitive in somewhat friendly way.

    I have no idea how broken or if it is broken today, but i want more pvp feats, gears and reason for pvp to queue times lower.
  11. 23rd Emperor Active Player

    I don't understand why you must be so condescending with me, "I have zero knowledge of how PvP works in this game.. Not understanding how to counter or lunge attacks is sad. " You assume that I use a tank power. I do not use a tank power, and I also don't use damage role in PvP. Since I use hard light, I use controller role, and I rarely run instances nowadays since I want to level up my other toons so don't bring up PvE into this conversation, we're not talking about PvE.

    I've done the Brainiac ship tutorial and I understand how PvP works in this game. You roll and get lunged at you get knocked down, you throw whilst getting lunged at you get knocked down. But when I'm tapping square when the other player is holding block, me getting knocked down is not supposed to happen. Simply tapping square knocks me down, and that's not supposed to happen. I know how to counter enemies. I have heard the term catching blues before.

    When you wear PvP gear, you don't gain dominance. So him lunging at me while I'm attacking him and not even using ranged attacks and knocking me down shouldn't be happening, and also me lunging at him should be knocking him down since I even have better PvP gear than the opponent. Clearly, this game is broken.
  12. Lovora Liaht Well-Known Player

    Certain attacks have a longer/bigger counter window than others.

    Just because you're no longer using a Ranged attack, and instead using a totally different attack, doesn't mean you're immune to counter attack.

    There are times when tapping Melee or Ranged attacks to much opens you up for counter attack automatically. This is to keep your attacks from being too repetitive.

    -sighs- If only Superpowers had this effect. That would stop Mental and Gadgets users from spamming certain types of powers over and over again. LOL
  13. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Ok, I'll try to make to more simple.

    Square attacks, aka taping square, can be countered also. I believe 3 taps and you can be block countered.

    You can also be knocked down from powers. That could be what's happening. Without a video showing what is actually happening, all we can do here is speculate. That's the reason for my previous post. Your questions come across like you just started the game.

    Again, PvE 100% effects PvP. It uses the same mechanics. Maybe try being a tank power, and learn how to tank. It will help teach you how to do block counters and lunge counters for PvP.

    What weapon are you using? How are you specing? You should be spec'd like a dps, but in troll role.

    There have always been hidden rules to PvP you have to just figure out on your own. Like the best SC for group play is Word of Power. It hits hard and gives the most power back to the group. Stuff like this is not communicated to players.
  14. Puppet Master New Player

    this is because of the counter delays. the devs ruined pvp a long time ago and refuse to do anything with it out of incompetence.
  15. 23rd Emperor Active Player

    It's depressing because back then pvp used to be better and attract a much bigger audience. I'm pretty sure it never generated money then but after the update when they ruined it it is their fault that they drove most of the pvp players away. And just because it will not generate money does not mean that it will not make the game more fun than it already is. Sure there ar elots of pve players but they overvalue one side over the other side and this is what we call the brutal logic of reality.

    They have good pvp

    They ruin pvp

    They refuse to fix it because apparently it wont generate money even though it never generated money in the first place and was fine even then

    Smh :(