More Combat Loadout Slots / WILDCARD Expanding

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    Due to the game in development needing to compromise a regular 12 slot loadout to accommodate how would the player base would like more loadout slots, or a second one like the stealth ability switches to if you have the stealth ability equipped which is dumb it should be a ability action to bind to another scheme, cause taking a loadout slot just to go stealth, and another to go out of stealth, wastes slots IMO after playing many mmos, that have at 12 to 24 slots, with the option to add more rows of 12,


    So basically , the simplest and most easy way to do this, would just add a ability in the maintenance box, to keep up with monthly currency, while being able to bind it to any Control scheme, aka any key on a keyboard like the armory switching mapping works,

    starting with making Wildcard Slots, able to hold Artifacts to equip , combat abilities, healing abilities, pretty much the same as reg loadout, but adding artifacts could be the second tier, below is a four circle tier map, set up just like you beef up your goons, sidekick, orbital strike, and armor slot s to activate.

    Terminal below mock up idea with upgrades. "upkept like goons/utilities"

    1.( Abilities/other Wildcard Slots) 2.(WILDCARD ARTIFACT) 3. (SECOND LOUDOUT BAR)
    4. (Second Loadout Slot and Wildcard slots both can hold artifacts and any other equitable)

    below is my initial reply to the accessory thread, but above is the idea without all the thinking out laud while typing :)

    i think, in speaking of swapping artifacts during combat, yea you have to pen the inventory, but other mmos proceeding this one, by this company swg, ever quest, it is no problem to remove and equip gear while in combat, for macros and combat,

    the reason this is making people that haven't played OG mmos, proceeding 2010, haven't really gotten to understand, unless you play the emulators for swg , and such, but . this is a perfect opportunity to bring up the lack of loadout custom ab, and ability not to have more loadout slots, at least in the LEAST.
    They need or should of made wildcard slots in the utility belt, with the ability to put anything in them, including abilities/artifacts to equip, for the artifact instance, if they didn't add a second action bar to switch to , "which would be essentially the same as making wild card slots able to hold abilities, Artifacts, consumables , trinkets , like normal" but much like the stealth bar but without needing to be in stealth to use it. At the same time being able to bind a key to swap change in combat, for the PS5 / PSN controller , you much like holding the trigger buttons to use every loadout slot, would be the same just changing the whole bar.
    the way the wild card utility belt would work for artifacts, you put both artifacts in the wildcard slots or second/first loadout slots, making the mmo more like traditional mmos, by which ever one you press, gets equipped in the first slot, and unequipping the one that is currently in that artifact slot. basically for testing purposes , you could put only artifacts and trinkets in every single loadout if u choose, even armor or USE items, anything should be able to fit in the loadouts. "without going to far into what can be put in the loadout exactly and confusing anyone else , i will make a VOD for this and post it on my YouTube channel.

    What ever artifact you have equip, what ever trinket, or attack, by pressing a artifact filled slot on the wildcard or loadout bar currently on. that artifact will be equipped, and the one that was equipped just goes back into the inventory, and if that one is in a slot as well, pressing the other one will re equipped it,
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    Perhaps it possible on a Pc keyboard.
    But how can it be used on a : PS controller, XBOX controller, NintendoSwitch controller . ( the buttons)
    \ 12 slots because the buttons on a controller. /

    Later added,
    well that a lot wildcard slots well maybe if dcuo try
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    An artifact that gives a new ability that allows you to use a second loadout. Like the wolf form, gorilla, etc.
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  4. Toshknight Loyal Player

    i was thinking about the controller, being able to support this idea, whether it be, 12 slots, or just being able to switch to a second set of loadout abilities with a trigger button combo on the fly, like every other ability is access, on pc, they probably wouldn't give a full 12 slot due to the clients, sharing servers and being the same game, some games, do different UIs that share servers, but with dcuo, i feel like they wouldn't go out of they're way to make a pc UI. but the controller/PC friendly version of swapping is 100% applicable and would work, whether it be Wild cards only or being able to access a second 6 slots, via hot key load or controller button combo, specially with the duel sense i do play the game on pc, but i own a ps5 and the duel sense is nice, i am no very comfortable with the Controller feel in dcuo at any form, yet some are very good with it, pvp'ers seem to love it, i understand due to the games fast combat nature, specially before they removed fast clip attacks, and add A.M but, that's just a P.S, either way, it would be welcome, even if someone doesn't understand , they would once it was added to the UI, and the pve / pvp both types of players would like it, having 12 slots to put actions instead of just 6 has always been a thing I've wanted,

    P.S next to Chat bubbles, for /say conversation, so you can see who you're talking with, without just having to scroll through chat, specially if your RP'ing and emotes would be like there suppose to be, the UI options adding the option to turn the chat bubbles on or off for one thing, how l on they linger/stay on screen for each chat message, and how large and far away they appear is a standar setting for them with the way this company has made it in the previous MMOs.

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    that is actually a really cool idea, specially if it was unlocked just from gameplay only, ahh to believe and hope again that actually quality of life stuff like this be apart of playing the game, and not just unlocked via sub daily loot or in a market place / capsule,

    but yea this would be awesome how ever they introduced it.