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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ergotth, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Ergotth Well-Known Player

    Its all fun to see the materials in our gear and all, but I think the features could be expanded a little:
    - Allow Skins and Emblems to Accept materials
    - Have the material be applied to the gear’s individual colour slot instrad of only the whole gear.
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  2. Brad Sisto Well-Known Player

    We have been told that it is not possible to apply Materials to specific color slots on gear because of the way it it was coded into the game. We all wish this would change but so far we haven't been informed it has.

    As for Skins and Emblems I don't see why those shouldn't be allowed to have Materials applied to them other than they chose not to allow it in order to make us get Skins, Emblems and Materials separately.
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  3. Ergotth Well-Known Player

    Then perhaps they could create slots in the materials overlaying the colour slots, sounds easier, I guess.
  4. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    That's how they wanted it to work but we were told there were performance issues. I'm holding out hope they find a way around the issue but it seems the entire style system would need to be reworked. Or as a dev put it: a time machine.
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  5. Ergotth Well-Known Player

    Oh, if they intended this way, I guess they will try to make it work, eventualy.
  6. Kuno Loyal Player

    They made it work for Aqualad's swords so I guess it's a matter of time. Seriously this would be awesome, I love materials but having to tint the whole style it ruins it for me for most cases.
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  7. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    NPC have fixed models rather than customizable ones we utilize, which is why they can have more intricate designs than ours. I'm afraid you read too much into the swords.

    I'm not a fan for the most part because of how it tint as well. I'd really prefer they completely revamp the styles to make them work, or at the very least fix how dated the old ones look...
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  8. Ergotth Well-Known Player

    As he said, NPCs are an exception, they can be customized from ground-zero, using the existing items just to give the devs SOMETHING pre-modeled to make it faster. Instead of modeling Aqualad a pair of swords from zero, they took pre-existing models and changed all the textures, and since NPC models don't need th customizing code, they can add virtualy ANY texture and animation to their style.
  9. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    I thought they said there was some technical issue for doing materials on skin.

    My solution was for them to make a one-piece all-over body suit. Then just name it 'Material Skin' and put it in the Skin menu.
  10. Brit Loyal Player

    There is the old Summer Event style, the one that looks like Remora but with the Water Material in color slot #1.


    Even if the tech does not exist to put a material of our choosing into a color slot of our choosing, just re-releasing a few pre-fab styles that use a material in one slot like this one would be a band-aid solution that would make a lot of people happy.
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