Monitors in Command Center and League Halls Idea!!!!!!!

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  1. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    A league mate has a pretty good idea on this.

    Instead of the random goings on the big screens why not put up Live game play of groups/individuals actually running content that are streaming live.

    Sounds like a great place for new players or others to go and see how some are fairing in runs.

    Imaging being able to watch various groups in fos 1 or Throne or Happy Home, or watching an individual going thru Old Gotham Subway for the first time and being able to hold a league meeting around the screens in the league hall and develop a strategy off of how others are running without having to switch back and forth to twitch to group up.

    Seems cool but can you(Dev's) make this happen?

    Any idea's on how this can be implemented?
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  2. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    I cannot imagine the processing power and code it would take to implement that.
    It would also require Twitch to be directly connected to a character.
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  3. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Isn't twitch directly connected to a character anyway?
  4. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

  5. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    It'd be tricky to do, but darn if it wouldn't be awesome!
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  6. Dezaras Loyal Player

    It would be cool but I doubt it can be done.

    I had an idea that our alts, or other random offline league members would be displayed on screen. Kinda like a conference call.
  7. ChibiMechaX78 New Player

    *watches the monitor streaming DCUO gameplay*

    "How to do you change the channel guys? Meeps! Change the channel!"

    *meeps changes channel to the History Channel*

    "Awwww sheit dis is my sheit! Thanks Meeps!"

    -Meeps:"All in a days!" *fades into the darkness*
  8. ChibiMechaX78 New Player

    *Duels take place next to you*

    "Can you guys duel somewhere else? I'm trying to watch the history channel!"

    *they proceed to fly up, and duel in front of the monitor*

    "You little *****!! It's bad enough I can't see through your quantum Bs while I play!
  9. jedirobb Well-Known Player

    This is not a great idea.

    The idea of using the displays in a more dynamic manner is, running a feed from unmanaged live broadcasts is not.

    I know not everyone thinks far down past the line of "this would be cool!" but there are some hefty considerations in terms of liability, legality and ownership with a concept like that.

    I am not even going to run down al the variables for you but here is one to consider:

    What if a guy, during his broadcast, swaps out the game feed with a graphic (image/picture) that shows and says something offensive like "I ****** your ***** momma in the mouth".

    Some 12 year-old-kid, playing DCUO who did not approve, subscribe or otherwise say okay to being displayed such a thing, sees that in-game. Hello lawsuit, bye bye DCUO.

    You see, I hope, where something like this could be disastrous?

    Now, taking the feed from say, a Raid that is happening live on the server... that might be a bit safer. IF the proper controls could be implemented to protect the company and players.
  10. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    I did not say chat tabs or Joe Blow having the ability to effect the feed.

    I am referring to Live Streams that are being streamed live.

    Good luck with any lawsuit as well being they own all rights and have all the controls as well of there content, of which we agreed to when we setup our systems for there game.

    They can use your Toon as they see fit basically or they would require your approval for whatever adjustment they set on our Toons.

    *edit including removal of our account
  11. jedirobb Well-Known Player

    Methinks you are missing my point, let me help with a question:

    Whose Live Streams are you talking about?

    It would seem that you are suggesting Live Streams from community players? Like a guy, Joe Blow, on Twitch streaming he and his league running Dox, let's say. This is correct?

    If it is, then we are on the same page and it is a terrible idea. This is exactly the type of non-control that a company, like Daybreak/DCUO, would/should never want to allow in-game. It's one thing if it was a vetted partner with specific agreements in place and liability in case of a mishap.

    It's a different thing having Joe Blow stream into your game's features, such as Watchtower displays, effectively, making it part of your game.

    I am sure you are thinking, "but hey, I was in a raid and Joe was talking horrible stuff, that's the same, right?" Nope. Something happening in a raid, inside the game, is not something DCUO can be held, reasonably, liable for. Now, if they took that horrible thing and displayed it on screens inside the Watchtower, for all intents and purposes, promoting and making it a "part" of the game... they could open themselves up to levels of liability should someone want to cause a headache.

    Does that make sense?
  12. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    DayBreak game.

    I am not suggesting the ingame chat channel to be the thing streamed, only players who are streaming live.

    If I am streaming then I choose to stream, I have no control as to who view my stream and the only control of my stream is what Twitch allows me to stream of which control is very limited.

    If they know as many others may or may not say they would have shut it down by now anyway from exactly what you are saying is a problem to begin with.

    To view Live Streams is free and no matter the channel a person will see things that some will be offended by anyway and you do not have to have a twitch account to see nor hear it.

    I can create a Character, level said character and play said character as Daybreak allows me to play said character, Daybreak sets the controls of my created character.

    I have no control of or any ability to make said character something that it is not, as I have no control of how or who view my Twitch channel as they both have controls that are set by there designers for there intent.

    Somebody always gets offended by something, there is always who feel offended or gets sensitive to anything that others do.

    No it makes no sense to me due to the idea is for Live streams of players who are streaming if a player can read the tiny box if it were to be displayed then that person is wasting there talent viewing a sub-sub-section of small stream that would be so small that they could view the surface of other planets away without the use of a telescope, glasses or a microscope just the naked eye.

    And were talking Live stream so I doubt rewind is function that most use while viewing a stream but who knows.
  13. Reaper501 Well-Known Player

    Maybe they can put the NBA Finals, HBO boxing etc. so leagues can socialize :)
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  14. Minnion Devoted Player

    I was under the impression that this if implemented properly would only show what is already happening inside the game already... (Or are you thinking it would be more like the sprays from TF2 where players can inject outside content into the game?)
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  15. lukelucky Devoted Player

    i think being able to watch league mates in content would be a blast. not sure about the monitor mentioned but if there is 2 screens or more its league race time. two raids going while people are dueling and watching in the league base would be huge. newer players could see new content and be extra excited.

    vets could watch newer players and yup be way more help teaching. the rewards and fun is endless if we can view in game content of fellow players.

    dcuo could stream FNL. this would be a nice promotion and get leagues together more. its all about can it be done cause this could be huge.

    pod casts also. the new players who are randomly invited and venture into a league hall. imagine being a month in and seeing cerberous stalking the group. id be beyond excited and no way could i get there fast enough. league moto tells players new power live streams on at X time. newer player who would never ever think to go watch the pod cast would now recieve advertising
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  16. Saami Loyal Player

    GTA V Online have that feature. So it can be done.
    You can watch other players in your own house in television. With friends or alone.
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  17. Minnion Devoted Player

    Now the question is... "How will daybreak make money off of it"... (Which is probably the ultimate deciding factor... As they would need to come up with some way of justifying the costs to their corporate overlords at Columbus Nova...)
  18. lukelucky Devoted Player

    the only value in doing this would be betterment of the game. they have done nothing to promote teamwork so doubt they care but man this could be used for a few good things. FNL, and PODCASTS in game would reach a lot more people. for sure cant hurt and they waste time redoing everything to milk us. why not put in work to make the game better?
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  19. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Seems it would be very advantages to implement this as it would bring more than just cohesiveness to leagues but could also help foster a more linked community and broaden the communications as well.

    Being that when no streams are active they could put up broadcast of Newer content as well or even have a special broadcast brought to you from the Daily Planet but have it relate to new content such as updates and new episode releases with video coming from test server video that the Dev's release.
  20. jedirobb Well-Known Player

    You have a limited understanding of the capabilities of live broadcasts, which is fine, not everyone works with them for a living.

    You do know that streaming directly from your PS4 share feature is not the only way to broadcast, right? Even with that, you know you can cut to your camera and not have gameplay at all, right? There is no mechanism is place to control/limit the type of content someone could produce on stream.

    Surrre, maybe someone is monitoring it and sees it go bad and cuts it off... or the person gets in trouble from Twitch... this is all AFTER the fact.

    There is a difference of liability in someone streaming game content on their own channel and if DCUO was to feed it into their game. It's called risk management and lawyers love to do everything they can to limit their company's exposure to risk because risk = potential cost.

    I know you don't understand, and it's fine.

    That was my suggestion of taking server-side feeds and not consumer generated content for the displays. At least that way DCUO could control what was being displayed; no one could overlay or adjust the content.