Monday Discussions #12: PC vs Playstation

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Sara Pezzini, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Sara Pezzini New Player

    Hey guys and welcome.

    I know, its maybe the oldest discussion since DCUO is on 2 platforms.
    But there have been many changes on software and hardwares, so maybe its time again, to ask:

    Which is the best platform to play DCUO and which would you recommend for new players.

    Just tell us what you think and why you prefer your platform.

    Greetings, Sara :)
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  2. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    My sig tells the truth!
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  3. Volkenraider Loyal Player

    You're gonna start a war sara xD
  4. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    One can't really be definitively better than the other. PC clearly has the advantage of hardware and PS has the population. Those will likely never change. I own both a PC & PS3, but play DCUO on PC. The population is less, but to me it's just right. I like having an overpowered system that can do everything I need as far as gaming, graphics & development. It might bother me if I only played on the villain side, but both of my mains are heroes. I wish I had time to be on both platforms because you meet great people on both sides through the forums and YouTube.

    Happy Tuesday. :p
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  5. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    PC because it's not holding the game back. ^.^

    I'd hate PS, but they keep the game alive with their subs.

    Catch 22 both are needed imho
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  6. Volkenraider Loyal Player

    Wait till they phase out PS3, might solve a lot of issues.. its 2011 game running on 2006 hardware so yeh
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  7. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Oh I know. I'm just waiting and playing the game I love in the meantime. ^.^

    No rush on this end.
  8. WorldsDown New Player

    I played the game from 2010-2013 on the PS3.

    I played the game from 2013-yesterday on the PS4.

    PS4 gets the obvious nod. The PS3 is nothing more than an oversized paperweight, and I often wonder how I tolerated playing games on that turd for as long as I did. lol
  9. Myrdin69 New Player

    release the hound
  10. TheHeartbreakkid New Player

    I thought it was Tuesday today.
  11. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    PS wins. The population on the PC side is just dismal. Pretty sure I remember reading last year the PS side holds something like 70-75% of the population. That is 3 times the amount of the PC. Regardless of hardware advantages the PC has, PS wins based on the population fact alone. I could see them discontinuing the PC side before they discontinue the PS3 side :p. lol
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  12. Anhur Committed Player

    Each platform has its advantages.

    While the PlayStation is likely keeping DCUO afloat due to its population, I prefer the PC because I am not a fan of playerbases of such immense size.
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  13. Volkenraider Loyal Player

    We'll have the same story when the PS5 comes out tho :p
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  14. Delta795 New Player

    I've played on both I prefer PS, mainly because the population is significantly higher.
    Although in a perfect world we could cross game and I'd like to test my mettle against some of the PC players I've met on the forums
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  15. Jeazy Baby Dedicated Player

    Tryed both, PS feels like playing in slow motion compared to PC. I'll stick with PC, I really on play with my league (about 30active members) so the population difference doesn't really matter.
  16. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    If you wanna maximize your gaming experience then you play on the PC. Best hardware available.

    If you wanna maximize your playing experience then you play on the PS. Largest community available.
  17. Darth Loyal Player

    How do the PS4 specs compare to today's current gaming PC? I've only been on my PS4 for a few hours and it blows the PS3 out of the water. I don't have a gaming PC so I don't really have anything to compare the PS4 to. I'm curious.
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  18. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player


    I work with computers all day, really don't want to when I'm home!

    Console for me, always!

  19. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    In my experience pc less annoying issues for the new player also the community is a lot different. Ive heard the name calling the abuse and ridicule on playstation. A new player just learning will be berated till they learn. God forbid if the guys find out the new person is female. The constant name calling and cursing seems to be more rampant there. I guess this happens when cod players hop to dc but it shouldnt be the norm. Pc the chat interface is crap but its still a lot easier than ps.
    If a large community is important to you play ps if you want a decent experience and your hardware will allow go pc.
  20. Abstrakt Loyal Player

      • Number of Cores/Threads: 8/8 [1]
      • Frequency: speculated to be running a base clock speed of 1.6 Ghz on a 2.75 Ghz capable chip
      • Shared L2 Cache: 2 x 2 MB [2]
      • Manufacturing Process: 28 nm [3]
      • Custom CPU for background processing such as downloading and recording gameplay.
    • GPU: AMD next-generation Radeon based graphics engine
      • Peak Shader Throughput: 69.420 TFLOPS
      • Memory: 8GB GDDR5
        • Frequency: 5500 MHz [7]
        • System Memory Bus: 256-bit [8]
        • System Memory Bandwidth: 176.0 GB/s [9]
      • Storage size: 500GB hard disk drive, user removable*
      • BD/DVD drive (read only): BD x 6 CAV, DVD x 8 CAV, Blu-ray and DVD playback, no audio CD support
      • Networking: Ethernet x1, IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz only), Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
      • AV output: HDMI out port, digital out optical port. SD output is supported for lower-resolution displays. HD output at 720p, 1080p and 1080i.
      • Stereoscopic Output: Hardware supported

      My pc is not quite the norm kind of a hobby its cpus and gpu are all watercooled
    • 8 core 3.6 ghz
    • 16 gigs DDR3 1866 (PC3 15000)
    • 2x nvidia ti boosts with 2gb of ddr5
    • 2x 320 solid solidstate one for os one for dcuo
    • 3 tb hardrive for storage
    • 6 usb3 ports
    • soundcard ASUS Xonar Essence ST 24-bit 192KHz PCI Interface Audio Card
    • jbl sound system
    • 2x 21.5 1080p monitors
    • razer 360 controller