Fixed Mommy, why won't the Bosses fight me but teleport away instead :(

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Sir Freeze, Dec 7, 2020.

  1. Proxystar #Perception

    Was playing the Metal part 1 solo yesterday and Red death just kept insta shooting himself above the ceiling glass, couldn't end the solo.

    I figured he was just scared and so I left.
  2. ED Prime New Player

    Same thing happened to me doing the:

    Atlantis: Royal Palace Solo.. I got to the end and the final boss disappeared... I was laying the smacketh down on him too and he just stopped moving and went away. On the mini-map looked like he was way above me.. I tried to fly up as high as I could and use the supoerpowers to hit him and no luck.

    Metal Pt. II Batscape Duo. Got all the way to the end and was killing the league of assassins and only ones left was Talia and she started resetting... We were able to melee and get her and her dad down then the same with Mr Freeze, Bane, etc.... But got to where Riddler kept resetting over and over again could not kill him. Would not matter though cause Batman was nowhere to be found.. The main boss was not dropping any bombs on us either. Basically it broke. After working hard to get through the duo to have it break at teh end was a bit of a pain in the butt.

    Aside from running the vault and doing one other Solo today, that was all I have done. I must say I am very leary on doing anything else at all, since it is very apparent that it is not only me having these issues
  3. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    Had a couple of similar issues:

    1) Iceberg Lounge - Not the boss, but Harley warped above the map before she was supposed to pick the lock.

    2) Test Subject #1 - Before the final boss, I was warped out with "zone unavailable."
  4. LocoCoco New Player

    Just tried to run the alert and got to Etrigan after doing a small amount of damage he teleports away and is meant to spawn mirror images of himself but nothing happens, we all tried warping to rally and restarting twice but it just does the same thing again... had to abandon the instance PLZ FIX
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  5. Gabriel ct8 New Player

    In the DME , the 2nd boss was out of the map , disband was neded..
  6. Draconiano Committed Player

    ZooE LB Broken
  7. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We have fully identified the issue here and will have it resolved with restarts tonight.

    In GU108, we updated our Havok libraries (which is our physics engine), which resolved a lot of things but...introduced this. We have just rolled the update back for our hotfix tomorrow.
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  8. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    Imagine the open world bosses everywhere just being lifted away in the sky with all fly and skimming players following behind lol
  9. Caroline Dedicated Player


    For the past two days 3 raids have bugged out for me and my group and it seems like other people are going through the same thing as well:

    1. DMe:
    - 2nd Boss: Hawkman gets stuck in the air and is not targetable.
    - 3rd Boss: Red Death gets stuck in the air and is also not targetable.

    2. ZooE:
    - 3rd Boss: During the fight with Tala & Lying Claw, while damaging them, Tala all of a sudden disappears. We wiped couple times and the same thing happened. Later we requeued and once again, Tala disappeared.

    3. CoUe:
    - 3rd Boss: The boss fell out of the map and reset his health bar.

    Here are some screenshots:

    DMe - ,
    ZooE -
    CouE -

    Edit: I also want to add towards CoUe that at times on 2nd boss the laser is invisible and on 3rd boss, before even starting the fight, parts of the platform disappear or don't reset. + Here's a video of another similar bug in PCr: the boss is stuck in the ceiling as well. -
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  10. AV Loyal Player

    FYSA it's happening on test as well from checking some of these before you posted. Also, potentially related, the Giganta Girl boss fight instacrashes with a "zone is not available" message, which I suspect could be a result of this bug combined with the fact it's teleporting a disproportionately enlarged boss.
  11. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

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  12. Dev72 Dedicated Player


    Started the fight. Damaged till 1st set of images spawned, and everything disappeared from fight. Tried warping rally on 2 seperate occasions...same thing. Unable to finish.
  13. Ekaterina Committed Player

    last boss is bugged Red Death teleports into the wall and I can't defeat him at all any work arounds?
  14. Helflip New Player

    Hello, I am new to Dcuo but a lifelong fan of DC. I was quite pleased to find this game but at the same time devastated when I hit this brick wall.
    I am currently at the part where you need to break into the JSA safehouse to find sinestro. When I enter the building, Wildcat is on the roof and targetable but behind the glass. Please fix this so I can continue to nerd out!
    Edit- I play on the Nintendo Switch if that helps any
  15. RDV91 New Player

    On my other toon that is a Meta-hero and currently level 18 now, I have been stuck in this certain mission where I need to fight Giganta in Wonder Girl's body. If I remember correctly, this mission took place in Metropolis Metro Station and whenever I'm gonna face off Giganta, they will suddenly be frozen then I'll be teleported back out in the entrance and in the chat it says, "Zone Unavailable." Sadly, I can't go and do other missions to level up this toon because I am stuck here. Please help..
  16. RDV91 New Player

    Update about this issue is that I can now fight Giganta and also I defeated her, but then when I need to talk to Wonder Girl, the "Defend" symbol is still there and I can't talk to her.
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  17. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    Just happened with Grail in Fractured God Sphere (Elite).
  18. MarkR92 New Player

    After bringing the 4 prisoners back to the isolation cells, the boss after the video, (Heat Wave, or the others), he doesn’t appear and I can’t fight him to go on. Can you help me?
  19. Raptim Well-Known Player

    Boss type guy that you have to defeat to open the portal at the beginning gets stuck on the ceiling and you can't kill him or move further in the game, had to abandon mission

    Re starting the mission doesn't help, same thing happens.
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  20. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    I have had this happen twice now. First fight ras evaded and disappeared, only to be found floating above the map, un-hittable, with the flash. End Result? DUO FAIL. Forced to Quit out.

    Second time we got to the batman at the end, and HE, poofed to fight himself in the air, then the good batman disappeared and the evil one went over the wall and was un-hittable. So we suicided in the aoe bombardment, and that took some time, villains reset and this time Joker, Ras, Talia and Joker, Bane and Riddler went into super evade mode. We managed to antagonize Bane by punching him in the jimmies enough for him to hand clap us to death...and that took forever too. Third time Ras and Talia went super evade right away. End Result? DUO FAIL. Forced to Quit out.

    Holy CRAP was this the most annoying thing ever! We tried aoes, we tried pulls and knockups and got Talia down to 10% before she reset on us...moving them doesn't always work and they root themselves and become Evade city again regaining full health.