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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by CdnAtheist, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. CdnAtheist Well-Known Player

    I was hoping that someone could tell me the difference between a XYZ V mod and an XYZ V Expert mod? Is it based on different plans? Materials? Thanks.
  2. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    Not much of one. In the ways of cr, there is no difference, and there is little to no advantage in comparison to the regular v mods.
  3. Naija born New Player

    when you see the stats on the expert plans, sometimes i wonder , why was the ordinary v plans made?
    the difreence between the v and the expert v are clear... and the use the same amount of exos? well.... soe logic i guess
    and the v plans imo pales in comparison to the expert v plans
  4. renzhe New Player

    Newest business venture for DCUO players - crafting expert mods and charging for the service.

    Guaranteed easy in-game cash / exobits.
  5. 13igtyme New Player

    Not much of a difference? Lol right....
  6. Gassius_Spray New Player

    I havent checked in a week or so but when I saw some vit/prec expert mods the vit was 21 and precision was 36? I think. Regular T5 vit/prec mod is 16 vit and 28 precision. That would be a pretty good difference.

    Vit T5 is 23 and T5e vit is 30 ...again a pretty good difference.
  7. Iris Dark New Player

    The difference between resto V expert and resto V is greater than the difference between resto IV and resto V.

    Resto/Health V expert = 49 resto + 95 health
    Resto V = 47 resto

    ...all for the same 15 exobyte cost...
  8. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    Currently I'm modded Vit 5 in all yellows, Vit + Dom 5 in blue, Vit + Precision in reds. Going Expert on all those, and swapping the straight vit 5, for vit + something else (precision, or power, or health)... would give a pretty decent stats boost on what I decided to concentrate on, for the loss of a whole 4 vit (I'd lose 12 off the yellows, but gain 8 from the blues/reds).

    That's a decent difference.
  9. Captain Spire New Player

    Anyone have a link on how to make V Expert Mods? Been collecting Level V Equiptment and Focusing lense.

    Also, do you need a level V Kit to remove the Mod once its in placeor can you use another level?
  10. Wizz Tron New Player

    You make them the same way you make any other mod
  11. Yui Loyal Player

    Are you kidding me?

    Resto V = 47 resto
    Resto V expert = 69 resto
    Vit V = 23 vit
    Vit expert = 30 vit

    V Expert mods have a huge advantage over regular v mods
  12. Gunny New Player

    Expert mods are worth it.

    I probably would not buy them though from the broker. They are being monopolized right now, so you'll be paying far more than they are worth doing that.

    Your best bet is to either locate a crafter in your league, or locate a crafter and offer a tip. You should probably make that tip pretty generous, my going rate is giving all supplies + 4 exobit stacks as tip per mod.

    It will get easier to get these mods as more plans find their way into the game.
  13. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    It may look like that, but the boost is not much when you are in battle.
  14. Gokaigerbay New Player

    right. cause it doesn't mean anything that an Expert mod has literally 50%~ more stats than a normal V mod. 47 vs 69.
    Same jump as a Resto BETA mod to a Resto IV.
  15. Captain Spire New Player

    That was a very insipid answer and here is why.

    1. I make a level 1-5 or I-V mod with first a Plan I can either find or purchase and the salvaged parts.
    2. I have looked Here and searched the Researcher and the LN bot as well as looked into the Auction booth to find -any- expert plans.
    3. Since the normal way to make a Modification is not the same way as making an Expert one, I suggest you 1+ somewhere else or actually try to answer the question.

    There was also a 2nd part to that question you also overlooked as well.
  16. MetalMario New Player

    He answered your first question perfectly. You make the mod exactly the same as you would any other. The cost is exactly the same as the V mods, but you need the expert V plans which drop (sometimes) from the final bosses of the raids. It's literally the exact same process as any other mod.

    As for your second question, you can use any recovery kit to take the mods out, but I personally would use the exceptional or level V since you'll get the most exobytes back that way.
  17. Captain Spire New Player

    Ah! But he failed to mention you get all that with MoR and need to be in the T5 range. All is not -how one would normally- get it is it?
    Just found that out in game.
  18. Wizz Tron New Player

    How did I fail to mention something you didn't ask about?
    You asked how do you make V mods and I said the same way you do all the other
  19. Zhouz New Player

    All plans beyond T1 plans are drops, so expert mods are done the same way all other plans are made: its just there are so few plans out there that you didnt find any on the broker when you looked. Marks of Reality are not involved at all in the process.
  20. MercPony New Player

    V Expert just a bit of a bigger boost for same amount of materials... but more rare.

    I see why people toss them on normal T5 gear but picky me wants to save them for if I get lucky enough to get a Traces in Time piece.

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