Modding My PvP Gear & Skill Point Distribution

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Belthazur, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    Hello Everyone...

    With a New PvP Map and Possibly Season imminent I was Wondering on what your thoughts/suggestions on How I should Mod My PvP Gear and Distribute my Skill Points.

    Right Now my SP is Distributed as i would my Normal DpS. My Mods in Everything for PvP are Might 6 Exp's Crafted.

    Any & ALL Advice is Most Welcome. Perhaps this will Help Others as Well.

  2. stärnbock Devoted Player

    for duels i would go precission VIII
    for arenas i would go precission+might and heath+power
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  3. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    So what if I do Both?
  4. stärnbock Devoted Player

    you have a statt cap in arenas. u can have everything to a maximum. in duels and openworld pvp however, u dont have caps i guess
  5. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    How many skill points do you have?
  6. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    a Whopping 256
  7. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Heres a tip I would give to those beginners or vets should ask themselves before modding there gear and applying skill points:

    1.) What power are you? Does it consists mainly of might(yellow numbers) or precision(white numbers) damage?

    2.) What type of play style will you be utilizing? Will you be using your powers as the main source of damage or will your weapon damage be?(do know that countering will be part of your precision damage) or will you be hybrid.

    3.) How well do you know your power? WIll you be using moves that will cost you a hefty amount of power? Will you be using moves that can make you vulnerable to being countered thus resulting in more toughness or health to survive just cause?

    This is just a basic of things you should know or ask yourself before modding and allocating skill points. Once you have a answer follow up accordingly to what you think will work. REMEMBER? Tho pvp is not in a best state, it is still a place to play creatively to your choosing. Rather success or failure, both should be a learning experience of what works for you and what doesn't. Don't let the jurisdiction of others be the deciding factor of what is good and bad or just flat out impossible. Its only impossible until some crazy mofo comes along and does that sh**.... then it ain"t impossible no more. Be that person who sets the example. - A Electric Dps Pvper
  8. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    So Since I am Mental...Might Based I should do Might + Prec / Health+Might?
  9. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Mental is a might based power, so yes the focus should be toward might. Now the might + health or might + prec is all base off of your play style that comes from you. So if you feel you gonna be utilizing some weapon dmg in between fights then by all means go for the might + prec. If you wanna have extra health along the way too, same as before
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  10. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    So my Ne
    xt Question is..
    How should i Mode the pieces? Balanced or use my Base Dps PvE Gear as a Template. The Prismatic slots dont give much info except I can put Any mod in Any Slot
  11. Ringz Dedicated Player

    If i read ur reply correctly. Pvp gear has no color slots like pve gear, so you are able to mod as you please. For those new to pvp or trying out, I will say mod to what your power is. That should be default of modding, and speccing. Then once you pvp and get a clear understanding of what you want, then you can change things accordingly.
  12. gemii Dedicated Player

    you can never go wrong modding Precision/Power even if you have a might based power you can always spec into might with your skill points and with 256 sp you will be more than fine doing that.

    in arenas you will be using your weapon alot.

    open world duels is another story because that just basically who can spam their power the best.

    kind of comes down to what you play the most arenas or duels.
  13. Tsigalko Well-Known Player

    i might have different opinion about this. mental is 99% might in pve since it uses 1-2-3-4 AM. but things might be a little different in pvp arenas. it all comes to your playstyle in pvp. i use my weapon attacks way more than my powers in pvp. i think the only notable might damage i use in pvp is the finisher, and even without any might mods the finisher is strong enough to kill 35% enemies. i mod my gear with full prec, but with your amount of sp, full prec will probably get u to prec cap so maybe u should mix it up a little with prec+power or prec+health.

    no saying u should do this. again, it all back to how you pvp. coz AM doesnt work in arenas so the 1-2-3-4 rotation wiil get you nowhere. if u use ur powers a LOT than maybe might will be a better choice, but with the the power consumption calculation in pvp gear, in 1s and 2s, or pugs with no troll, from my experience ur gonna run out of power fast and forced to use weapon more.
  14. Beefiest Cakes Committed Player

    Would spec prec/pwr in some slots and prec in others. I would also grab all crits, prec, and some might. Look into specking into health with some extra power with those skill points.
  15. stärnbock Devoted Player

    Is it usefull to mod vitalization for power regeneration through weapon combos in dammage role, given that no troll is in the group?
  16. Clutchmeister Loyal Player

    To mod vita, no. Using spare skillpoints for vita and the power regen crit innates, definitely.
  17. Blue Active Player

    So for arenas if you'r a dps mod straight pre and while putting sp in you don't crit mag since its capped in arenas, so focus on crit chance and the weapon trees with pre if you have low sp... Also on some weapons don't put the point into wm(top right) as it will limit damage(wont say which so you don't cheese). For healers mod resto pre and in sp don't get heal crit mag (but also spec as dps aka get dps crit mag ), I suggest putting into resto n pre as primary focus but secondary is vit. For trollers mod vit pre and then for sp get all vits and then spec as a dps. ALWAYS GET WORD OF POWER AS SC ON ALL ROLES
  18. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I play both healer and dps. I mod all slots with resto/prec. There are charts on the forums that show the max state cap. It helps, but with all of the buffs it's hard to see what your true stats are. Best way to put in skill points. Ask a friend or leaguemate to question a scrim with you. He can leave once you are in. Just stand in the arena. Your stats will be clamped and you can see what your true stats will be in arenas. If you only going to dps, I wouldn't worry about hitting the cap. It's so high, I don't think you can max. Off role is a different story. Both my dps and healer spec are completely different. Test what works for your power.