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  1. Baelor New Player

    Most of us have a very limited amount of time to play video games and MMOs require quite a bit of time investment to progress your character. MMOs also often have a monthly subscription. So, with limited time and money investment, one might experience pressure to play this single game as much as possible and as efficiently as possible. DCUO is one of those games.

    What is more, with other great games coming out, one might experience the fear of missing out (FOMO) that goes both ways: if you play that other new great game you might feel bad because your DCUO character progression stopped and you're missing out on all the in-game currencies you're not acquiring. And if you keep playing DCUO, you're missing out on experiencing that new cool game you might like.

    There are a couple of great games I'd like to try out but I know that they will consume 100% of the time I dedicated to gaming and my DCUO progress will stop entirely. I'd also have to cancel the subscription for the time being so I'd miss out on all the daily/monthly rewards as well.

    Do you guys ever feel like that? How do you cope? I'm debating with myself internally what to do, so your answers are greatly appreciated and will help me decide. Thanks in advance!
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    As trite and (probably) unhelpful as this answer may be, it's something you have to sort out on your own. I don't think there's any one universal answer that's going to work.

    You'll have to sit down and figure out what you want to prioritize as far as your gaming time. I've got more than a decent backlog of games that I SHOULD finish up, but with most of my game time being split between DCUO and the latest Animal Crossing (it's video game happy food for me LOL) I'm fine leaving those other games on the backburner. Besides, I can always go to those on long server updates or (when the time comes) the day DCUO shutters.
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  3. Zoe· YouTuber

    I limited myself to two MMO's. I have friends trying to convince me to play SWTOR but I refuse to start another one. With how DCUO drains my time and now Guild Wars 2 aswell, I decided two will be enough. There is alot to achieve in both games and new content coming out(Also just to be exact, Guild Wars 2 releases content in such way there is just enough to run, but if you finish story and want to know what next, it will take awhile until they announce the next content. It's not 3-6 months like DCUO afaik.)

    and since I'm newbish at GW2 (But already have a bunch of mounts and characters and abilities maxed,) there is still alot to explore. It's like a bigger expansion of the level 1-30 of DCUO, so you have alot more of locations (maps) and individual challanges to do and explore or group events. (Bounties for us). So I'm spenidng more time there right now, but I know I will have my hands tide up with the new episode coming out too.

    Currently because I'm end game on DCUO, but not elite cause I'm not interested but maxed gear and got rewards I wanted etc, I just look out for news and new stuff coming out. But spending my time in Guild Wars 2 until I have something to do. It's just what you prioritize at the very moment. :D It's doable, two MMO's at least, but I can't say for 3 and more.

    P.S I also skipped sleep to get a mount in Guild Wars 2, lmao, which reminds me of my early DCUO years where I used to stay up until server shutdown in the morning LOL
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  4. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I mainly play 2 MMOs, DCUO and Final Fantasy XIV. I have Genshin Impact and I play it a little.

    I have found that as far as DCUO is concerned now, unless you like to play EG (End Game) elite, you can get by with standard gear or purple level gear.

    I remember having the same kind of drive as Zoe described about my early days in DCUO. Effort in making your character better & stronger was exciting and meant something to me. I went all out again with Sins of Black Adam because I wanted to play Elite again and I wanted to get as strong as possible. Elite gear means nothing in EEG so it's a waste of time & energy to get it if you don't intend to play EG Elite.

    Just enjoy the game, it's not a job, its for entertainment so enjoy it at your own pace. Don't be reluctant to play other games, and don't feel guilty about not putting in the same kind of time in DCUO as you use to do.
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  5. Baelor New Player

    Thanks, guys. I think I'm also at a point where my DCUO gear is pretty good already (but not yet maxed out). I have noticed the character progression slow down a lot recently, improving it further doesn't affect normal difficulty content performance that much anymore. I enjoy running elite content, where better gear would help, but due to my time constraints, I can't sit around for hours trying to gather a group willing to do elite instances. So, 99% of the group content I do is normal.

    I think I'll be keeping my subscription still, logging in just to pick up the Doctor Fate rewards and focus on other games until the new EP comes out. Cheers!
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