Mister Mxyzptlk's Mischief 2023

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    St. Patrick's Day Seasonal Event

    Mister Mxyzptlk is back this year to taunt Metropolis with his riches! Look for “Mxyleprechauns!” in your Mission Journal, and complete it to earn Lucky Clovers. Then, visit Mister Mxyzptlk in the House of Legends for the latest base and styles items before your luck runs out!

    New Feats
    • Sacred Text
    • Go With the Flow

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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Event Dates: March 9-22, 2023
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  3. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    great super down with any new beard style can we please get a long wizard style beard in the near future please? not tied to a hat

    edit: also love the nature base items yall keep making great ones just would be nice to have a plant base so we aren't having to mutate one with grass pads and such just a natural plant themed base to put all these bountiful items in
  4. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    That Tartan is mine! lol. Sure would look good paired with Black Alice’s distressed stockings…., just saying…, cause it would….
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  5. Zoe· YouTuber

    Already got a bunch of the new base items, they are lovely! :D
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  6. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I could have sold you a Tartan material I always try to hold on to materials and auras from seasonal for people who missed out on them
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  7. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    It will prob cost 25 clovers or so lol
  8. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    yea now :D
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  9. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    I have been looking forward to this for a long time. Saint Pactrick's day is a favorite of mine, especially here on dcuo
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  10. The Fairy Well-Known Player

    Another boring grind event with mediocre styles and base items. Nothing but green theme stuff. Disappointing.
  11. Limey Committed Player

    Who would've thought St Patrick's Day would have green themed items/content? So random and unexpected!


    Your negativity is about as disappointing as you are in... /gasp.. a seasonal event being the same as last year?!?!
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  12. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Huh... So I can make a Dwarven female, now? :eek: Too bad we don't have the body build available to players in game. :(
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  13. MidLifeCrysis41 Well-Known Player

    How are you meant to contact CS with an in game problem, when it keeps saying ‘your email cannot be confirmed’ (not a me issue also) I’ve changed emails and it isn’t helping.
    A new toon for made hasn’t recieved its armory, even after complete long the mission.
  14. an81angel Well-Known Player

    Is there an option for a beardless Leprechaun Hat? I like the hat, but don't want the beard. v_v
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  15. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Yeah, I’m not much of a fan of the bearded lady look either lol
  16. The Fairy Well-Known Player

    I'm surprised how easily you've accepted repeating 2 daily missions for a few weeks every year for around 6-7 years or more. Me pointing out 2-3 facts is negativity? Let me rephrase what I said so you can enjoy it more "Welcome to a yearly copy & paste event with just updates on the vendor."
  17. beardrive Committed Player

    Love the new base items! I think I'm going to be spending millions on them.

    I'm also glad about the tartan! It was 50 to start with, then a few days later they lowered it to 25, and now that it's old hat it's only 12! I'm probably going to buy it on a number of my alts.
  18. Versonic New Player

    the free armory changed and now it's granted when u reach lv 21 or 25
  19. myandria Item Storage

    I'll be logging in soon; my "Garden Retreat" base is about to get another upgrade! :D
  20. myandria Item Storage

    Well, the Seasonal Events themselves do not change; only the items in the seasonal vendors do. I do not expect the devs to change the seasonal events much, if at all. It would be nice if there were more ways of getting seasonal currency.

    Suggestions: Allow seasonal currency to drop from instances throughout the game when the seasonal is active. This can be tweaked depending upon the seasonal event. For example, St. Patrick's seasonal event is short, so the currency should drop from instanced and outdoor missions; between 1-4 seasonal currency coin drops should do (1-solo/duo, 2-alert, 3-raid, 4-elite/elite plus). For longer seasonal events, such as the Spring seasonal event, the seasonal coin drops can be limited to just the highest tier instanced content (for example), since it runs for about a month. I think this will allow another way of getting seasonal currency AND boost player traffic for On-Duty content.

    Allow seasonal currency to be purchased with Quarks/Dr. Fate tokens.

    I understand that these suggestions may "hurt" marketplace sales a bit, but I still think that players will use that option.
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