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  1. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    I was going through the Little Bohemia Police station and dropped in to see the Flash. (Dressed as closely as possible as Wally West (between issues 50-131))
    Anyway, as I was leaving Flash I noticed that there don't seem to be as many random prisoner escape attempts anymore.
    this started me to thinking about the stuff I remember from when the game first came online that has disappeared

    In the watchtower there are three key examples.

    First, when traveling from the central hub to any of the three wings, there was an open space area over the teleporters hubs. instead of running or flying or bounding all the way around you could just go up and over .

    Second. In the tech wing we have the hanger. in the hanger stands the Flash and the teleporter to Central City....
    once upon a time however, there were javelins! not a lot (about two or three I think altogether. at some point these were all cleared out.. why? well, no one was using them (the players never could anyway.) still, every time I create a new character through the watchtower and listen to the kiosks, Oracle still talks about how the hanger houses the Justice League's Javelin Fleet as well as the bat-plane. and it must confuse the newer players when they see no such vehicles.

    Third (and this is just a silly glitch that used to occur from time to time but it tickled the heck outta me when I first saw it.
    every once in a while when visiting Raven in the Magic wing's left chamber (this was before she and the FATE'S FAITH Suit got moved in with Aquaman in the next chamber) the Khandaqian teleport was toppled over.(see picture below). you never saw what caused it and it never actually affected the way the teleporter worked, but it was so cool to see the teleporter knocked over like that. (personally, I always kinda wanted to see maintainence droids crawling all over and around it trying to fix the thing for the umpteenth time!)

    Those are the things I can think of. anyone else miss anything from the early days?

    here's that pic!
  2. SuperBell Loyal Player

    If I remember correctly, that was unintended. It was nice, though.

    I haven't seen an escaped convict either for a long time. Then again, I'm not in the PD safe house often. But there was never a similar thing in the villain safe house that I ever saw, which was kind of unfair.
  3. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    They do seem to be scarce most of the time but the number of escape attempts does pick up during any holiday event that limits or the available NPCs running around outside that a player can use to get the Everyday Hero feat by completing 25 acts. I think the problem a lot of us have as far as seeing them is simple. After level 30 the time you spend in a safehouse drops considerably. If you are not in and out of the Police Stations talking to contacts and selling off stuff you collected how are you supposed to see them? LOL
  4. Gimpy Loyal Player

    I'm not sure the area where you can fly over is gone, since there is nothing blocking you from going over the top of the JLH where Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are waiting to speak to those who just hit that level.
  5. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    the area marked in red was originally an open space in each wing over the teleporters
    if you look on the map you see that the teleports are in "hubs" of each of the passage ways from the central hub to each of the wings.
    as seen here in the map where the outer passage ways are marked with red and the "hubs" with green
  6. Gimpy Loyal Player

    I understand you now, you meant the Phase Shifter area and the ability to go over it between the Meta Wing area directly behind it.

    I read it as being able to go over the entire Central Hub/Monitor Womb.
  7. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    The reason they removed those open sections is because the game couldn't render fast enough back in the day on the PS3 or really weak computers and players would end up flying or jumping into space. While it was cool and fun at times it was definitely unintended. I remember the day they put that hotfix in...it took me a few days to stop running into the damn wall every time I made my way to the Magic or Tech Wing. lol.
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  8. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    That stuff was funny as heck. I spent a few days just watching people do this.
  9. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    What Allen said. You used to get stuck in the walls or fall thru the floor. Sometimes it would warp you out, and sometime it wouldn't.