Missing legendary!!

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  1. Sergio_Marooned New Player

    Hello Mepps

    Affected here on PS4 UK account. First character: Sergio Marooned
  2. Dreadshow Well-Known Player

    They are denying a paid service for nearly 24 hours now, may not be their fault but as a vendor not compensating for the lost time is bad business. Although right now it's only 0.41 Euros it's still on going.
  3. AnonymousEUPS Dedicated Player

    It’s been 24 hours... how long do you think Europeans sleep for? Lol
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  4. useless Well-Known Player

    mepps said 5 mins ago:
    "Update: The EU PS/PC server will restart at about 11:45AM PT (7:45PM GMT). Downtime is expected to last between one and two hours. This hotfix will resolve the current membership issue. "
  5. Superman1955 Active Player

    But there is nothing to ask us...did u download patch.....yes then the issue began
  6. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Is it bad that I’m more concerned about the marks I’ve lost out on than the money? xD
  7. Maddie Xin New Player

    Im with you on that one. Marks and loot x)
  8. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Don't believe it is the players they need to talk to, butt the techies to find out what went wrong in Europe with one server when the other three appear to be fine
  9. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    'Denying' implies 'intent', they did not intend for an entire server to crash, unless you can prove otherwise
  10. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Being not ok with it is one thing but talking like this?

    You ok with that ?

    I get you are angry but seriously.. go read the T&Cs.. oh and as for "If you don’t like what’s being written - simply f*** off! " Follow your own advice - same goes for when you go read the T&Cs - you accepted them when you installed. They aren't an option they are mandatory

    I feel for you guys.. i'd be frustrated too but to talk to fellow players like this because you can't get in the game is completely unfair

    Every single server at some point has had issues like this.. PC/PS/EU/US/XBOX etc - all have had differing moments of lengthy downtime and dramas like you guys are having - it happens and i'm sorry you are going through it[/quote]
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