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  1. DakuSuiren New Player

    We are a Villain League open to all level of Players. We are a group of people willing to redo all ques available to us, old or new. We focus on helping each other, having fun and enjoying each other's time. We don't have too many expectations from our members other then being active, being respectful and just having fun.

    We do have some rules and our Preferred method of Communication is Discord.

    We are a pretty chill league, but we don't like anything that degrades, objectify, or insults another person based on their ethnicity, gender, orientation, etc. No racism, sexism, use of derogatory terms, and other prejudice.

    No harmful threats or self-harm mentions! We have ZERO TOLERANCE = Instaban on this rule.

    Please make sure you join our discord, you can only get promoted to Millennium Elite status if you have a discord. Why discord, because we host trivia on occasion for prizes. It is also the easiest form of clear communication. You also gain access to bank vault 3 with Millennium Elite status.

    Please do not abuse the bank vaults Which is equipped with different collection and style items. Please make sure you do not abuse the vault by emptying it leave some for everyone else and if you could leave something behind we would appreciate it greatly. For those that have access to Bank Vault 3 please take only 1 item a day, to give other members the opportunity to collect something. Abuse of the Vault will be auto ban from the league. Please report anyone that abuses the vault and make sure there is a screen cap to make sure we have proof of the abuse.

    Please do not abuse the league voice chat by not having push to talk. So please turn on push to talk.

    If you would like to join please fell free to reach out to DakuYuri or Daemon Mori for an invite or message me here and we can work out a time for me to send you an invite.
  2. DakuSuiren New Player

    Happy to announce we have bank vault 4, which means bank vault 3 is now available to Millennium Elite and Up! Go take a peak at the new prizes and please remember to look over the new and updated rules. updated as of 03.11.20
  3. DakuSuiren New Player

    Canon Jargon:
    Weclome! - Our greeting to show just how serious we really are as a league. We are most professional!
    Life-ing - real life responsibilities
    Omi-nom - Ominar Synn
    Nuu - Oh no! Please No!
    VC - Voice Chat
    Comms - Ones form of Voice Communication
    Disc - Discord
    JC - Jitters Coffee vc & or text chat
    NIC - Nora's Ice Cream vc & or text chat
    BBB - Big Belly Burger - vc & or text chat
  4. DakuSuiren New Player

    We Now Have A Set Raid Day Which Is Saturdays, All Day!
  5. DakuSuiren New Player

    We Now Have World Boss Day Once a Week!
  6. Naughty Majin New Player

    Sent you a message on here, hope to hear back from you.
  7. HellenicDevoted New Player

    What platform is the league on?
  8. N-IX Well-Known Player

    US imagine, never seen this League in EU

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