Might DPS Master Thread - Rotations for Every Power and How to Build/Test Them

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    FYSA all, good chance on FGSe lb you won't be in range for the standard "best":rotations all the time, especially during last phase where the tank starts having to move around more. The fight's a good contender for source shard builds w longer range powers, as the pets will stay engaged throughout. Heat Vision is still solid at 160+, as the burst will hit and apply dot a bit beyond max range.That said, standard rotations are fine, it's just a matter of whether we want consistency throughout or to be more dependent on the positioning. Amulet is fine in this fight as long as you stop casting when he preps his source blast, but is obviously subject to the same range issues. Personally, I'm feeling like I prefer a weaker but farther-hitting pet loadout for Zeus right now for the last phase but will keep feeling it out.
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    What do you think is better for gads st amulet or grim
  3. AV Loyal Player

    I'll have a closer look in the next pass, as well as checking out strat pairings post-update.
  4. Fury Grinds New Player

    Thank your for the reply. Just one more question what controller power has the best ST.
  5. AV Loyal Player

    They're all very strong, but how clean they are varies. Eg munitions hits like a truck but if forced to avoid AoE, it has a harder time. Rly it's personal preference. Can do great with em all.
  6. Fury Grinds New Player

    one more question. Whats the best weapon for might for range clipping?
  7. AV Loyal Player

    So the hardest hitting taps come from Rifle nades (~300-500 more ST dmg than next best), but the drawback is that they split heavily. Good for if you're happy with dmg splitting to adds or when there are no adds. Staff, DW, 1H, 2H, are all excellent and don't split.
  8. L T Devoted Player

    In my testing, Rifle hands down. Followed by Bow and Dual Wield in a virtual tie. Then staff/2-hand/hand blast/shield/1-hand/Martial Arts all tied. Then Brawling, then Dual pistol.

    Dual wield and Bow do about 90% of a Rifle Tap. Most weapons do 81% of a rifle tap. Brawling did 76%, and Dual Pistol about 71%.

    Testing weapon taps is a little quirky. The first tap generally does a different amount of damage compared to taps after. On most weapons the second tap does more damage. On Martial Arts it does less. Your mileage may vary.
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  9. AV Loyal Player

    FYSA, Lernaea's Amulet is still broken right now so haven't been able to do much with it on other powers yet (and I've been distracted by the new Remnant DLC).

    Added my max range utility DPS FGSe Zeus build to Fire. Lower DPS but I find it performs better and makes for a much smoother run in general due to it's ability to land from extremely far away, it's ability to burst adds down quickly, and the additional consistency provided by pets (who also attack from beyond max range and while we're caged or dealing with mechanics). It also instabreaks cages, making life a lot easier in both Zeus phases. :

    FGSe Zeus Max Range
    Artifacts: Source Shard, Grimorium Verum, Dead King's Scepter (or Tetra, tac swapping Scepter for pets, if no one else is able)
    Loadout: Mass Detonation, Wildfire, Godwave Strength, Immolation, Robot Sidekick, Volcanic Calamity
    Mass Detonation>Wildfire>Repeat, popping Godwave Strength in place or Wildfire or whenever it's available

    Important: Alternate summoning trinket pet and henchman. Do not summon them until Godwave Strength is ready for them. In the case of Henchmen, immediately pop Godwave Strength after summoning to ensure they're buffed for their initial burst attack. Remember to tac swap Orbital Strike for adds. Only use Volcanic Calamity when adds are out. Immolation may either be clipped whenever available or saved for cage phases. Can hit beyond normal max range and can instantly break cages over a wide area. Lower DPS than BiS but more reliable, useful, and consistent vs Zeus.
  10. catplaysxoxo Committed Player

    Hey AV can you do me a favor and check these out for me whenever you can.

    1. Manacles
    2. Mystic
    3. Everyman

    When you trigger Lernaea's Amulet, do any of those artifacts trigger to? Or only when an actual npc attacks you?


    Because not all powerset finishers are the same, have you noticed which powerset finisher is more better when paired with La-Mort and Lernaea's Amulet?

    Hardlight finisher hits multiple targets, Rage finisher has two attacks unless the initial attack (chain) only procs the two arts. Electric finisher acts as two bust heals, one from the actual power and two from the amulet. So you're getting double burst heals. Can't speak for the other powersets as I haven't touched them in many many years.
  11. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Damege from Lernaea's Amulet trigger Manacles (if damege from amulet are big(damege from 300 power on 10 stack)then Manacles work ) and Everyman (yes you gain defense) , but not Mystic (you gain only 10 % healing increse but not healing prock...).
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    Interesting, might have to look into Manacles but then again the cooldown for manacles is 45 seconds. Not really ideal in my opinion. I'm still unsure if Defense helps in reducing the self damage from Lernaea's Amulet. Mystic, does the 10% healing increase benefit the heals from your finisher using the amulet? Because there's a white mod that increases healing received as well.
  13. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    You get defense, but this does not affect the damage inflicted by Amulet (only the damage inflicted directly by the NPC), also 10% of the mystic does not affect the healing from the finisher, you heal exactly as much as the finisher deals damage (this healing is more like vampirism than healing (resto, crit healing chance, and crit healing magnitude, also does not affect healing from finisher).
  14. catplaysxoxo Committed Player

    Good to know thanks for that. Saved me some money and time. Basically the more damage you do the better heals from the finisher?
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  17. AV Loyal Player

    The point of Lernaea's is not to mitigate it though. It's fairly binary. Either a power can use it without it being an issue for healers (most powers) or it can't (eg. HL). Some are on the cusp (eg celestial). Most powers, a good healer won't even notice it on and the only difference is knowing what situations we can't safely use it in, when it's not worth it (eg. Zeus FGSe), and when to not cast right away. This will be reflected in the next pass. In a raid setup, we generally don't even need/want finisher on our bar with Amulet, as we want to sit at 10 indefinitely.
  18. Fury Grinds New Player

    why do you say the lernaea's Amulet is still broken?
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    You do realize that guides can be edited multiple times by their creator? You do realize that Solar Amp is still a solid ST artifact choice so a lot of these rotations should still be viable?
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