Might DPS Master Thread - Rotations for Every Power and How to Build/Test Them

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  1. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    I run a similar loadout but I have EG instead of ECute. In alerts it's Repulse instead of VBlast.
  2. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    Actually it's slightly different or at least my main LO is.

    Ran the same but I have that extra DoT of which is why I parse between 120k-130k for 30sec. Some are slightly lower some slightly higher but they tend to stay within this range.
  3. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    200 Trans/Strat/Solar Now Ive used a 200 Scrap for the Trans and the drop-off is noticeable around 5-8% lower. I've swapped the Strat as well to a even bigger drop-off. Electric/Nature are built for the Strat.
  4. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    If the Strat might proc buff is real well it's even more powerful.
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  5. generalzod Committed Player

    There buffing strat ? I heard it’s stronger on prec then might ?
  6. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    I've heard that it's coming or has already happened. I haven't looked to see either way.
  7. AV Loyal Player

    Updated artifact section and individual rotations' arti recommendations following the changes being made to Strat. Now, in general, powers that don't need Grim for ST PI can use Strat in the 3rd slot if someone else is already using Tetra. Grim remains a viable 3rd slot pick for those powers but Strat has the higher potential now. Grim can still beat it in situations where we're tied up dealing with mechanics while the Void Gazer can continue to soak the boss and it's still valuable for clean ST and it remains necessary for powers that need it for PI without sacrificing rotation DPS.

    Will re-assess Amulet when the latest changes go live on test. If it's a worthwhile option, will add rotations for it for every power.
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  8. generalzod Committed Player

  9. AV Loyal Player

    You got the wrong thread. (Fixed now)
  10. AV Loyal Player

    - Updated Artifact section and rotation arti recommendations to include Lernaea's Amulet. It's almost always worth considering in lieu of Trans, as if it matches it on a given power or even does a trivial amount less, the added healing it provides is invaluable. On some powers, it's new BiS. It appears to be especially helpful for Electricity and has somewhat narrowed the overall average for all powers. Looks to be healthy variety in artifact use amongst all powers atm.

    - Added Lernaea's Amulet specific rotations to Atomic, Electricity, and Fire. Replaced the demo of Ice's General Purpose with a demo with Lernaea's Amulet equipped due to notable gains. Added Lernaea's Amulet related notes to many powers.

    Tried to find new Lernaea's Amulet rotations for every power but for some, it appears so far that the previous BiS rotation, or a minor adaptation of them (eg Gadgets) is still ideal. Will keep checking.

    The only power that seems to not to be able to really benefit from Amulet is Light, in that due to it's extreme power costs and fast clipping it's unlikely healers will be able to keep a Light player with Amulet alive for long.
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  11. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Have you considered the impact of Affinity Mods to how the Amulet works? I mentioned this in another thread...

    Type C - Aggressive Protection: Weapon buffs have a 25% chance to grant 6 seconds of damage absorption, reducing damage by 100% until damage equal to 20% of your max Health is prevented. This effect may occur once every 12 seconds.

    So, my health is 111,842 x 20% = 22,368. So using your vid that's sometimes two ticks of damage you can cancel out.

    Type D - Crippling Stance: Each time you are hit you have a 10% change to stun a nearby enemy. This effect may only occur every 6 seconds.

    This could mean a continual auto-stun feature if hitting yourself counts as being hit. And it doesn't say it's limited to trash mobs. So this could work in solo and alert bosses as well.
  12. AV Loyal Player

    Since I've been asked about it a lot, this is the damage Light takes when doing Hand Claps at 10 stacks of Offering:

    Basically simulates having boss aggro. Will take heal bombing to sustain.
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  13. AV Loyal Player

    Word of caution on tap cancelable channels: If you activate while airborne just before landing, they can no longer be tap canceled (but can generally still be jump canceled). Will add as a notice in respective rotations when I do my second amulet pass for every power.
  14. AV Loyal Player

    - Added Amulet rotation for Celestial:

    Lernaea's Amulet
    Artifacts: Solar Amplifier, Lernaea's Amulet, and Grimorium Verum* (or The Transformation Card* or, if no one else is able, Tetrahedron).
    Heat Vision>Consume Soul>Plague (no combo) (or Wither (with combo)>Consume Soul>Repeat, (replacing Plague (or Wither combo) with finisher as required)
    Note: Plague variant should hit harder but requires Grim PI and results in more Amulet dmg. Wither w combo allows us to use Trans but is also more vulnerable to interrupt. Both variants result in moderate Amulet damage and might require dumping stacks shortly after reaching 10. Will further comment after some field testing.

    - Updated Fire with an additional General Purpose and raid Amulet rotation:

    General Purpose w Splash
    Artifacts: Solar Amplifier, Lernaea's Amulet or The Transformation Card, and Tetrahedron of Urgrund (or w/e of Trans/Amulet we weren't using).
    Heat Vision>Absorb Heat>Freezing Breath (2 ticks)(tap cancel)>Heat Vision>Absorb Heat>Spontaneous Combustion>Repeat
    Note: Higher output, less Empowered Channeling support, and much more AoE. Excellent for boss fights where we want the adds to die too. Alternating Combustion and Freezing Breath like this results in a notable gain, as Freezing Breath hits like a truck but, due to how its cooldown works, leaves a split second delay in the rotation if used every time.

    General notes:

    - Pushing some of these posts to the word limit (which Mepps has already been kind enough to stretch as far as he could here). As required, I'm Removing any notes I find to be redundant within a power or which I feel (or hope) are general knowledge now. In the future, as more and more artifacts come out, I'll either have to break the guide down into sub-sections or, more likely, simply remove the deprecated options.
    - Will try to re-assess at least one power for practical amulet application per day. It's perfectly safe in elite in general but hard to test raid rotations, as it requires a healer to be present and, ideally, field testing. Also, for the same reasons, it will be hard to clean demo Amulet raid rotations with amulet actually on. Will think about it and either do a demo w/o it on to simply show the rotation flow, demo w a healer present with it on (but don't wanna eat up friends' time), or to do a live in-elite demo for better context, or both.
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  15. AV Loyal Player

    - Updated Fire's ranged AoE. Burstier and no reliance on damage field now that Inferno ticks stop.
  16. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    Returning player here: So these artifacts have drastically changed the way DPS is done. Because of the Solar and pet PI artifact, nearly every powerset is using Heat vision or Robot sidekick in their load out. Kind of killed the variety DPS had.
  17. AV Loyal Player

    On the plus side, it's easier for them to plan & balance this way but yeh, I hear ya. As for RSK that's just kinda a general good practice but if there's multiple green circle spammers it's generally worth doing a 2nd supercharge instead, or a spammier supercharge and keeping it. RSK always been a solid pick though.
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  18. AV Loyal Player

    I might add a raid-specific tips section at some point but should go without saying that neo isn't a strong choice for this elite raid due to the mechanics interrupting our rotations constantly.
  19. Lextasy New Player

    For burst Aoe (larger) for electricity; where would we swap the finisher if we're using the amulet?
  20. AV Loyal Player

    In a raid setting, esp for trash clear, we generally wouldn't and would just run w/o finisher. That said, I don't feel amulet is amazing for hallway trash cuz we can lose stacks between pulls, putting it at a disadvantage vs the much burstier strat + trans.