Might DPS Master Thread - Rotations for Every Power and How to Build/Test Them

Discussion in 'Oracle’s Database (Guides)' started by AV, Feb 10, 2020.

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    I think you're going to get a lot of hate on this thread. Not from me. I did something like this a few years ago & received massive, hateful criticism from other players. So, keep your chin up.
    Just one question. You really seem to love heat vision, I presume you are using a maxed out heat vision (I forget the name of it off the top of my head) Artifact. Would your loadouts be the same for players who don't have that Artifact, or for those who don't have it leveled up?
  13. AV Loyal Player

    This assumes they have Solar Amp at least partially leveled. Realistically, it's one of if not the most critical Might artifacts right now. In and of itself, however, Heat Vision is a good power. My advice to any aspiring Might DPS who don't have Solar Amp leveled to at least the AoE burst tier would be to get it leveled, ideally to 200 as Empowered Channeling = major gains when the current meta is so HV/finisher heavy. Some of these loadouts also depend on Grim, and are a major DPS loss without it with the next best thing being well behind in performance. There's really only one wildcard slot right now for artifacts and it can be held by Tetrahedron (should be used by highest SP/health Might DPS in the group or a max health Fire tank), or Trans/Stone or in some cases La Mort above 35% boss healthj (ideal for any of the powers where the hardest hitting rotation is HV>power>Finisher>power>repeat) if and only if there's a high-output Tetra in play. Without a high-output Tetra in play, everything becomes worst in slot than it and the group end up missing out on literally a full & proper Might DPS' worth of bonus Might after % buffs apply.

    As for people hating, if they have rotations that can surpass the performance of these for Elite bosses, I'd honestly love to hear them (not being pithy, I want players to have access to the best loadouts). Not to toot my own horn but I'm one of the top Fire DPS in the game and can count on one hand the number of players I've met in the last year+ on the same DPS level. I used my ST Fire output as a baseline for proofing every other power's ST rotations and they're all either quite close, the same, a little better, or a lot better (but with more potential for damage loss in real content). I'm also not the only one who's worked on this. These may not all be 100% BiS but they'll sure get the job done safe, effective, and hella fast with good consistency. As far as AoE/hybrid/variant builds go, they're mostly (tested) tweaks and I suspect there's better options in some cases (also why I used fire as a baseline example, ie. so people could see the tweaks I made for different situations and apply them to their own powers). At the end of the day though, knowledge of one's power is the most important thing and I've not played these for nearly as long as I have fire so I welcome criticism and want to constantly improve the guide.
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    - Updated Sorcery to properly reflect pet hierarchy and to use the correct pet for given situations.
    - Added demo vids for Atomic and Celestial

    More to come. Exhausted so stopping for today though. Once primary guide is complete I'll likely add spreadsheet breakdowns of each individual superpower to each power for quick reference to help people trying alternative builds.
  15. Stanktonia Well-Known Player

    What about strat on St, I’m running that instead of solar and I’m still seeing 40k + numbers, celestial, btw
  16. AV Loyal Player

    Should be fine ST if you really wanted. Are you doing 10s parses or after combat though? Because Celestial combo rotations will appear to perform dramatically better than they actually do if you use 10s parses and Strat exacerbates that due to the nature of how its damage applies. Eg. In 10s combo, to the human eye combo rotations appear to beat the ST/Hybrid listed but if you average them all out (or just take end of combat over a long period) the combo options are equal or slightly behind but also vulnerable to interrupt, so worse in actual combat. Celestial's kinda a poster child for why 10s parses give bad info. Regardless, on live you should be seeing high numbers either way given those test server low-SP/gear test parses in the vids.

    Note: If you were using 10s parses, you may also wanna re-compare Strat to other options via long-form End of Combat parses though. Strat/Trans and even Scepter, because of their nature, will show you higher max 10s numbers but it's impossible for humans to accurately assess the overall performance on the fly without confirmation bias (which is why testing Invis/Stealth is a pain, because we have to take a huge number of 10s parses and average them manually to get the correct overall DPS number since Invis/Mental almost always bug out and prevent you from leaving combat no matter how far you get from the target).
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    - Added note to Light regarding how to adjust rotation for more/less ST as required for mixed-target scenarios

    Note: Won't be able to add more videos until this evening. Gonna try to get at least through 2-3 powers a day if I can. When I do Gadgets & Mental I'll probably also post the average of all 10s parses so there's a meaningful value (Pain Blast/Surprise Attack pwn ad hoc 10s parse)

    - Updated Tap Queueing section
    - Added a note on OP regarding Testing section
    - Added note to Atomic/Celestial buff rotos (same info would apply to any such rotations)
    - Added links to the Test Sever install and guide on quick Test Server League Hall setup to top of OP.
  18. Stanktonia Well-Known Player

    Ahh, ok. This is why I’ve been seeing divine light into plague parse higher than the rotation you listed, because of 10 second parses. I still think solar might parse a tad bit higher though, even with the strat giving consistent procs
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  19. AV Loyal Player

    It definitely will, especially when doing HV so frequently and it's a big part of what lets that hybrid build maintain effective ranged AoE, as is the case with some other powers eg. Light's HV>combo-Minigun spam. Also the Empowered Channeling makes a big difference in actual content, as you don't get interrupted nearly as often so your output remains consistent (and you can legit temporarily facetank things that instagib most other DPS at mid to high-ish SP). And yeah I had the same conversation with my celestial main friend (I believe he was using the same rotation you were) when we worked those rotos out XD (his personal preference is the hybrid approach since you're covered for everything and don't really have to sacrifice anything). 10s parse can be very deceptive with anything even slightly bursty (most combos, Invis/Stealth, long-cast, etc) or semi-inconsistently applied (eg. Strat) damage sources.

    [Note: Celestial was actually the reason I started this whole thing, because a friend was frustrated at how the best combo rotation did well enough on Training Dummy but kinda fell apart somewhat vs bosses due to how vulnerable it was to interrupt]
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  20. Stanktonia Well-Known Player

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