Might DPS Master Thread - Rotations for Every Power and How to Build/Test Them

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  3. AV Loyal Player

    Added another viable Point Blank option to Atomic thanks to L T. Guide and Meta tracker updated.
  4. AV Loyal Player

    - Added an additional Fire ST Hybrid loadout
    - Front-loaded a few more Alex Ross covers as he was criminally underrepresented
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  5. AV Loyal Player

    Update 21 Nov 2020: 1.98.3

    - Added a Consumables section demonstrating the overall gains with different combinations.
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  6. Myoxz Well-Known Player

    Dude, the amount of work and dedication you put on this guide is really awesome. Excellent job. Thank you for all the efforts!
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  7. AV Loyal Player

    Update 29 Dec 2020: 1.98.4

    - Corrected a typo on Ice's Mid-Range AoE (Steady Variant). The video demo was correct, just omitted the 2nd Ice Boulder Strike prior to repeat in the write-up.
    - Added a critical caution to Sorcery regarding liability of temporary pets, ie. trinket/henchmen, when using its Source Shard builds.


    When I can get the demo vids up I'll also be adding a very minor execution variation on Celestial's ST as well as the obvious Sorcery Source+Grim+Quizlet combination (in addition to adding it to the Meta Overview). Will likely update the meta overview for relative Cr 331 numbers at that time (not a huge priority since they're non-buff and the relative performance matters more when assessing anyways) and adding the inability to effectively use trinkets/henchmen to Sorcery's meta notes as a significant detractor.
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  8. AV Loyal Player

    Update 02 Jan 2021: 1.98.5

    - Added more accurate CR331 Unbuffed Approximate DPS (Max SP) values for all Lernaea's Amulet rotations in the Meta Overview spreadsheet (except for Sorcery's, which is a loose approximation as the math is harder due to the build).
    - Added Atomic's Lernaea's Amulet rotations to Meta Overview spreadsheet (previously omitted in error).
    - Added additional notes to Atomic/Celestial's Lernaea's Amulet rotations in guide to reflect that the Safety Net variant is actually the riskier of the two due to relative power cost and/or positioning considerations.
    - Added additional notes/comments to Meta Overview spreadsheet and adjusted some qualitative assessment values/notes.
    - Added additional comment to Meta Overview section of guide prior to spreadsheet link cautioning that group setup and builds can have a slight to moderate variable effect on performance.
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  9. AV Loyal Player

    Update 06 Jan 2021: 1.99.0

    - Added an additional Celestial ST variant with slightly more damage but more vulnerability to interrupt.
    - Added Rage's approximate Lernaea's Amulet performance to the Meta/Balance Overview Spreadsheet
    - Updated the Meta/Balance Overview section and overall balance hierarchy to account for reasonably safe Lernaea's Amulet performance and SC factors while keeping it weighted towards practical boss performance. As a result, Nature has moved down considerably. Electricity has moved up considerably. Quantum, Earth, and Rage have moved up slightly to moderately. Overall ST balance is tighter thanks to Amulet and the hierarchy's outliers aren't as extreme and the "weaker" powers are capable of outperforming others in multi-target boss fights.
    - Updated power overview descriptions in the Meta/Balance Overview section as well its summary.
    - Added a "Special Case" section to Ice's Supercharge Analysis to include an Ice Elemental SC dump approach that can be used to safely deal extreme burst AoE damage during add phases in boss fights.
    - Added "PI Sharing" and "Rotation Recovery" sections to Fundamental Knowledge.
    - Added some PI Sharing lines to the Meta/Balance Overview Spreadsheet so show relative/approximate potential gains if rotations that typically require Grimorium Verum coordinate PI with teammates so they can use a different artifact.
    - Added a "Swap Friendliness" section to Advanced Techniques to highlight some of the quirks of certain mainline artifacts when they're unequipped or re-equipped.
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  10. AV Loyal Player

    Update 14 Jan 2021: 1.99.1

    - Added additional Lernaea's Amulet notes to Advanced Techniques' Tac Swap Friendliness section
    - Added the Trinket Pets & Henchmen Section
    - Added ObsidianChill as a contributor; linked to his general pet analysis thread and collaborated on testing/discussion of the small army of new pets added with Anniversary Event
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  11. AV Loyal Player

    Update 21 Jan 2021: 1.99.2

    - Updated pet tracker spreadsheet with new parse sets for Brainiac Drone Pet and Paradox Gazer following their buff.
    - Updated Trinket Pets & Henchmen section to identify Brainiac Drone as current BiS pet (Note: This may change again)
    - Added OC's raw performance parse spreadsheet to Consumables section to reinforce calculations

    We can't parse the new henchmen yet as the Fireburst attack on the Fire variant is currently bugged.
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  12. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Since the "Valentine's Day" season is approaching, it seems to me that it would be worth mentioning that using this https://dcuniverseonline.fandom.com/wiki/Zamaron_Love_Crystal and this https://dcuniverseonline.fandom.com/wiki/House_Leprechaun (from St. Patrick's Day event) in your base, you will have constant access to senal Consumables, regardless of whether some season is going on or not.
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  13. AV Loyal Player

    Update 5 Feb 2021: 1.99.3

    - Added a critical Sorcery boss fight rotation I'd forgotten to include, including demo vid and addition to the Meta Overview Spreadsheet.
    - Updated pet tracker to reflect that Dark Construct Bat is once again BiS for the time being. The parser spreadsheets have not yet been updated.
  14. AV Loyal Player

    (Minor update)

    Update 20 Feb 2021: 1.99.4

    - Added the "Understanding the ST/AoE Spectrum of Boss Rotation Performance" and put an additional note in the Meta Overview section itself to further emphasize that the current Meta Overview is heavily weighted towards pure 1-target performance and doesn't factor the content-specific strengths/weaknesses of more splash-heavy powers like Atomic, Rage, Water, Ice, etc in their boss rotations. (The AoE performance of ST rotations and ST performance of AoE rotations will be added to the tracker and factored into the Meta Overview in the near future).
    - Temporarily removed the Pet/Henchmen Analysis spreadsheet link pending revision
    - Temporarily modified/removed most of each power's SC Analysis sections while I overhaul how the information/analysis is presented to be all inclusive and allow for cross-power comparison.... but I'm leaving the excess pictures because they make me happy, damnit!


    Long story short, some temporary revisions/removals while I update/streamline how certain info is presented and additional cautions were added to prevent anyone misconstruing the game's balance to be looser than it actually is. I'll be adding multi-target performance for boss rotations to better highlight each power's content-specific strengths/weaknesses (and to help people pick the best rotations for different types of boss fights).

    No changes to rotations or anything but I will be redoing Source build demos/Meta info to include Quislet and comment on what that means to performance relative to non-pet builds, competitively speaking, when I do the splash-update.
  15. catplaysxoxo Committed Player

    Can you further explain that? I didn't really get it. I was thinking of making a toon dps with max health to get as much from Tetra. What are the numbers on that? I know fire tanks can increase it more because of their health buff in tank stance but I'm interested in dps.
  16. AV Loyal Player

    That's a very old post at this point. Wouldn't recommend it on a Fire tank anymore at all now. When that was posted they kinda had a "put whatever you feel like here" slot but now they have additional, viable tank artis to choose from. If absolutely no one else can run Tetra it's still doable but much better if it's a Troll/DPS. If the Troll isn't running Tetra, it's best for the highest SP Amulet DPS to run it, as both Amulet and Tetra give a lot of health. Eg. I have like 250k health DPSing buffed with Tetra on.

    Also, while it's not the highlighted portion, when I posted that a year ago the OG guide wasn't done yet so not everything was BiS. Pretty much everything in the guide now is BiS for the respective builds.
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  17. AV Loyal Player

    If the current test SC changes go live I'll simply be removing the SC sections from the guide in their entirety, as they'll become pretty pointless and it'll be a case "use a 10k or a buff SC." If that happens I'll have the full analysis linked in the guide as well as the comparison spreadsheet so people can understand why it's so broken but it's unlikely I'd dedicate any additional effort to it due to how bad it is.
  18. Miike Fury Well-Known Player

    in all your vast testing, have you seen a powerset that benefits MORE from using La-Mort over Strat or even over Solar Amp? (for ST obviously)
  19. AV Loyal Player

    Light (with the caveat that if the group wipes before the proc it will do very slightly less than the next best build) and obviously Rage Melee.
  20. AV Loyal Player

    Update 07 Mar 2021: 1.99.5 "Underdog" Update

    - Added new/better Lernaea's Amulet rotations for Atomic, Ice, Nature, and Rage, bringing them all in line with the rest of the pack.
    - Frost Blast is now working without any damage cutoff issues so added additional general Frost Blast rotations to Ice
    - Added an additional La-Mort rotation to Ice. Actual in-content performance will be higher and it is also the tankiest, most survivable DPS rotation in the game in addition to being the power's highest non-Amulet DPS option.
    - Re-tested and refined all Lernaea's Amulet performance values
    - Corrected some minor math errors using incorrect Might values (they ended up coming out in the wash anyways)
    - Added multi-target performance values for each power's best or most viable rotations.
    - Added an Objective Hierarchy tab to the Meta/Balance Overview speadsheet
    - Added a brief caution that Strat (and similar artis that don't predominately buff our stats themselves) has poor synergy with La-Mort
    - Updated the Meta Overview sections and adjusted the subjective order to better reflect the objective hierarchy while still factoring the qualitative considerations covered in the tracker spreadsheet.


    This brings the few real stragglers in line with most powers being within a few % of one anther and the outliers have significant mitigating factors at play. As we can see from the new hierarchy tab on the tracker, the powers that have slightly less ST performance also tend to have a lot better multi-target performance on those ST rotations (with only really one notable exception). This also helps show it more clearly that if Gadgets isn't allowed to just sit in 30%-60% range the entire time, it's at a pretty hefty disadvantage on top of already having abysmal multi-target performance on its best boss rotations.

    Frost Blast being fixed opens a lot of new options for Ice and leaves it in a much better place. The only real outlier now (and only when we ignore Circuit Breaker's existence) is Electricity.

    The refined performance values still need to be applied to the ST balance spreadsheet but they won't have much of an impact on the changes I'm suggesting. I likely won't bother with doing the AoE performance of every single ST rotation for the meta spreadsheet, as I've done the BiS rotations and the performance of the others is generally apparent from looking at those.

    My next step will be to try to add multi-target focused rotations for the powers whose best boss rotations have especially poor mixed/AoE performance in multi-target boss fights (eg Celestial, Fire, Gadgets, Light). Will also try to add more mid/short range rotations for powers that don't already have them (but won't be adding full-on melee rotations for powers that don't already have some melee-range mechanic at play)

    As per above, in addition to my previous reply, the Ice La-Mort I added is also pretty nice and is extremely resilient to the point it'd be hard to die to anything that isn't aggro loss (if that) or a mechanical one-shot.

    Also should note that Strat and La-Mort are diametrically opposed artifacts in that neither greatly benefits the other and they have poor synergy (vs something like Solar Amp, where at least in that case HV is establishing a DoT to even out Strat procs). When running La-Mort, it seems best to lean into raw damage/crit and stat buffs as hard as possible (which is likely why Light can pull off a La-Mort + Lernaea's build due to how quickly it builds stacks despite it not being as good as non-Amulet).