Might DPS: base stat at CR342

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  1. Yaiba Committed Player

    This is about the base might you can get, my calculation is based on max CR gear (Elite/Omnipotence), Augments, SP and Generator mods 40.0: our base might is 238

    . Without %might bonuses: 72058 (aka base might)
    . With %might bonuses (league buff = 3% / SP = 20% / elite mod = 2%): 90073

    How do artifacts work? It's very simple, artifacts increase your base might and your %might bonuses (stack additively):

    . With Solar Amplifier (1785 might / 5% might): 73843 x (1.25 + 0.05) = 95996 (approx 6.5% increased) and a 10% extra damage to your HV
    . With Tetrahedron of Urgrund (1275 might / 4% might): 73333 x (1.25 + 0.04) = 94600 (approx 5% increased). But wait, it also has a might buff based on your health, and it adds directly to your base might, so we now have (assuming 180k health dps -> 7200 base might): 80533 x 1.29 = 103888 (approx 15% increased). I hope this one correct :oops:.

    This is my first impression about how stats work in DCUO, I'm sure there will be some mistakes, but I hope this info will help you.
  2. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    As a bit of an underachiever I can get just below 100k fully buffed with no augments at 180, it gets the job done til I can be bothered going down the solar amplifier route (it’s mostly aesthetic that puts me off, brooding vigilante and all that) regardless this simplified it down for me

    Ty friend
  3. Dev72 Active Player

    Wait, wasn't it too long ago the DPS community was creating some meta that trolls be a buff troll and must level not only the ones to be a power troll for certain situations, but also level the Claw, the Tetra, and the Cog...plus their own 3 DPS artifacts? (9 total). Now there is a suggestion that DPS now level the Tetra? As a member of the Troll community I demand to not be jerked around..those things cost money,. Also, if a might DPS can run tetra, a precision dps can run the Cog...(shocker I know)...btw, at 341, with 40.2s with 200 Grim, solar, t-card, (no tetra) with no buff colas, I sit at well over 100 K ouside of content (107k I think) So, yeah something in your build is off assuming you have maxed out your might stat.
  4. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I've had a buff troll setup for about a year now because I thought that was going to be an everyday thing for me. I just scrapped that build last week because no one ever asks me to buff troll. :(
  5. Yaiba Committed Player

    I assume you have 72k might, and with grim (765 and 5%), solar (1785 and 5%), trans (765 and 3%):

    . Your base might: 72000 + 765 + 1785 + 765 = 75315
    . Your might bonuses: 13% (arts) + 2% (elite mods) + 3% (league buff) + 20% (SP) = 37%
    . Your max might (shown on stats page): 75315 x 1.37 = 103182 which is over 100k like you said, if you're in content, it will be 107701, and again, over 107k :p
  6. Yaiba Committed Player

    Just checking might bonuses, it should be 38%, therefor 75315 x 1.38 = 103935, and in content, it's 75315 x (1+0.38+0.6) = 108454.
  7. Yaiba Committed Player

    Base might stat: 238 without anything

    . Weapon: 5243
    . Head: 5930 / Face: 2355
    . Neck: 2621 / Shoulders: 5391
    . Back: 5313 / Hands: 3234
    . Chest: 6469 / Legs: 6469
    . Waist: 3774 / Feet: 3234
    . Rings: 4194 / Trinket: 1048
    . SP: 4767 / Adaptive Augments: 2982 / Origin Augments: 4472
    . Generator mods 40.0: 4324 (will go higher with 40.4)

    For example, base might from solar is 1785, so around 2.5% of our base might (lower if you equip 2 more artifacts).
  8. Qwantum Abyss Dedicated Player

    Then they are foolish
    Thats all i got.... trolls buffs + debuffs = dps awesomeness
    Come run with me, i ALWAYS prefer a good troll of any sort especially a buff/debuff troll
  9. valiant Villian Well-Known Player

    Maybe I'm brain farting here but what do you mean our base might is 238?
  10. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    FIIK because he also defines the base might as 72058?
  11. Berza Committed Player

    Probably he means the might our toons have at level 30 with no gear, SP, augments and artifacts.
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  12. Yaiba Committed Player

    That's what i mean :D

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