Metropolis vs Gotham

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  1. Mary Active Member


    So this is mostly just for fun, as yourself, if you were to choose which team to root for, which would be your "hometown"?

    *Personally Metropolis, I do like, but I'm loyal to The Joker, so thus I'd personally choose to root for Gotham.
  2. Minx Well-Known Member

    Gotham, too much sun in Met.
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  3. TormentorX Well-Known Member

    Gotham. I always feel like I need a briefcase in Metropolis : ) Keep it dark!
  4. M15TER ROBOT0 New Member

    I live in New Jersey, but Delaware is closer, so i guess Metropolis. Also, the drug theme to everything in Gotham is nasty.
  5. CCBatson Well-Known Member

    While I prefer the sunny disposition of Metropolis, I am located in Gotham. The reason may seem odd, but Metropolis feels too much like a sci-fi city, the City of Tomorrow, a future utopia of progress... and I love playing magic-themed characters. Gotham is dirty, awful, and dark... but I can envision magical, wonderful, and nightmarish things happening in the old crevices and nooks. The feel of DC's World of Magic 'lives' in Gotham, not-so-much in Metropolis. Ideally if I could see beautifully vintage Fawcett City in DCUO, I'd move there in a heartbeat. I much prefer a happier and optimistic town over the grim face of Gotham, but for the time being even a nightmare still counts as a place where dreams come true. o_O
  6. Enickma Well-Known Member

    Gotham, the city that needs cleaning.
  7. Mary Active Member

    So that's:


    I have to say, looks like Gotham's winning so far
  8. Chaera New Member

    Definitely gotham, love the dark theme
  9. Mary Active Member

    So now that's



    No other fans of Metro? Really?
  10. Death Throe Well-Known Member

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  11. Chaera New Member

    The sun is bad >:[
  12. WorldsDown Well-Known Member

  13. ArcSin1 Active Member

    Even though I put my lair in Metro, Gotham is my home town and pretty much has been since I started playing. The wars in Robinson are great when they happen which seems to have been a lot less lately. Exos are much more easily spotted in Gotham as well.
  14. Daolon Zar Active Member

    No doubt, Gotham.

    I like the artwork from Hush up there, as well. Good call. :)

    But yeah, gimme dark/gritty/demented/horrifying over Metro any day.
  15. Mary Active Member

    So now that's...


    Wow, everyone loves Gotham. There's gotta be someone! Any Metro fans at all?!
    I could just see Bruce Wayne smiling right now, ear to ear. Too bad Joker doesn't know who he really is though, that would make him so happy.
  16. Octantis Well-Known Member

    I'll give my love to Metropolis. Gotham can keep its dark underbelly of crime and filth.
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  17. MercPony Well-Known Member

    I only like Metropolis for the Centennial Park (I often hang around there) but majority of the time I'm in Gotham because the darkness is easier on the eyes and Batman is my mentor... so Gotham all the way!
  18. Mary Active Member



    Whoo! The Metro fan is not alone! Yay!
  19. Motive Active Member

    I like Chinatown in Metropolis but Gotham is more interesting and atmospheric over all.
  20. Faust74 Well-Known Member

    Gotham, I was born in the darkness.

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