Metallic Power

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  1. The Sanctifier New Player

    I mean damn, if DC is going to put every element in the damn book...another AMAZING tank power would be "Metal".

    Powerset could include:

    Metal Form (increase Defense and Toughness by 10,000 blah blah blah)
    Diamond Shield
    Golden Gloves (increase Precision and critical strike chance)

    Don't even lie guys, these moves are sounding kind of dope as I'm typing them.
  2. WildxCardxMan New Player

    I do think there should be a few more power choices, although I cant think of one that does not seam stolen from marvel.

    Weather powers (like thor)
    Mech powers (like iron man)
    Animal and insect based powers (like spider man, rhino, etc)

    Another one i wish they would let players have is a growth power like gigantis or antman.
  3. xskateXX Well-Known Player

    and gadget
  4. EPHEMERAL titan New Player

    "Metal" powers??? Magnus...he could hook you up with Marvel needed...
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  6. HarvaI New Player
    1. Since when is Metal considered an own element?
    2. Why do you think they are going to implement every element when there isn't even wind and water as own power?
    3. Diamonds are no metal.

    Also all the new powerset requests or suggestions are ridiculous since they somewhere said that there is no place for more than two more powersets due ps3 limitations (again!) and we all know one of them will be a lantern inspired powerset in one way or another.