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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by willflynne, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Zneeak Devoted Player

    This is why, lol
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  2. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

    Probably the worst example you could choose.
    I have been on the record for a looooong time that I don't give a rats-behind about Feats and SP.

    What I care about are the styles. In this case the Batman Who Laughs, the Chromas and the La Mort card.
    I am still on the fence about the Ink Material. ;) ;)
  3. Psycho Tech Well-Known Player

    just renewed the 120$ overpriced year of legendary, so no stabilizers for me
  4. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

    Fair enough. You can use your stabilizer fragments to open TCs... or buy what you want on the Broker. The prices on the Broker went down quite a bit, it should go down even more in the next few days.
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  5. Zneeak Devoted Player

    It may be so, but whether you care for them or not they add up and benefit you, which is why you are not the only one shelling out like this every time a new capsule comes out. Which is also why they keep putting feats on everything. It cover tryhards, completionists and Cosmetic geeks alike.
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  6. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

    Oh I agree that it is why they put Feats in TC.... to "convince" more people to buy Stabilizers to get them Feats.

    I was just not a good example to use for the Feats is what I meant. I would open as many Time Capsules even if there was no Feats in them. I am in the Cosmetic Geeks camp. ;) ;)
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  7. inferno Dedicated Player

    Resurgence Time Capsules seems to be a popular deal from what i am seeing/hearing.There is a good chance of rare collections dropping in price because a lot of players open these up. IF you don't care about the auras/mat/accessories contained in it and willing to sell in the broker. If you play the broker correctly, it could give you enough to complete several feats contained in older TCs. I would advice being prepared if you decide on doing resurgence.

    Grab a list of the collections involved.
    So that when you open specific TCs you know which is expensive and sell them on broker if you don't have it yet.
    Watch the broker for prices. if prices go low enough, it's possible to finish collections on alts, sell the reward at a significantly higher price and re-invest for more collections.
    Sell those auras/mats/accessories from the Resurgence if you don't care for them as there are no feats involved in those.

    Yes, it's a lot of work. People complain that they came here to play the game, not the broker. But this works. Put in a little hard work, a little research and a little bit of brain use and you can get what you want and have fun as well.
    I taught a league mate this method and the guy had so much fun getting all that money so quickly, he decided to pop feats in one fell swoop and send photos for the rest of the league to see.
  8. HELLLLLLPPME Well-Known Player

    Hello Mepps,

    Im here after opening 280 Time Capsules.

    - Didnt even see :
    La Mort Card
    Last Collection for the Ink Material (and i bought 4 on 12)
    Letter N from the Minotaur Helmet

    Saw only one time the Enhanced Batman Who laugh helmet.

    So, since no one else is complaining, i guess im just very unlucky. But one thing is really annoying in these TC :


    Why did you increased the drop rate ? We could have better chance to get rare stuff but you but "x30 Quarks" as uncommon reward..
  9. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

  10. Dark Soldier Committed Player

    Ive open 7 tc tryna get the green aura for my danny phantom looking character... i keep getting the pink head hands feet, if anyone wants to trade LMK
  11. HurricaneErrl Well-Known Player

    With all the wrist cutting on Trade chat over "these new Chromas make the Booster Bundle ones worthless", I'm surprised no one said it here as well. I was actually able to scoop up 3 of the BB Chroma boxes for less than half of what they are priced at on the broker from a few chicken littles thinking the sky was falling lol. I haven't really had the chance to compare the two types of Chromas to each other because I haven't opened any of the BB Chromas yet and I really don't pay much attention to other people's styles anymore. I guess I can go back and watch the streams, but if anyone here can chime in on their differences, besides a couple colors being exclusive to each buncdle, it'd be appreciated.
  12. Neph Dedicated Player

    Send me all your Ink material collections please, lol
  13. TheVoiceOfReason Well-Known Player

    All tc's suck. These are no exception.
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  14. Lugo Well-Known Player

    I will never understand why you guys like TCs at all.
    "How about instead of rewarding players for playing the game, we just have them gamble on loot boxes! Then we don't have to make additional content for all that loot and still get their money!"
  15. TheVoiceOfReason Well-Known Player

    Not to mention they don't even contain anything useful. Styles are alright but what do they really add to the game? Nothing. If you care more about styles than playing the game well you might a well just play dress up Barbie because that's what this game has basically become.
  16. Lugo Well-Known Player

    To be honest, the last thing I really like about this game was the styles. I'm all about customization, I think it helps draw further into a game. I think it's really important. But what's the point of playing dress up Barbie when the rest of the game is some crap the devs want you to keep paying for? At least everyone else is still enjoying it I guess.
  17. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

    You're asking the wrong guy.... I can't get the Ink collections. ;) Will most likely have to buy them on the Broker.
  18. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    Except the first one. Most people had everything in it within 2-3 months without spending hardly anything except in-game cash at the broker.

    It went downhill after that.
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  19. TheLorax Devoted Player

    I've opened 60+ capsules:
    2x La Mort Card Accessories
    completed Orange Flux Fire Aura collection (had to buy 1 piece from broker)
    full set of Laughing Knight gear
    full set of Enhanced Laughing Knight gear (had to buy Leg and Feet from broker)
    Red Umbral Aura
    Red Metal Chroma
    Bronze Metal Chroma
    3x Dark Metal Chromas

    I'm one collection short of completing the Minotaur Helmet collection. I only got a few pieces to the Ink Material collection. I'm going to wait for everything else to go down in price, definitely want the Green Mystic Aura. The Pink Ultimate is not pink enough and I have better blue auras on my troll. I love these Chromas and I hope they do more iconic inspired Chromas in the future.
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  20. Rainnifer Well-Known Player

    I've opened 1. :D Enhanced Forbidden Leggings.

    Although I'm really thankful for this time capsule including new Chroma materials, I really wanted the past ones and couldn't afford them but now I have a purple metal one. I'd get more but really trying to save my money for a certain illusive old collection piece.
    I think the Red Umbral aura looks awesome too and hope to get it some day, the rest is neat but not on my priority list.
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