Metal Part I: Giant Metal Man-Bat

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    You do not have to reset. It just has a bad drop rate.
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  2. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    I did all 49 for the Feats and NOT 1 Item dropped
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  3. Draconiano Committed Player

    They can't seem to find a middle ground from "It drops to almost everyone in only 5 deaths"(Golem) to "new myths may be born about the people who got auras and sidekicks" (Man-bat).
    I think they messed up and need to move a coma or erase a zero from the loot chance.
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  4. Tfeb New Player

    Now in Monsters of Metal (normal ) Raid after kill (poison ivy) drop Forge Metal Chroma 2 but in inventory empty, its bug or..?
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  5. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Why are the drops not tradeable? Im not liking this. With how low the drop rates are, they need to be tradeable.
    Talking specifically about the drachma modular auras and forge materials from the raids.
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  6. Raven Roth Committed Player

    So you're saying I can still hope for the Drachma Amazon's? Thanks!
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  7. Midnight Man8 Level 30

    You know what, I managed to got 1. I got 1 Lust Aura. It is for Head and Hand modular aura. I was dead that time, sadly hoping for anyone pick me up, no one does. Im being positive, maybe they dont see me. So I just wait then a window tells me I got the item . It was the 10th time I killed Man-Bat. I just got it so early
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  8. Jay Smeezy Dedicated Player

    Ran it 24 times straight. I received a blood lust aura or whatever it’s called...but only after i had reset it! That’s why i asked about the resetting...
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  9. Midnight Man8 Level 30

    No you dont need reset. You need luck and faith in DCUO
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  10. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    Do the Forge Metal Chromas drop in the event raids?
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  11. Son1cPT Well-Known Player

    the game is all about auras, materials and sad
  12. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    The modular drachma auras have too low a drop rate and the forge metal chromas are either not tradeable and/or are impossible to get. Im gonna quit running the raids until the devs look at this and make these items more attainable for us players.
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  13. Charon Lead Content Designer

    The Modular Auras and Forge Chromas in the Raids were set too low considering they are behind replay access. These should be increased next week whenever GU99 goes out. They were always tradeable and continue to be so.

    Drop rates for the Giant Boss are intended and are not changing at this time.
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  14. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    The bounty drops might be considered low but they are much better than the raid drops. I appreciate the response and attention on this!
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  15. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    I got 6 aura drops on 56 kills, never reset. Not sure if mission is required for the sidekick but it isn't required for auras.
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  16. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    Are the Forge Chromas account locked or character locked?
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  17. WRThore New Player

    Looks like a lot of fun :) I can't wait to get a good enough level to start doing the group stuff, lol
  18. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Drop rates being set too low seems like a recurring theme this Episode. Can't say that any of this stuff gets me any more excited about continue playing this Episode with the drop rates being as bad as they are. The OP collections this Episode are still way out of whack.

    I sincerely hope that Metal: Part 2 doesn't follow down the same droprate-sewer that Metal: Part 1 ended up in.
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  19. Earth742 Well-Known Player

    So Metal Part I/Metal Gotham will stick around after the event version goes away? As in in non-subs/owners can still access it after Metal Part II drops? It'll just be calibrated for CR 264? Or instance-boost chars to Lv 26 or some such?
  20. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Can someone confirm if the Forge Mats are tradeable? Not seeing anything at all on the broker and I know they arent that rare. Pics of the tool tips of these mats would be appeciated in case the devs gotta make a fix.