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  1. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    That's because of proximity. Every dps is within 7 meters now a days so it's just turn and kill.

  2. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    Well idk about them not being the second highest on the threat table. In a game I play now it depends on who's doing the most at the time. If the healer is busy keeping squishy DD alive and doing DPS, they usually rank second on the table. Not always but it isn't uncommon. But in that game every move doesn't heal the healer so for this game there's no excuse really. Unless they are trying to be carried and have no clue what mechanics are.
  3. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    Players as Healers may choose not to heal themselves even when no one else needs healing.

    Healers have more control over their own safety. A teammates health could drop suddenly while the Healer is busy restoring their health. If said teammate goes down then it would be the Healers fault for misjudging the situation; consequences of this may come soon after. Example: being kicked

    To me, the average player will not be concerned with a Healer's health over Tanks and their own. Because of this, Healers may feel to compelled to put others first before themselves; they just have more control over the outcome this way.

    Bottom Line: Reading the field, knowing your power-set and in general, having experience may be the remedy to the OP's issue. However and until then, focusing on other players Health bars instead of your own may be the "safest" (but not the "best") route.
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  4. Solarverse Committed Player

    I can agree to this. When I play my healer, I sometimes find myself in a tough spot. However, this is why I try to save my group shield (I play Celestial) for those sticky situations.
  5. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    I may cast Consecrated Ground on myself when I'm being hammered. Given the spotlight design of the move it may tell the group: Hey, yeah you, I need help!
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  6. HideTheBodies Loyal Player

    From now on when I use Consecrated Ground, I will pretend I'm doing this.

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  7. Ariyana2015 Committed Player

    I just don't see the point of this thread. If any role needs to be examined or told what to do it would be the dps role. The dps role is the reason for most failed groups. When adds pop out they will bypass the dps and go straight for the troll or healer. The role the dps has is do the objectives and do your pickups. If you aren't doing your job then guess what? The healer might feel they have to and then they aren't healing and you die, because you deserve to die, because you are selfish, and are a scoreboard chaser.

    I cannot count how many times a dps has had someone die at their feet and they just keep dpsing. (pugs).. its like do you want to fail? Or a dps not blocking because they think a healer can heal them through excessive damage or one shots...
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  8. Dibrie Committed Player

    Its a scripted move , healers get aggro after tanks.

    It has always been

  9. Dibrie Committed Player

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  10. GhostFly Killah Committed Player

    Yea not sure if it's a nature thing or what, but seems like I get a lot of aggro if the tank drops. Yet in a no tank alert, I feel it less. It's still ok though, I have a lot health/def on my healer (more than most dps) so I'll typically pop shield and block in between heals while someone gets tank up.
  11. UnFriendMe New Player

    Have to agree with Ariyana2015 on this one. Most DPS have no idea what the other roles are for.

    Let's see? How to breakdown how a "I've only ever been a DPS" player thinks:
    "Troll? There to give me power. If I spam and run out of power I'll kick them."

    "Healer? To heal me and tank. They can heal themselves so they can handle all the damage in. If things get bad they need to just to block. As long as I don't die that's what matters. I'll kick them if I die and just get another one and make a thread about it... I've got it! I'll call it 'Message to all healers' yeah that'll show them!"

    "Tank? What's that for? Just need another DPS! All that matters is burn anyways! DUH! BUT make sure that other DPS has crappier gear than me, I won't stand for being out damaged. I'll kick them if it looks like they're going to put out more damage than me"

    Best of all most are loud and annoying and all the sheep listen to them, allowing them to become the self proclaimed "Leader" of alerts/raidsl! Bah bah bah for the sheeps that need the translation out there! Bah bah bah!

    I have to say something about the original post though, "healers heal yourselves... you're important" HA HA HA HA! Hey obvious DPS that's never done any other role before! Kill the enemies before they kill the healer since YOU decided to go into an alert without a tank...!
  12. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    Guardians Light...
  13. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Scripted attacks like Zods lazor in PZE is the only time I've been singled out as a healer. I'm talking about basic attacks. I never get lunged or meleed by the boss as a healer if the tank loses aggro. It's always been a dps. In no tank runs, its always the dps I need to heal the most. People need to realize there's a difference between special (scripted) attacks and basic(melee) attacks. The scripted attacks have a chance to target anyone unless it has a trigger to it like Stompa's or Grundys jump. Basic attacks are the reason we have tanks. They're supposed to be the only ones that could survive them.

    People say they get aggro as a healer, it might be scripted attacks too which tie into the reason I posted this thread. If your targeted, HEAL yourself and try to get out of the way.
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  14. Broken Soui Dedicated Player

    I NEVER look at my health. I just assume I'm full after healing the other people who need heals. I never go down either. So It's worked for me since 2011 solo healing everything. I must be doing something right.
  15. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Here is the problem though. How do you heal yourself, while blocking a 1 shot move, if you cant heal while blocking and if you dont block the 1 shot move you die?

    The solution is simple, however 99.9% of the population do not use that solution unless its SM.
  16. Broken Soui Dedicated Player

    What 1 shot would that be ?
  17. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Contrary to popular belief not everything a boss does to a non tank role is a one shot. AoEs rarely ever one shot and yes you do have time to heal yourself while getting out of them. SM is a different story because of CR relevancy.
  18. Azreaus Committed Player

    Are you sure you know how the aggro system works?? Really sure?

    Tanks: Any and all Tank powers will put the Tank at the top of the NPC's hate table for 12 secs.
    Healer: Healing generates aggro on any NPC in range based on the amount of healing done.
    DPS: A DPS will only gain aggro on a NPC that he/she is actively attacking so if they generate more damage based aggro than a Healer can generate Heal based aggro (and even a useless DPS should be able to manage that) it will be higher in the NPC's hate table so the NPC will switch to him/her if Tank drops aggro.
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  19. Derio 15000 Post Club

    This is true however my gripe was brainiac's one shot which while not blocking will go through an 18k shield and all 22k of a healers health bar.

    However most healers fail not because of their own ability, but due to the inability of most dps due to most dps not knowing how to properly use the block button or the lack of knowledge of the block button.
  20. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    "No tank" runs must not be as common as I thought. If you ran PZE with no tank you would see why DPS are second on the hate table. The amount of heals you need to spam , according to your logic, should automatically make me prime target.

    Funny it's the two dps getting all the hate.