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  1. ANGELICQUEEN8520 New Player

    Mere Mortals is recruiting. PS/PC

    We are a small league and would like to add new members to do League runs with.
    We have league buffs
    Helpful in all aspect of the game..
    Do you wanna play and have fun??
    Then Mere Mortals is the one For you!!
    No CR or SP level requirements..
    All we ask is NO DRAMA plz

    If interested and would like to join a chill group please send message...

    thank you..
    in game name

    Rubber Bando

  2. Angelic8520 New Player

  3. Poppa Seth New Player

    I am not sure if you are still around but I would like to join :D I have a villain named Wragg and I am a new player looking to learn the game and just have fun!
  4. Daruku0 New Player

    Hey I got a villain named daruku0 and the league I was playing with and devoted a lot of time to disbanded so your league sounds like what I'd want in a league.
  5. ANGELICQUEEN8520 New Player

    sure and sorry it took me a bit.. are you still looking to join?
  6. Chibi Panda New Player

    (Had an intention to join, but later realized the league is EU server)
  7. ANGELICQUEEN8520 New Player

  8. ValkyrieEater New Player

    I'm up to join, contact me when ur free
  9. R0ck3tRaccoon New Player

    Hey, I'm interested in joining up with ya'll. My ingame name is the same as my forum name.
  10. ANGELICQUEEN8520 New Player

  11. ANGELICQUEEN8520 New Player

  12. ANGELICQUEEN8520 New Player

  13. philletes New Player

    Hey! I would like to join the league. Do i need to contact someone in-game or...? Thanks!
  14. philletes New Player

    Hey, any news? Got no feedback. Thanks
  15. ANGELICQUEEN8520 New Player

    yes we are, i added u to my fiends list and will add when you log, if thats ok.
  16. ANGELICQUEEN8520 New Player

  17. Quaves New Player

    just switched from hero to villain im a fire tank can i join?
  18. ANGELICQUEEN8520 New Player

    For sure.. just let me know when
  19. Cariah New Player

    I am a new water healer can I join?
  20. Quaves New Player

    whenever your free my name is GEOflame