Merciless non-Meta.

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  1. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone


    I'm unapolegetically using a Precision Mental build, frequently as a Battle Controller.

    I started running a successful Precision Electric Battle Healer recently.

    And I don't use Super Speed on a single one of my DPS.

    What non-Meta things are you running? What's working? And why?

    Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. Berza Committed Player

    I run Prec Electric Battle Healer. Elite duo actually asks for it, IMO. I use 2 different builds, depending on who I am running with, or mainly what Supercharge they are using. If my mate is using a 5000SC with a 30sec CD and can effectively use a shield in their loadout I will use an EoG spam build, running EoG, Soul Cloak and Purple Ray. That build uses priority heal, bio cap, Flux, weapon buff, circuit breaker and a DoT.
    The other one uses Trans, Orb and Fang, with loadout being weapon buff, group heal, priority, flux, bio cap and Arc Lighting/ Circuit breaker, switching for bosses. All healer gear, Prec bottom augments, resto head ones, 295 SP on Prec, 100 in Resto, both damage and healing crits, 40 in Dom and rest goes into might for the EoG build and health for the other one. Also I use OP pants, head, mask and back, and both rings are 283 movement ones, one Superspeed and the other the flying one. This nets me around 10k Dom with a little loss on Resto, which makes Flux a bit harder and actually increases the overall healing formula.
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  3. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    I’m using heat vision, frost breath, and sonic shout on Prec dps and it’s fun seeing people give you weird looks while also trying to figure out why it’s working lol
  4. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Lol You and I both know that this is actually a good build, it’s equivalent to the standard flurry shot build
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  5. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Lol I actually prefer it over flurry shot haha
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  6. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I can’t stand superspeed. My main is gadgets prec DPS and is acrobatics and my atomic tank is flight. I also don’t use the gadgets turret to clip unless stealth is causing an inordinate amount of lag and I have to switch to a non-stealth loadout. Stealth can already not only clip the weapon buff but pack three might powers in with it in an instant and smoothly go right in to flurry.
  7. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    I’m the same way. I can’t stand superspeed. All my toon are flight since me and hallways don’t mix.
  8. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Super speed is overrated, especially for might builds, the only time it becomes essentially is when your running a melee prec build
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  9. Yaiba Committed Player

    I'm using amulet for gadgets prec dps, 30% might is such a huge boost for all my powers (taser pull / tornado pull / stealth) :D
  10. Dogico Loyal Player

    Not sure if this really counts but I run Tetra when I dps. I rarely run with trolls in duos or alerts (I prefer balanced groups but nobody else seems to like trolls outside of raids) and some trolls in raid content don't run Tetra. I know some dps don't like to buff other dps in anyway (popping compounds before queuing rather than in the instance, moving outside of another dps' EoG, dropping supply drops away from group ) but I've found giving everyone else 15k might really speeds up instance clear time.
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  11. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I really hate using Iconics to try and "keep up" but luckily I've been able to find a Celestial build that mostly uses actual Celestial abilities and lands me at the top of the DPS scorecard 90% of the time. In the interest of total clarity I do use Robot Sidekick, but that's because I like using pet builds for passive damage. I run Grim, Trans and Source Shard as my artifacts so with RSK and the Source Wave that takes up two of my slots. For the other four I use Plague c/ Divine Light, Consume Soul (sometimes comboed into WotP), Defile and Divine Light. I don't really follow the whole meta game, I just spend time finding stuff that both works for me and is something I enjoy.

    I've been toying around with switching my Munitions alt to Mental but I don't like the whole Invisibility aspect of it and it seems like there isn't really a good loadout that either uses Invisibility or Super Speed abilities unfortunately.
  12. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    In alerts, I often play a 'buff tank', eye/cloak/tetra - max life spec, tons of green spam. The idea is to 'inspire' my team. Really speeds things along!

    Also for alerts, (elite included) I play my 'force field' build of celestial healing. eye/cloak/orb of arion. Death mark into Corrupted Blessing, Blessing, Group heal, Priority heal, 2 SCs. Many people don't know that if you follow regular Blessing with Corrupted Blessing they stack! Crazy shield game on that build.

    In any non-elite I have a 'Dragon' tank alt, Flight-Fire with Trans/Strat/Mystic Symbol. The healing is so ridiculous that you can ignore anything that doesn't kill you outright. However, it's not high enough on eHP/Defense for high-end elites.

    Lately experimenting with battle troll setups on munitions.

    Sometimes I use Superspeed moves (like on my Cheetah Iconic), but moreso I just love running fast and the giant epic leaps!

    Finally there is my triumph of non-meta roguishness - High Winds. She's a Wind toon. Technically she's earth - but - Debris Field, Upheaval, Freezing Breath, Sandblast, Robot, Neo-Venom. You can replace robot with a movement mode attack, such as Downdraft, Whirlwind, Tornado Push, whatever fits. Debirs Field, Upheaval Combo /clip into Freeze Breath, 2 ticks weapon tap cancel, upheaval combo /clip into Sandblast. The damage is actually decent. Not great, but fine. And no animations that are anything but wind.
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  13. Radstark Active Player

    Gadgets battle controller focused on soft tanking adds. Grimbor's Chains, Holographic Decoy and Neural Neutralizer make the core. Suppressor Turret adds damage. Stealth loadout contains standard Battle Drone Supercharge, Gauss Grenade for its knockdown and Taser Pull to relieve some pressure and apply PI. BoP Commlink helps making room for all those abilities.
    It makes it easier to survive when adds are too scattered around for the tank to control them all, or when adds are too many for the tank to handle.

    Fire melee DPS focused on DoT. The goal is to trigger Strategist Card's DoT by throwing my own high CD AoE DoT abilities and proceeding to spam fast Dual Wield combos. Obviously Transformation Card to raise proc chances via higher crit chance. Demon's Fang helps keeping power high enough and takes advantage of Trans+Strat's high Restoration stat.
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  14. Vella Active Player

    This is the same for me, except it's Cog. I can count on my left hand the number of Prec players on the Switch US Villian Side, including myself. Plus giving the Healers, Tanks, Trolls, and Might Side Hybrid DPS that extra damage really boost the overall group DPS.
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  15. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Quantum dps
    500 sp 342 cr
    Artifacts (all 200):
    Transformation card
    Strategist card
    Solar amp

    My non-meta build is as follows:
    Quantum tunneling
    Oblivion (SC) when theres green spam, RSK if theres not
    Anomally (to set PI)
    Distortion wave (to use PI)
    Energy expulsion (finisher)
    Heat Vision (to use solar amp)

    Its incredibly simple and never seen anyone do anything even close really. Heck, i still see most quantum dps using time bomb for Gods sake smh.
    I cant even remember the last time i was out damaged in any content and if i was, it was too close to be noteworthy. I dont care about that at all but i check all the time to see how what im doing compares to other quantums and other powers in general.
    I dont do anything fancy with it either. I let the channels run their course mostly and will do some tap/jump cancels as needed situationally but i love it. Its simple, no armories needed as its the loadout i use no matter what content im in.
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