Mepps.. Please remove relevancy windows

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  1. DC REBIRTH Well-Known Player

    All the content seems to have a consists difficulty now, the rewards should be just as consisant like the original game.
    Considering that moving up takes longer now the community is going to need either more reward marks for window content or reward marks for all content.

    It will not be advantageous to the game to limit marks with windows with the slowed progression system from cr differential am system now incorporated into old stats matter system. (where there were originally no relevancy windows)
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  2. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    While I agree, every raid should reward MoV now, but doing so would result in a huge spike in vendor costs on anything before AF 3. Since you'll be able to run any content to get marks for a piece of gear.
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  3. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    I don't think old content should award full marks, but I do think the rewards for out of relevancy runs should be increased a bit.
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  4. BumblingB I got better.

    So they would "tier" the "tier" gear?
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  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Currently, mark relevancy exists to meter how many marks are available each day or week, and has nothing to do with how easy or hard that content is. We are looking at everyone's feedback on this.
  6. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    May be worth noting that increasing rewards may help get people in lower tier content. While I don't mind the difficulty, I see no reason to go back and run older content.
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  7. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Lol, it's always Mepps fault. He is to blame for everything wrong.

    Can you imagine him coming in on Monday? His poor inbox
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  8. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Marks wouldn't bring me back. Feats would. :)
  9. ChillCat Loyal Player

    Thanks, Mepps. If there was a two-mark system at all tiers to delineate between vendor gear and MoV, then I would want to see more marks coming from lower-tier content. That's not the case so is there a possibility of changing the rewards for out-of-tier content to something more beneficial to encourage more folks to play at all levels? For example....

    1. Prestige tokens
    2. Chance at rare and tradable collection items
    3. Unique base/lair items
    4. Bonus cash
    5. Replay badges
    6. Stabilizer fragments

    I'm sure there's more
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  10. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Maybe adding "complete X amount of instances" feats for each tier would encourage people to go back. Not anything ridiculous like 500, but maybe 50 maximum for raids, alerts, and solos for each tier.
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  11. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I'd be fine with that.
  12. redwolfyogi Well-Known Player

    With the two mark system, giving full marks of victory for old content makes sense. However when leveling up toons running old content, older players have absolutely no reason to go back, unless they need styles. If anything, out of "relevancy" gear should be relocked once you move out of relevance and moved and unlocked in a style vendor for purchase for 150-200 MoV per piece of style.
  13. SuperBell Loyal Player

    I say bring back different marks per tier, and have the tiered marks only backwards convertible at a 1/1 ratio. 1 MoW > 1 MoM > 1 MoK > 1 MoD > 1 MoV. Maybe have PVP and PVE marks convert into a universal "Mark of Utility" for your generators, rare gear vendor, Tokens of Merit, ect. Maybe find a way to convert PVE marks to PVP for people that don't like PVP. How about a Membership Perk were you can convert 100 Marks of Utility to 1 Stabilizer. Basically, you can use the rewarded marks from any content, but you can't farm low tier marks to progress faster than intended.
  14. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Why not have a way to limit mark accumulation per week, without Relevancy?
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  15. Predicament Well-Known Player

    If there is some way to incentivize players who have out geared older content to run them again with something more than what currently is offered. I understand the marks of victory need to be tier relevant but add other incentives.

    -Exobit cluster that rewards 10 gathers towards gather feat. Much rather have the community queuing into content to run to help groups than having them solo farm exobits.

    -Multiple Marks for Cosmetics and Crafting Items Only.
    - Create Base Vendors that sell everything that is currently in the game and have marks that are use for this only
    - Create an opposite faction vendor that sells styles that we cant obtain from opposite factions

    - Create more Iconic styles like the Death Vest and go back and add them to older content. People will run these raids weekly to get iconic styles to either use or sell for money on the auction house.

    - Go back and add Collections on bosses that when finished offer a new aura or material(I understand this probably won't happen because they can save these for Booster Boxes or Time Capsules)
  16. StillDeathern Dedicated Player

    I think the relevancy windows needs to be addressed because the limits are too great. For example, I currently can earn war bonds, and sit at around 197 CR, this has primarily been achieved by only equipping dropped gear. If I buy any T8 gear my CR would likely jump, doing so could quickly put me where I can no longer earn marks for the previous set of gear, which I haven't fully completed. I think the loot only relevancy window kicks in at around 199 CR, at which point I would be locked from earning marks, in at least some T7 content if not all.

    Am I supposed to only run T7 until I get the few remaining pieces I need? I know the relevancy window cant be intended to function this way. I should be able to complete my prior set of gear, while still being able to equip the more powerful set of T8 gear and play the new T8 content.

    I have roughly 270 war bonds and I fear buying anything, will in essence lock me out of lower content, which I still need and want to play.
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  17. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

  18. krytine Loyal Player

    Maybe just a different approach. Maybe an alt box to drop i dont know a mark for each content and a stabilizer something small
  19. light FX Steadfast Player

    The marks should have something to do with the difficulty of content. No one wants to spend 30-45mins in a raid 3-4 tiers below them for some salvage. I also think the people who are running older content, whether at level or not, should be the ones giving their feedback on the difficulty. Meaning if i never step foot in older content i cant really say how i feel about the difficulty of it. An example would be me telling the devs to make dox extremely hard again but i never go in there and run it myself.

    The entire relevancy thing needs an overhaul. The reason we were given for it being there was monthly content. This problem can be solved. But its another thing that gets changed way too much around here. How many times have marks been changed now? Ive seriously lost track.
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  20. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    is it worth suggesting adding a new currency for those of us who do go back run older content to get and be able to spend at a vendor for cross faction styles?

    this is something that would get alot of the higher old timers back into old content and even newer people who like collecting styles all while giving us something to spend MoV on as well if we just end up using those.
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