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    Am I the only one that finds himself limited to certain powers to make sense mentor wise? I simply can't play as a Magic/Wonder Woman Munitions hero or a Sorcery Meta/Superman? I feel like it breaks the Immersion.
    Let's hope that they release Mentor/Origin respec or remove them for good
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    You’re probably not the only one, but sitting in my underpants, drinking soda and holding a lump of plastic while staring at the TV breaks the immersion a little bit more, in my book.
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    While I have done that sort of thing in the past.. My Gadgets and Munitions alts use Batman (tech) while my Atomic Tank and Quantum are Superman and so on. But realistically? That "Mentor" we pick when creating a character only has a very limited effect on any alt .. The very first mission you are assigned after arriving in game off of Brainiac's ship is based on your mentor. You get another "mentor" mission at around level 15-17 or so and then that final mentor mention that gets you your official acceptance into the Justice League. Aside from those three missions everything else that happens between level 4 and level 30 is pretty much the same. And then you hit the big THREE ZERO (30) and you never hear from that mentor again. So basically there is really no reason why anyone with any power set can not pick any mentor. Personal favorite is Superman because his "mentor" missions are much less involved .. Perfect example is that final one at 30 with superman you spend a short bit of time in the bottled daily planet before you warp to the Hall of Doom.... battle your way through Metallo, Chetah and The Overloar (? think that's that last made up villains name lol) you are in thre final chamber and the ONLT thing left to battle is Luthor. Now try that same final mission with batman as your mernto. You fight your way through T.O. Morrow's lab, then have to go back outside and run to STAR LABS in Gotham, then warp to the space station for 3-4 different battles in various parts .. and THEN warp to the batcave where you not onlt battle the evil AI version of Batmn but a big pile of robots.. Basically nothing is easy when ever Batman is involve d LOL
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    I like how what augments you use, are based of your Mentor, and wish other things followed suit such as tactical mods, orbital strikes etc. So these would be Meta/Magic/Tech themed based on your Mentor. It looks weird having a tech style weapon absorption shield on a magic toon etc.
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    To me the mentor your character chooses is the main hero / villain the character goes to for advice and assistance. Why your character chose a specific mentor is up to you to decide in the character's history (if you like to create them). However, just because you pick one mentor doesn't mean you wouldn't talk to the others on occasion.

    Lets say your Atomic power Hero wants to get justice for the people in Gotham who are routinely victimized by the gangs and people like Scarecrow. Your Hero may want to study under Batman to learn how he's done it. However, since your character is using a 'Meta' type power, Batman could easily refer you to Superman when it comes to learning how to best employ your powers.

    A character using Munitions or Gadgets might have a perfectly logical reason for picking Wonder Woman or Circe as a mentor. That's for each person to decide.

    That's my take on it.
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  6. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    LOL nice visual.
  7. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    A 'mentor' does not always equal 'teacher', it's simply someone you look up to out of respect and advice, if they happen to be able to also tutor you, that's a bonus
    Haast's originally went to Metro seeking Hawkgirl to teach her how to most effectively use her wings, butt after the Brainie-abduction she found herself being assigned to the Flying Soupcan (she still goes to Hawkgirl for flight training, and just to talk)
    Chris is a die-hard Quinnette, she only joined Joker to give her an excuse to hang out with Harley (and to avoid getting killed by Joker for hanging out with her, she's crazy, not stupid :p )
    Blacque went to Circe because Luthor is a xenophobic jerkface :p
    Also have an heroic Water character who is not a fan of the Aquadork (she actually comes from the real life sunken continent of Zealandia, and hates everything about Atlanteans and wants to see them all deepfried)
    Haven't really figured out the back story for the others too much

    Like Highplains Sailor said, fairly sure you could find a reason for why your character ended up with the Mentor they got (and who they really consider a mentor)
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    TechWarrior pretty much hit the nail on the head with his post. But let me add to it. What really makes it distinguishable between the 3 mentors is the level of difficulty when it comes to those 3 exclusive mentor missions, especially the final. Superman's is the easiest, Wonder Woman's is mostly moderate, while Batman's is the longest, and the most difficult or challenging. With Batman's first you have to take on Morrow's bots & Red Tornado, followed by Joker. And then you have the Brainiac level on that satellite, concluding in the Batcave with the final boss stage. That is the part where one is likely to get knocked out if one is not careful or prepared. If you're going to tackle the final mentor mission under Batman, you need to make sure you have enough soda or have your armor/gear at the right level. And make sure you have at least one or two repair bots handy. You have a break between the 3 stages, one of which takes you back to Gotham, so you can visit a safehouse if needed. But you may need a repair bot between the 2nd and 3rd stages.

    Since all of the other missions are the same, it really doesn't make a difference if your toon's power doesn't match up with the mentor you want. Unless of course you are really diving into the storyline. If you're just in it to play, get gear, & other stuff you can choose whoever you want based on the difficulty level or challenge that you want to have. Some people just want to create a toon to carry beyond level 30, but don't have the money or Daybreak cash to spend on the level skip. So they can just choose the meta story so they can breeze through it and get right to the tiered missions and battle gear.
  9. Bzzzztt Active Player

    I know what the OP is getting at, it can be difficult to make a mentor choice (or the choice to avoid one particular mentor altogether, see upcoming example) make sense in some cases. I myself am blessed (or cursed?) with an imagination active enough (some say overactive. Many say downright weird/scary/dangerous) to work around it. For example:

    I have relatives that work in law enforcement. So I absolutely refuse to make another Joker mentored villain because I will not blow up police cars, bribe rookie cops, steal badges, etc, even in a game. So, when I made a new gadgets villain (deleted the first one at lvl 4, just couldn't stand her), it had to be Circe or Lexiepoo.

    Magic gadgets? Sure, instead of the high tech taser pull, a magical bracelet that fires a line of webbin (whoops!) magic rope. Gauss Grenade becomes Potion of Zappyness, Fear Gas becomes ... well, Fear Gas but with an alchemical origin.

    For the Meta version, it was even easier: Her meta power was the ability to teleport objects from her sister's workshop (her sister made the gadgets but is agoraphobic and refuses to leave her lair) to her hand, and back again when done with it. Added bonus, she now pulls her beloved katana out of thin air instead of her . . . keister.

    I don't, however, think the mentor process should removed. It does help immerse your character into the story line. Not as much as it could, but it helps. Some. A little... well, its better than nothing...
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  10. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Here is another angle on the subject... We have had a number of threads where players have asked about the ability to add a tab that would allow them to write a short bio for their character... Sort of a back ground on who they are and how they became a super hero etc. I played City of Heroes for years and this was a feature available in that game. The bios had to be short but did allow the player to create their own story about THEIR character. Its a role play thing :D

    Now in almost every single one of those threads i have seen there is always at least 1 person adamantly against this idea because , in their opinion, our back ground story is already written for us... Future Lex Luthor spread Exobytes all over the planet to create more Super Powered people to help save the world from Brainiac.

    But no one says we have to make that our whole back ground story or if it even applies to us. How about I already was a super hero even before Future Lex appeared fighting for truth, justice and the American way and the exobytes just made me stronger? OR how about okay I got my powers from the exobytes but what was it about me (your character) and my life that led me to decide to use those powers for good (super hero) or evil (super villain)?

    Its called a MMO RPG and those last three letters do stand for "role playing game" which kind of means you can be whatever you want to be (which would explain the 14 different power options and the vast and constantly growing costume options). Absolutely nothing in the terms of service says you ca't pick any mentor no matter what powers you use... ONLY limitation is SORRY while you may want to I am afraid you can never be a Quantum Tank LOL
  11. Plowed In Loyal Player

    The only limitation is your imagination.

    If it feels good, do it.
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  12. StillDeathern Dedicated Player

    Must be super chilly in there.
  13. Highplains Sailor Well-Known Player

    In my opinion, this is the 'meat' of a character history. How you got your powers is important, because not everyone goes with the exobyte story. But to me, the real story is figuring out why my Ice power character decide to use his powers for good. Why did my Nature power character end up working for Lex? The difficulty of missions a given mentor results in doesn't really concern me that much as a casual player. If Batman's final mission is more difficult that Superman's, so be it. If nothing else it may help me learn the game better, pay more attention to mechanics, etc.

    For my Ice hero I picked Superman as mentor because I was just starting DCUO as F2P, knew nothing about the game, and it said Superman was the "Meta" mentor. If I could change mentors, I would change his to Batman because of his history growing up in Gotham's East End. He wants to stand up for the victims of crime in Gotham; crimes that the major Heroes (Batman, Superman, The Flash, etc) just don't have time for because they are often fighting Super powerful villains and menaces like Brainiac. He himself was a victim of some of Falcone's hoods. That means being a vigilante like Batman, and he wants to do it right, so he would want to learn all he can from Batman. However, Batman can't really advise him as to the best use of his Ice powers, so he would go to Superman and possibly Wonder Woman for that kind of advice.

    Now how does this biography affect the game? It doesn't. He can only do the missions available to him in the game, many of which take him away from Gotham's East End and the people he wants to protect. But creating character histories is something I've done for all my MMO's. Doesn't matter if it doesn't affect the game. I just enjoy doing it.

    To each, their own.
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