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    In my honest opinion, the Tech, Meta, or Magic mentor you choose at character creation should play a decently large part in your experience of playing this game. I remember at launch your mentor decided what Tier 1 & 2 gear styles you were able to aquire, as well as a few exclusive story instances you could enter. Both of these elements were soon granted to all players though, no matter what mentor they chose, therefore making Mentors virtually useless. I respect why the Devs chose to do this though, releasing more content to players is a good thing! It's highly unlikely they'll revert the game back to having the previous mentor benefits I listed above, and honestly I don't want them to, it wouldn't make sense to me!

    I would like to see some new content added in later down the road that is 100% dependent on your mentor. I'll list off some my suggestions for this new content so you guys can see what I'm thinking:

    More Mentor Exclusive Styles
    No matter in what way the developers decide to implement these styles, via lockbox/tier gear/vault, I feel like adding these origin based styles will bring a sense of allegiance to players, as well as just be pretty sick to look at. Tech heroes could have more suits based upon futuristic armor such as the Dark Specter Batsuit is; Meta villains could have more bulky, tank like Lex Corp gear; Meta heroes could have some new suits strongly based on the kryptonian garments we see enemies wear in the various Krypton alerts. Just shooting out some examples! But remember all of these styles would be mentor exclusive, and would never get released to people outside of the origin.

    More Mentor Exclusive Titles
    I thought Titles were such a fantastic, little addition that the Devs added, they gave us another feeling of identity! Since the feature is here, let's keep using it and keep rocking it. I believe Titles should still be allowed through feats as they are now and maybe some feats should be added that require the Mentor exclusive that I mentioned before to be completed, or the mentor exclusive instances and other activities I will soon touch on to be done in a certain way.

    of Krypton

    The Bat's Disciple

    Dark Magician

    of Lexcorp

    The Clown

    Silent Protector

    Man Of Steel


    Once again these will all be mentor exclusive! Indefinitely!

    Completely Mentor Restricted Instances
    I'm not taking about the story quests we already had, I'm talking about having origin restricted full fledged raids/alerts. I could see this working for the next tier; let's say for the next tier we get a new raid, each of the 3 origins will have a different raid, but it will have the same amount of marks, loot, etc. basically the only change would just be the events that actually take place in the raid. Of course making 3 different counterparts of the same level raid would be very time consuming for the devs, but maybe this could just be a rare occurence that happens only once in a while?
    To give an example on what the raid could be...
    Meta: Superman calls on his heroes to travel to Krypton and assist him in a big battle.
    Tech: Batman calls on his heroes to defend Wayne Tech from a big deal batman universe villain, maybe scarecrow?

    Magic: WW calls on her heroes to travel to Olympus and do some work there?

    You guys get the idea, these would be mentor exclusive regardless of group members, ONLY TECH HEROES CAN ENTER THE TECH RAID, META HEROES ENTER THE META RAID, AND MAGIC HEROES ENTER THE MAGIC RAID.

    Origin Vs Origin
    Basically PVP content where specific origins would fight specific origins, and maybe the actual mentor could pop up once in a while to assist their corresponding team.

    There's more ideas guys but I'm getting tired lol, I hope you saw something you support!
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    Love the ideas!

    Would really like them to release a new mentor type, Future/Alien tech mentors.

    Hal Jordan and Sinestro.
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    I think at this point in the game, we are no longer mentorees, but we are the mentors. I am sure most of us can solo Superman. :p
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    Indeed, most of the NPCs on our side are incredibly weak :confused:
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    not only that but who you choose as your mentor has very little effect on your character. outside of being able to run a few low level missions theres nothing else. once you hit level 30 its all the same.

    i always love the idea of adding more styles but where our mentors are concerned we already see them enough in game throughout content.

    i think that they should open up all mentor missions to all players and make it a part of the leveling process to go through all of the mentors side missions before hitting level 30. tie it into earning enough renown so that a fresh level 30 has all those feats worked out, remove renown tokens from the game and voila! new players have a few more feats to work with, everyone can get into mentor missions without spending hours begging and bribing people to get you into the oblivion bar or to morrows hideout and we get rid of a nuisance item clogging up our loot tables.
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    This is really what my entire thread is about, Im trying to make it so mentors DO mean something. My whole post was full of ideas to make mentors relevant again, I feel like you just blatantly ignored the main point of this thread, and then stated the complete opposite, talking about how mentors should mean less and less. Mentors are a feature in this game for a reason, and they should play a bigger part in shaping our characters like they used to back at launch.
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    That is incorrect, we are still the mentorees, else why would we have to choose our mentors at character creation? And plus, having a mentor doesn't just mean being a worthless student like I assume you think it is, it's also the fact of how you're being aligned with a certain origin (Tech/ Meta/ Magic) Imo I feel your origin should play a part in identifying you, but at this time, they mean absolutely nothing.
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    it would be super fun if they could do something with all those character models we see at launch and pretty much nowhere else in the game. Like Geo Force and terra and Firestorm?

    Blue beetle!

    they should totally add him to legends of tomorrow.