Mentors reduced to their divisions?

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    So I jump on today to play some of my characters through the Spring seasonal just to generate some trees and grass for the one alt who actually has a Forest themed base.
    As I start scrolling through my character list however I found that the mentors names had been replaced by their respective Divisions. So instead of having the honor of having Superman as your simply says you are mentored by META.
    Now, I can understand....Not everyone who's a Meta wants Superman as their specific Mentor. (or Batman, or Wonder Woman etc...) If anything, many have wanted the Mentor pool to be expanded. Instead, we get a general category listed as our mentor.
    Now, My character is in a bit of a this way and that situation. His powers are pure magic, but he selected Superman as a Mentor because that's who he/I always looked up to.
    My point is. If we're changing to general division names for which wing/division of the Justice League/Legion of Doom we belong to, let's change the terminology to match. ie: don't say Mentor: META.. say DIVISION: Mata (Or section, or wing or whatever..term you prefer...) When you say Mentor, you're specifically referring to a person who guides your character. If you want to stay with the Mentor tag, then forget the division names and stick with the names of the Mentors in charge.
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  2. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Maybe this is paving the way for us to pick our own Mentor
    Butt otherwise, yeah, sounds like another unneeded (or wanted) change that will be passed off as "Quality of Life" 'improvements' :rolleyes:
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