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    Okay so as we all know Superman sort of got forgotten about when he turn 75 but they did make up that when he hit 80.

    Batman as we all know had celebrations at both 75 and 80 which spawned the issue with why he got a party but not the big blue boy scout lol

    Anyway the reason I am creating this thread is because there are a few more mentor birth days looming and if ignored it will probably start at least a thread or two from the villain side.

    I belong to DC Universe and they are making a big deal out of the fact that the Joker ( one of the trio of Villain Mentor) turns 80 this month.. first appearing in comics in April 1940 in the Batman #1 issue. Now until I checked I was not even aware the Selena Kyle also for showed up in that comic book as well Yep that's right guys Cat Woman is 80 too Looks pretty got for some one that age doesn't she?:D

    Now if we really want to get into it guess what Lex Luthor turns 80 in May.

    That's two of the three Villain Mentor and none of them had any sort of "party" when they turned 75 just like Superman. Now I mostly play hero side here. had a few villain but population is so much smaller I left because it was a lot easier to find teams but I KNOW there have been threads here in the past where the villains have expressed some concern that no gift or anything like that seem to honor their side of the game.

    Honestly ? they have a point. Joker, Lex and Circe are MENTOR just like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman hero side. Are there any plans at all to honor one or both with some sort of give away. Not looking for more free stuff but like I said DC is making a fuss about it on their site, hey the Joker and Lex are probably just as famous and recognizably as their nemesis and have provided the Bat and Sups with some of their biggest challenges. Hey give the guy a party already LOL
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    That's probably because unless it's a fan favorite they don't think it's worth the effort.

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