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  1. Zpred Dedicated Player

    I know mental is not in the greatest state at the moment damage wise and hopefully it gets some tweaks eventually.

    I don't want to waste too much dev time, but with the removal of am now and if mental gets another tweak sometime would it be possible to have the old Telekentic Bolt ability back? The cast time one with the big purple beam coming from your hands. So it works like fireburst/frost blast.

    I used to really like that one, was quite disappointed when it was changed to another small beam coming from your head, I know mental is supposed to be a mind control power but there's too many boring head beams now Lol.

    Seriously though would people like to see the old Telekentic Bolt back??

    Ps. I understand there maybe more important tweaks mental may need 1st but this isn't specifically about mental damage or numbers etc, mainly about animation/visuals.
  2. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Hell yeah I wouldn't mind it. Adds variety. I actually thought they would revert it back.
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  3. kraptastic Well-Known Player

    I don't think these newer devs have seen pre wm/am powers to know where they started from.
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  4. Zpred Dedicated Player

    Well I'm 100% sure spord was here and he seems to be the one doing things with powers atm, If I remember correctly it used to be between spord and tunso doing powers, I think it was something like spord creating them and tunso making adjustments etc, I could be wrong though. I know tunso isn't with dcuo anymore but spord still Is.

    Anyway id still like to see the old TK Bolt ability back regardless would be cool.
  5. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Shin-o-B worked on mental and he's a newer dev.
  6. stärnbock Devoted Player

    only if they made it another power... because i like the thing we have now... otherwise; telekinetic bolt should explode encased targets again... using mass levitation: the effect of the encasement is still there, just that the targets that are levitated, seem to not explode anyways... well, i remember doing mass levitation and then tele bolt do do massive damage before AM's...
  7. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    tk bolt also had the 60% damage mod for most of its original life to make up for the cast time.

    it was a fun power to use. i used to love the splash damage.

    was mass lev in game pre am?

    initially i hated that bolt got changed but the power is so much fun to use. at least it was. now base items can trap me.

    it needs to go back to exploding encasements. as it is if you cryo something into a block of ice and then use it your just wasting a move. even pyro isnt a sure thing and i see no additional damage. i have to upload some videos but in a few minutes im off to a heavy work day.
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  8. Mighty Committed Player


    Yes, Wilder. Yes it's always been there.
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  9. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    thanks for the condescending response!
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  10. Mighty Committed Player

    I just thought that mental was your favorite power and you've played it forever and ever and ever.
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  11. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    well at least i havent forgotten my opinion of you.
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  12. Mighty Committed Player

    All I did was answer your question, no need to get bent out of shape.
  13. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    Im not trying to be condescending or rude but honestly you must hot have been mental long if you dont know this power is in the power trees or you were joking... cause it was even part of the am i believe or was part of the am at one point... mental was basically the controller version of fire back in the day....

    Mass lev = mass det

    They even had a move if i remember right that was like fire burst... (i cant remember for sure)...

    But yeah no offense please dont take it as such just i dunno your history with him or anything but if youve claimed int he past to be a life long mental player (again i dont know your past) i can see where he could be questioning the legitimacy of such a claim as at one time mass lev was a very good dps move and an amazing troll move
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  14. Streven Dedicated Player

    I would LOVE to have the old TK Bolt back and have been trying to advocate for it since I came back post revamp. It was an awesome and extremely gratifying power. Also agree it should break encasements.
  15. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Whenever Jackster talks at length about the Revamp, he always talks in glowing terms about the possibilities that it will open up. One of the things he usually mentions is new powers.

    So now days, whenever they take out something that isn't broken (like TK Bolt), it makes me wonder if they're taking stuff out to add it back in later - but improved. Perhaps it'll be a whole new power with that animation, perhaps it'll just be TK Bolt Plus.

    Of course, I have a vivid fantasy life. :D
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  16. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    i hope you can both find it in yourselves to forgive me of the gravest and most heinous of sins in confusing mass levitation as a power written into the game during one of the many controller fixes early on. i always avoided speccing into it because of the where it was located on the power tree. it couldn't have been that important a power seeing as i was doing quite well with mental without it.

    that in itself is a testament to how awful this revamp is. in order for me to be an "effective" dps i HAVE to spec into invisibility and I have to use pain blast and even then theres a very strong chance my powers arw going to fail. We were given a sub par AM.

    it would be really nice if mental to go back to being what it was.

    Thanks tho.

    i would love (god i can't remember its name right now) psychic resonance back and operating the way it once did. i remember once getting six ads encased in thought bubble in the gotham u duo, they all rolled down the stairs and i blew them all up at once. the person i was running the duo with even topped and stated how cool looking that was.
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  17. stärnbock Devoted Player

    you had two powers with casting time: first was mass levitation, that was doing allmost the same as it does now (visually), yet:
    1.) it was levitating and damaging after a cast that was vulnerable to interruptions such as lunge
    2.) encasing targets while floating helplessly in the air (cast time allowed for the CC to be strong and lasting for a while)
    3.) setup of dazed PI

    now you had the choice to use one of the following exploitations:
    1.) telekinetic bolt was the second cast bar power that did more dammage to dazed enemies. encased targets explode, dammaging nearby enemies leading to chain reaction on multiple targets. the only thing left is the name, though it is not even a bolt anymore...
    2.) pyrokinesis was the second option to detonate encasements, setting-up of burning PI with DOT (if it explodes an encaced target, the DOT is basicly consumed at once, therefore the DOT is not ticking i guess. was it like that before AM too?)
    3.) flight movement power "swoop attack" dealing more dammage to "helpless" targets. not sure if "helpless" was a ninja PI, but there were powers making targets helpless, such as telekinesis and mass levitation.

    my oppinion: i was happy when mass levitation lost its casting time and i like the DOT it has now... but i miss the encasement (the visuals are still there) and i don't know if it would be better when mass levitation would have a cast bar again, for more dammage of course and the ability to CC... i don't know... maybe we should have an option to power up powers with SP to make some abilities stronger... well, leave mass lev as it is, but maybe add another that does the same with cast bar?

    i allways hated the visuals of those kamehameha cast powers. i was glad they completely changed telekinetic bolt...
    for me: give mass lev the encasement it shows on levitated targets and leave the rest the same. leave tele bolt the way it is, except it expodes encasements. then make that kamehameha cast power (same as fire burst) an iconic power that explodes encasements as sort of a PI... maybe it could work as an SC, but as it also has a casting bar, i guess it doesnt fit well other SC's...
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  18. Mighty Committed Player

    It was the AOE Dazed PI applicator. Is was literally one spot below TK Bolt. It was one of main hang ups of pre-Gu36 mental was you had some of your best stuff (TK bolt, pyro) worked off of dazed PI, but you had to use the mass lev cast time to set the PI for the other cast time in TK bolt. The only other dazed PI applicator you had was telekinesis. All this when you could have tee'd up a couple mass terrors and some thought bubbles and some phantom flames and clipped in handblaster attacks with the menace price running the whole time.

    lol that's why I said something. Because mass lev and the dazed PI system for mental was not well designed for practical, in-content use, and basically all the old mental guys agreed.
  19. Streven Dedicated Player

    I always just felt it needed to hit harder to compensate for the risk of getting interrupted.