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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Tunso, Dec 4, 2015.

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  1. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    You can use a 3 emp loadout for an entire instance? I'm not talking about parser, i'm talking about an instance. Powers will be closer to balance than they have been in a long time after it's all done imo. But you're right, maybe a separate thread should be made.
  2. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I'm not saying you can use 3 emp for a entire instance but i think it should be looked into and balanced properly. Also I really do think another thread needs to be made to talk about things like ramp up times, things like the 3 emp set up, sustained dps and a few other issues so things get done right before its to late.
  3. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I know that but i think it throws things off when you try to balance other powers and don't even get me started on ice. Plain and simple ice needs a nerf. its just to easy and takes no skill. For the amount of effort and ease of use it takes to do I think it did the correct dps before the AM got buffed.
  4. zCaution Well-Known Player

    lmfao so true but i dont see anyway to balance the powers unless making them hit softer on adds and harder on bosses, vice versa. or like nature. the dots increase over time or the more adds your dots on determine the damage. lol idk just throwing stuff out
  5. Ekaterina Committed Player

    High risk high reward nothing is wrong with short cuts not to mention gadgets had it for awhile now.
  6. Tunso Developer

    That's not a bug, that's the way Menace has been for about three years. Only the main target hits for full damage. Others nearby take trivial damage but all are potentially affected by Fear effects.
  7. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I think AM damage is ok but they all need a decent setup time with no exceptions (3 emps) cause that it what messes with the balance, or if you going to have those short cuts and do exceptionally well there should be a trade off like say the power is amazing melee or mid but very week at full range. That would give powers like electric and nature a chance to even out on the bosses. Its a tuff call cause of how things are now it would take a good sit down with the devs to straighten this stuff out but imo its all easy stuff.
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  8. zCaution Well-Known Player

    i have a suggestion. can mentals PIs be used while being controlled like gadgets? it makes using the shortcuts more reliable and makes for a little balance with gadgets vs mental or make the PI window bigger? like 3secs inbetween each power before you lose the big hit
  9. Aspar Agus Well-Known Player

    But he didn't even get the normal Menace damage on his main target. 3 dummies, 3 Menace hits, all 3 are less than 100.
  10. Fies Committed Player

    For nature and elec I have high hopes when weapon midrange update is done which could easily add the missing burst (look at melee combo update like 1-h or ma for example) If done right ofc. Sry for OT.
  11. Tunso Developer

    I'm not able to repro that result. I'm always getting a max damage hit. I imagine if you didn't have a "main" target at the time the ability looked for your target, you'd only get the trivial damage. I'm not sure what edge cases can do that accidentally but I'm sure they exist. This is purely a "flavor" feature so the best I can do is to make it like every other weapon ability and have it damage a single target only.

    Either way though, this ability isn't part of the AM and there are no viable DPS AM raid loadouts I'm aware of that include it. So discussion about what to do with this ability if you're unhappy with it, should be moved to the other thread.
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  12. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Menace is the main 6th power on live. Nets more damage than Pyro. Actually, the pyro changes on test still don't out do it from the little I was testing.
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  13. Tunso Developer

    We're not talking about live in this thread. What loadout/rotation are you using on Test server that includes Menace and where swapping out to Pyro would not be a better option? The only one I could imagine would be a situational single-target loadout, which is fair but generally if it's not AOE, it's considered "useless" by the community at large.
  14. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Normally one of the Menace ticks does do full damage, but it seems that if Menace procs with an AM-empowered Mass Terror/Mass Levitation then you do not get the full damage tick. I do have a video of how to reproduce this. Sorry if it's not super relevant anymore with the Grandeur changes. Just trying to help.

    Edit: If you go fullscreen on the video and pause after the 9 sec mark you can see that Menace hits for 37, 89, 37 on the 3 Sparring Target set.
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  15. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    You're right, I was referring to both, but mostly talking about live. I had written down my average over 30 parses and mis read the info before I posted. Pyro nets more damage on test. My mistake.
  16. JimsArcade Well-Known Player

    Live Test
    Power = Mental
    CR = 126
    Might = 10426
    Enemies = the 3 sparring dummies in the league hall
    Test = 200 seconds of continuous damage, split into twenty 10 second intervals in the parser
    Damage goals: 35500 / 30000 / 25500 : melee / mid-range / long-range

    Mass Terror
    Rotation: Psychic Resonance cw/ Grandeur, Mass Terror, { [Telekinetic Bolt, Psychic Shock, Phantom Flames, Mass Terror] x4, Telekinetic Bolt** cw/ Grandeur, Mass Terror }*
    Melee average: 38072, 7.24% above target
    Mid-range average: 29524, 1.59% below target

    Mass Levitation
    Rotation: Psychic Resonance cw/ Grandeur, Mass Levitation, { [Telekinetic Bolt, Psychic Shock, Phantom Flames, Mass Levitation] x4, Telekinetic Bolt** cw/ Grandeur, Mass Levitation }*
    Mid-range average: 28743, 4.19% below target
    Long-range average: 24919, 2.28% below target

    These are my first tests with the new shortcuts. Mass Terror/Levitation always performed better with Grandeur than with Invisibility for me. (Again, this my be my lack of familiarity with Mental's powers.) I'm not sure if these are the optimal rotations, but they were the best I could come up with so far.

    Anyway, as others have shown before, Mass Terror's melee damage is a bit too high. The rest of the results may or may not be OK depending on how well my rotations can be improved.


    * Repeat rotation within { } indefinitely
    ** I did a quick retest replacing Telekinetic Bolt with Psychic Shock in this part of the rotation and saw a slight increase in damage. I may repost numbers if they wind up being significant in other situations.
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  17. mexmex Dedicated Player

    Hey tunso can se please add a few more options to the AM, the shortcut seems great but no so much if we wont have any power regen out of it, I have a doubt, if we use invisibility are we going to be able to hit more than 1 power without breaking out of invisibility? I m totally agree with the replacement of RP since its totally useless in pvp or pve as it is, there should be a lot options to change for it, lije the circe movement of teleportation and Being able to replicate its self as an ilusión, its a classic power for all the heros with mental abilities circe grodd dr psicho etc, i know you will make all mentalist really happy with it, well at least to most of us. Thank you
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  18. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    As it is now, the loadout for DPS is almost set in stone. There is no room for variety, adding a shortcut will cement that.
  19. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    So come the update, Menace will be pointless ?

    So we'll kind of have to use Invis or Grandeur as our 6th spot, and that's that ?

    When would anyone use Pyro then ?

    I'm lost.
  20. Absolix Loyal Player

    You can still use Menace from invisibility for some free extra damage,

    Pyro's damage also got increased to make it a third option in comparison to Invisibility and Grandeur. If you get into some of the stuff with Invisibility, there are even more, albeit riskier options.
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