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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Tunso, Dec 4, 2015.

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  1. TestReporter Loyal Player

    I know, but actually, that is a "risk benefit" only gadgets and mental have, with that loadout, the damage is higher than the 25/30/35k
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  2. Fies Committed Player

    Also dont forget that besides high risk neither gadgets nor mental can use an all-range-loadout while having a shortcut equipped.
    Even with no shortcut equipped both lack an utility/SC slot if going for an all-range-loadout. Putting PsyRes into stealth would be the only option to run an all-range-loadout with a shortcut but that again leaves you with only 1 shortcut (instead of 2) as well as high risk.
    Balanced enough imo. Other powers with all-range/universal loadouts that only require 4-5 slots would profit way more from a shortcut than gadgets and mental.
  3. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    Most people go midrange, every dps I see uses Midrange-Melee, I have not seen one person in weeks maybe a month or 2 using a range loadout.
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  4. Fies Committed Player

    Ofc cant deny it. But nontheless the question should also be what content powers get balanced around. Imo it should be hardest content like sm (or even BDe when it dropped) where having an all-range-loadout is an advantage. Also content design might change anytime in the future.
    Again I cant really deny that mid-range-burst is advantageous /meta in recent "ordinary" content but its still not like there wouldnt be any tradeoff for gadgets/mental using shortcuts at all. Some other powers would profit more by having one.
  5. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    This is a great idea and would really help with overall balance. This needs to be brought to the devs attention.
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  6. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Well if that's the case then they just need to reduce the damage output then.

    I'd rather have the damage lowered than the option removed, Mental is cookie cutter as far as they go imo.
  7. Greenman_x Steadfast Player


    I feel bad already when I run duos/alerts with any Nature/Electric/HL guys who need a little setup time before they reach full damage potential, to the point where I just don't do damage for a few seconds. Adding a shortcut for a free shot will only hurt that. Forcing both Mental and Gadgets to perform a 1-2-3-4 before the shortcut isn't an issue for me.

    My question to you is how do you determine when the 1-2-3-4 starts/stops? As in, if I get knocked back, would I be able to use my shortcut or would I have to restart my rotation again to get my shortcut?
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  8. TRELL1 Well-Known Player

    Should prob get a separate thread for the discussion that's been happening the last few posts, but I'd like to see PvE getting a PvP type change where AM/WM are nerfed and weapon clipping/PI are made viable. As far as the specific conversation happening here, I always feel like these talks come from an idea that DPS should be balanced around adds, which I think is silly.
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  9. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    The easiest way would to be only have "shortcuts" available once the AM is already going. That would eliminate you from using it if you got interrupted and that's kinda a bummer but it would still be very viable cause it's not hard to chain those together after you get rolling. That would solve the setup time thing and still keep the "shortcuts". I'm not sure on the devs limitations so it's hard to really get creative with it.
  10. Fies Committed Player

    IF anything suggested is done to the shortcut then each part of the AM/PI should qualify for having it available.
    Maybe its better to reconsider possible further adjustments (regarding each powers individualities - there are more than just "burst") once mid-range-update is completed for all powers anyways.
  11. Rival Ops Level 30

    So I guess ur the thread police? Your response has nothing to do with what I asked Tunso to look into.
  12. Rival Ops Level 30

    What is the point of plotting to nerf the shortcuts? It doesn't matter if you can start with it or 1234 with it. The powers are not created equally face it. In the DC Universe the prowess of the heroes are not equal! Green Arrow cannot drop the same amount of damage as Superman but he can contribute to the fight agreed? So why do you guys make a career out of ruining the game by coming on the forum with your lame brain ideas about balance when all you truly care about is the score board.

    Choose a power you like and master it. If ur DPS sucks save up ur loyalties or drop 10 bux and buy a power respec. If your dps still sucks use a Flex/Nitro soder or Compound omega and get your skill points up. Look at how long Gadgets had its shortcut, and now its a problem? The funny thing is that the Devs didn't even finish all the Mid Upgrades and weapons revamp. How do you know what they have in store for those long build up powers? Doesn't matter though because nerfing Gadgets and Mental will solve all your score board chasing problems.

    Devs, I promise you, get rid of the scoreboard and watch the nonsense stop. Save yourselves from the drama because as long as it is in place the population with gripe every time they get out DPSed by someone with more SP or using a buff soda.
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  13. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    You have truly Hit the Nail on the Head with this one. Score Card is Really What keeps players for feeling like thay have accomplished something. It Does NOTHING but Make certain players Feel like they are Top Dog. I say So What You sure as Hell didnt Finish the Raid Alone and Without Help.

    Yea KILL the Blasted ScoreCard and the game with (Possibly) find some Peace...Until Something new Comes along
  14. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Timers, Timers everywhere - you pop Resonance, go through your first damage cycle - > payoff MT, then afterwards maybe a 10 second grace period for the shortcut or 'if your Resonance cycle is still active after being hit, you're qualified for shortcut'.

    That would encourage the Granduer shortcut to be kept as a defensive response cycle re-establishment maneuver, instead of just 'I can use my shield move to get extra instant damage'.
  15. Sore Steadfast Player

    I'm a little lost on how the idea of a "shortcut" emerges. Is it about jump starting damage? That seems in response to Fire/Ice and their instant setup. Is it about being interrupted? Because I'm not sure an Instant AM mechanic vs. losing it all is apples-to-apples with what happens when a 6 tap DW compound AM gets blocked or when HL, Celestial or Quantum gets interrupted. Sometimes I wonder if all this keeps going back to a comparison to Ice. At the end of the day, I think it's just about variety. I don't really care about interrupts. I think it's style. Let Quantum, Munitions and Atomic have 1234. Mental and Gadgets should be your 123454 powers. That's good enough for me. More reasonable than 541234.
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  16. Fies Committed Player

    Its probably really about having options/variety - at the cost of "balance". Is it worth to sacrifce a certain degree of balance in order to retain variety? Probably imo especially since the degree of balance being demanded by some basically requires every power to play the same or being just a recolor. "Fun" and variety vs. absolute balance? I go with the first tbh also bc this isnt really a competitive game in the first place. Imo its reasonable to allow as many options as possible while hitting the baselines in this regard.
    All powers hitting around baselines 35.5/30/25 k dps over the course of 30+seconds is what the outcome of midrange-adjustments will be and it should have been expected to be like that. No more no less- with every power getting there differently.
    Thats more balance than before and probably all we might ever get since efforts would just get to big especially since it will also be close to impossible to please everyone- this thread alone kind of approves of it.
  17. Absolix Loyal Player

    A few things.

    You posted about a supposed problem on live in a thread about an update on test. That is off-topic, and not what thread is about. Being off-topic is against the terms of use and service of forums.

    Resonance works the way it is supposed to on live. It just works differently than Gadgets in that you need to hit one of the Mass powers to refresh the duration of the power back, not any power that triggers power back like Gadgets. I informed you of this in my last reply to you, but for whatever reason you didn't get it in that reply.

    The update on test actually works more similarly to Gadgets, and gives much more leeway for interruptions.

    Lastly, when replying to someone it is useful to use the reply button found at the bottom right of the post you wish to reply to. If merely clicking it is not working, try right clicking and opening in a new tab
    This is a thread meant for
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  18. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    Off topic with mental, oops, but what if Nature were to have a shortcut? This will work mainly in human form.

    I'm not familiar with Electric but what if Natures short cut were to be when encountering a boss or mob you activate Voracious Plants then Harvest straight after getting high surprise damage. Thorn sheild may swap with Harvest at Melee.

    Just an idea that struck me.
  19. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    If all powers did around the same overall dps thats a good start but would still be pretty unbalanced cause of setup times. If we want to get the powers a bit closer to balance the setup times need to be put in check and thats not big deal its easy to change a few things so that all the powers have around a 3 power set up.

    My vote is mental/gadgets shortcuts are only available once the AM is already rolling. If they did that thats half the battle right there and then they just need to hit a few other powers and we'd be all good.

    If the devs are giving us the chance to help balance the powers we should at least do it right. Also with the 3emp setup gadgets is out preforming the tunso tests but all the people who wanted to be OP prob let that slip and thats not the kind of help or thing we need going on here, but don't worry i'm back playing so ill be testing everything to. Funs over the fun police are here haha ;)
  20. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Coming from a decidated gadgets dps, I Agree with this.

    But I forsee a problem..

    And that's due to the way invisblity and stealth shortcuts work with a long cooldown.
    Because stealth/invisblity is a shortcut with a long cooldown, and if you go with the max damage loadout.you have to put battle display/Physic reasonance in stealth/invisiblity, so in short: So Mental and gadgets players would have to make due with wasting Stealth and invisblity if this is implemented like you said.

    Unless I'm misinterpeting it somehow.

    Because from your example:

    We would have to: Go PR/BD from stealth/invisblity.

    Exit stealth invisblity.
    (Can't access shortcut yet and stealth and invisblity will be on cooldown)

    So we go 3 PI route into MT/EMP and then use Grandeur/Distract into EMP.

    And wait for stealth and invisblity to come off of CD before we use it again.

    Not disagreeing with the idea, I just don't know how the stealth and invisblity issue would be dealt with.
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