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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Tunso, Dec 4, 2015.

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  1. Tunso Developer

    Mental Powers have been updated as follows. Please use this thread to report your feedback and bugs.

    • Mass Terror: Increased damage at mid range and causes further increased damage within 7m of your target.
    • Mass Levitation: Increased damage at long range and causes further increased damage within 13m of your target.
    • Horrific Visage: Increased base damage
    • Phantom Flames: Increased base and power interaction damage
    • Terror Tendrils: Increased base damage
    • Psychic Shock: Increased base and power interaction damage
    • Terrorize: Increased base damage and increased low health bonus damage, scaling with range
    • Cryokinesis: Increased base and power interaction damage
    • Pyrokinesis: The additional DoT damage applied when your target is Dazed or Helpless now also applies when you have Psychic Resonance
    • Telekinetic Bolt: Increased base and power interaction damage
    • Telekinetic Push: Increased base and power interaction damage
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  2. TRELL1 Well-Known Player

    Hey Tunso is it possible to add additional powers into the AM?

    I know this wasn't possible last go around for mental, but recently there has been changes to the game that were denied before so I figured I'd ask anyway

    Thanks for the future response.
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  3. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    Are Horrific Visage, Cryokinesis, Pyrokinesis and Terror Tendrils part of the AM now?

    I'd like to see that for more variable loadouts.

    Edit: Why is Mass Hysteria still a 100% SC? It should be reduced to 50% now with the range updates. Also, I think thought Bubble and Telekinesis can be part of the AM also if possible. Thought bubbles ok because it's useful in Controller role, but Telekinesis is useless once people figure Terror Tendrils are way better for Controllers. Terror Tendrils have also a nice animation.
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  4. Absolix Loyal Player

    To your first question, no.

    The damage of Horrific Visage, Cryokinesis, and Terror Tendrils has been increased like how various powers in other updates have been increased.

    Pyro has it's additional DoT triggerable by having Resonance active in addition to either hitting enemies that are Dazed or Terrified.

    Thought Bubble is typically frowned upon in Control Role as encasements prevent most forms of damage from hitting the encased enemies until they are broken. Plus they have a tendency of bouncing the encased enemy around.
  5. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Guys, all the P.I.'s that they have dont really mesh together save for a few. Gadgets was just better designed.

    Terror/Panic, Electrified, Burning, Dazed.
    Crushed wont fit in.
    Horrific Visage doesn't apply a PI and still isnt worth damage use but looks good for a possible battle troll loadout.
    Terror Tendrils would make the most sense tbh.
    Cryo=Weapon Mastery
    Pyrokinesis= old mass terror just with the resonance tag

    Also, no notes on AM damage for trolls. ;)

    Id vouch for bolt barrage to extend the AM or to do increased damage while resonance is up, just for variety sake.
    Mass Hysteria.. yeah. That's not worth the 100% though it's useful for Weapon Mastery.
    Terrorize is alright.
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  6. Absolix Loyal Player

    Stasis Field and Thought Bubble are the same power, save the animations. They even used to overwrite each other before DoT stacking was improved. That is why that power in particular is one of the most requested.

    It is not just power interactions. Gadgets has DoTs as options to use to setup, a jump cancellable channeled power, or standard burst powers. Mental only has the last option.

    Gadgets has 3 options that all interact with the AM for it's last loadout slot, Distract, Stealth, and Intimidation, and clear best choices, Menace for Mass Terror and Pyro for Mass Lev. There is even identical powers in Grandeur and Invisibility to Gadgets' Distract and Stealth. The only difference to those is that Invisibilty's surprise attack is still a cast bar power.

    Terror Tendrils is likely to never have anything to do with the AM as long as it doesn't split. Is there a reason that hasn't been fixed? We were told that would be fixed whenever they put the AM in, but it still doesn't split.

    Most understand that Mental is not Gadgets and will likely never have the same options as it, but there seem to be some obvious choices, the most obvious being Thought Bubble, for possible additions that would give some choice and variety to the amplifiers. Horrific Visage could be another possible addition, especially if they added a DoT, and they could replace Reflect Pain with something like a jump cancelable channelled power or anything useful for that matter.

    Most would likely be willing to wait if it meant more time to finally get a more interesting AM. The Mental community isn't exactly up in arms about not having the mid-range yet.
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  7. TestReporter Loyal Player

    I'm 95% sure that mental will be the FoTM power, gotta do some testing, but before this damage increase it was already a OP power...
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  8. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    I understand man. But I highly doubt anything else will be done for Mental. Im hoping Im wrong.

    And I agree but it's already extremely strong...
    It's gotta get nerfed before anything is done because it's already too strong right now
  9. Xibo Loyal Player

    I also think the same: Mass Hysteria should be 50% SC instead of 100%.
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  10. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    It just seams like so many abilities aren't used to their full potential, or not used at all pass lol 30, whilst some abilities do the same things in support role, yet one is better then the other by far.

    The damage increases on non AM Abilities is questionable why?

    If not done now, I hope these abilities are given the AM in the future.

    Telekinesis is useless, compared to Terror Tendrils

    Thought Bubble is inferior to Phantom Flamrs, both have the same mechanics in Control role, but as Absalox said TB is looked down. At least given the AM its usefulness is increased and variety is added.
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  11. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    With the amount of damage it does in relation to, say, Grand summoning, it should be a 35%er. You actually lose about 4k DPS for keeping it in your load out vs Menace (which is a totally free power with no buildup time)

    Change it to 50% and buff the damage significantly or drop it to 35%. This should have been the first fix.
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  12. E Clip Dedicated Player

    Telekinesis has many disadvantages to TT, but it has one advantage: its Mental's only hard stun. Sometimes it can be useful like in LW when you want to help the tank and prevent him from pulling the special add.

    I wouldnt mind if TK is modified a bit, but I'd prefer if the stun remained unchanged
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  13. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    I haven't been on to test yet (downloading now), but from reading the notes, it appears that nothing changed aside from the damage on some powers. I get that this entire goal is just midrange balance, but after all the issues we had the first go around (about 70 pages worth mind you) with most feedback talking specifically about the lack of options within the AM (including time between power casts, powers used within the AM and inability to use any weapon attack besides quick taps) you'd figure we'd see some change.

    Again, I'm downloading now, but my initial reaction is pretty much the same as last time. I see no reason why Gadgets got such a better AM. I don't want to hear the same thing as last time about how it was just designed better, most powers and the AM in general are played/used the same.
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  14. E Clip Dedicated Player

    But what would that ultimately change man? Sure by adding TB and Terrorize to the AM enables a strong single target rotation, but you're still doing 1-2-3-4 ... Adding more time between powers will help with interrupts sure, but I dont expect that change to bring variety of loadouts because of how strong the finishers are, so most likely any delay between the finishers will result in a net loss in damage.

    I believe that in order to make the AM more interesting play wise, the execution of the AM needs to change, but seeing that this is just a mid range pass, perhaps that is for another discussion.
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  15. Grvv Redwig Well-Known Player

    Hello Tunso , Im not going to ask for any major changes here given you have other things to do.
    Sorry I'm actually not able to test the power as I'm serving on a ship.
    But all I ask is you increase the base damage from sleep and ambush .From a pvp point of the attacks hit for very little damage(400-600 pull 100 pvp), even harley and Catwoman's stealth moves hit some where around the 1k mark.So please consider making this minor adjustment. Thanks and please look into the ideas of us passionate mental players.
  16. Gameongabe New Player

    Tunso is it possible to see Mass Hysteria dropped from being a 100% SC to a 50%?
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  17. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    Well, this was the final nail in the coffin for me. I had already deleted the game recently, and was only going to return if Mental had a proper update. It's really unfortunate. "We increased the base damage of all the powers you can't use because they aren't part of the AM". Totally ridiculous and an absolute letdown.

  18. Lantern Azure Black Committed Player

    Would love for Mental to have extended time to go from power to power during the AM because when I get countered...I have to start my AM rotation all over again 95% of the time. REALLY annoying.

    OH! Just an idea...Any chance that Mental could get extended time between the third AM power and Mass Terror/Mass Levitation? Like maybe 10 seconds? This is so Mental can activate it's "BIG HIT" at the start of a new mob of adds when timed correctly of course. Mental has really zero options to get it's "BIG HIT" instantly. This would be nice. Just my idea though.

    Gadgets can use Distract or whatever it's called and go right into EMP/Sleep Dart. Would be nice if Mental can do Mass Terror/Mass Levitation at the beginning of a mob like Gadgets.
  19. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Okay, so before this thread gets derailed from what it is (about balance) lets get on that topic. We can discuss changes in another thread that I'll throw up and link in here at some point.

    Let's get on track to the physical damage. Has anyone gotten to test it yet?
  20. Lantern Azure Black Committed Player

    Just to add onto the idea of extended time between the third power and Mass Terror/Levitation...would make Mental very interesting to use in PvP. For example...

    After doing Resonance, 1-2-3...deciding to use the "BIG HIT" becomes a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors if it were to get an extended window.
    Should I...
    1. Do a few combos, block to counter the opponents' melee, then follow up with Mass Terror/Levitation?
    2. Do a few combos, hold range to block break the opponent, then follow up with Mass Terror/Levitation?
    3. Risk using Mass Terror/Levitation right away and potentially getting countered myself and getting ZERO damage from my attack?

    I'm sure you get the idea. LOL! I really think giving Mental an extended window of time between it's third power and Mass Terror/Levitation during the AM could be really nice.
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