Mental loadout?

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Cherry lain, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Cherry lain New Player

    hello, I'm an old member of DC but new to trolling. I have never used Mental! I need a decent loadout for trolling, i.e. to the iconics as well.

    I'm currently using the bow.
    •DP, Shield, 1H are already filled for the +Vit/might trees.
  2. NatureSilence New Player

    only thing I will suggest is to not use the bubble debuff use phantom flames instead
  3. X-zero Loyal Player

    You need a burst power move and since there is only one put for each controlling class put "Psychic Empowerment" in a slot
    You need a power over time move Telekinesis or Terror Tendrils. Either is fine
    Phantom Flames for a defense debuff. There is another one but this is easier to use starting off.
    Word of Power for a super charge from the iconics. And the other two your choice.

    Other things to consider getting: A shield, pull moves, or other debuffs(damage or healing)
  4. Owl Loyal Player

    Mental Controller Sample loadout:
    • Terror Tendrils or Telekinesis: Power Over Time
    • Psychic Empowerment: Instant Group Power Burst
    • Word of Power or Speed Drain: Group Power Supercharge
    • Phantom Flames or Thought Bubble: Defense Debuff
    • Debuff or Crowd Control Power
    • Utility Power
    Possible Crowd Control or Utility Powers to Spec into:
    • Movement Tree Pull Power: Low Pressure, Tornado Pull, Grapple Line Attack
    • Movement Tree CC Powers: High Pressure, Downdraft Attack, Throwing Knives
    • Damage Prevention Shield: Grandeur or Telekinetic Shield
    • Healing Debuff: Horrific Visage or Pyrokinesis
    • Damage Debuff: Terrorize or Cryokinesis
    • Mass Terror: Stuns multiple opponents
    • Iconic CC Powers: Sonic Cry, Batarang Multi-Shot, Gag Glove
    It is helpful to spec into multiple Movement Tree powers to give you additional loadout options without using Power Points
    • Each movement tree has a Pull power
    • Flight has multiple Crowd Control powers
    • SuperSpeed has Speed Drain as a Group Power Supercharge
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  5. Willydon305 New Player

    Psychic Blades, grandeur, phantom flames, thought bubble, psychic empowerment, WOP.. FOS 2 and Ven I swap phantom flames for WW lasso, in prime I swap thought bubble for healing debuff....
  6. sr8outta209 New Player

    I am fairly new to DCUO but I am starting to get the grasp on the trolling thing with my first character.. What I use now is:

    Tendrils, Pyrokinesis, Menace, Psychic Empowerment, Bastion, Thought Bubble. What I like to do is use Thought Bubble on a enemy to get them trapped, then use Pyrokinesis to blow them up and do a lot of damage/stun everyone around them. I might use Word of Power instead of Bastion, never tried it though.. Are there any advantages/disadvantages of using Word of Power over Bastion?
  7. NatureSilence New Player

    word of power restores more power and to the group as well
  8. Femto New Player

    I use Horrific Visage , Cyrokinesis , Psychic Resonance , Telekinesis, Psychic Empowerment and Speed Drain , Lacks a defense debuff but makes up in complete crowd control and great damage .. No greater feeling then turning a crowd into ghosts , root, knock down, freeze then blowing them all up .
  9. this_25 New Player

    My mental controller loadout is,
    TK for Power over Time (also will pick up boxes etc. for damage)
    Phantom Flames for defense dbuff
    Psyc Empowerment for Power Recharge
    Terroize for damage out dbuff
    Pyrokenesis for healing dbuff (Mostly used for prime and anytime that a boss has healers) I use it cause does decent damage
    Word of Power super charge , you can find it in the iconic powers
    I also use Wisdom of Soloman, and sorry forgot the name of it but the + 25 Dom power
    I dont recommend using thought bubble for defense dbuff it blocks incoming damage from DPS's
    Make sure to get all of the Cunnings that is you're critical power magnitudes
  10. Sykosomatic New Player

    Power tendrils (psychic blades)
    Horrific visage
    Word of power
    Mass terror
    Psychic empowerment
    Thought bubble

  11. BrotherMutant New Player

    WoP is fine but the animation is LONg so make sure to clip it by casting trinket/soda or psychic empowerment right after. And don't rely on its heal, its pretty lame. Bastion is a fine choice too as it is a team of 8 bubble that can help when someone needs to be rezzed, or healer(s) having a hard time getting everyone up to full, or if you just want to make sure the ALPHA strike from a big group does not hit as hard. Up to you really.
  12. BrotherMutant New Player

    Only partly true, the rolling balls though piss off many. The damage from weapon attacks gets soaked by the bubble till it pops, BUT Power Damage (i.e. the yellow numbers) goes thro just fine IIRC.
  13. Greenman_x Devoted Player

    My personal loadout is:

    Tendrils - Phantom Flames - Mass Terror - Menace - Word of Power - Empowerment

    - Tendrils is your POT and mass stun (Great when your low on power and something is in need of CC'ing)
    - Phantom Flames is a GROUP defense debuff and great stun on multiple targets that also hits for a decent amount
    - Mass Terror is a group (8 man) CC move that stuns and panics enemies and also puts out good damage while setting up the terror PI
    - Menace is my "filler" power that I use for a little extra damage as well as for clipping purposes
    - Word of Power is a 50% supercharge that gives 5 ticks of power (based on your Vit) back to the entire group...Awesome for when youre in a bind or just wanna put a little extra burn on
    - Empowerment is your instant power for the lowest 3 members that also gives you a slight damage boost...Also great for clipping purposes

    This is my favorite loadout to run because it gives you a little bit of everything...Lets you do your power out thing, while also putting out pretty good damage (you get more damage with Thought bubble, but you will interfere with DPS's a lot)
  14. BrotherMutant New Player

    Not to switch from your mental OP, but I find ALL troller types to be the most forgiving when you want to experiment with a powerset or Iconics. All any team really asks of trollers is the PoT, the power dump and MAYBE a -defense and/or -heal debuff. That leaves you with 2-3 powers in your tray that you can do with as you please. SOOO fun being a troller, I love it more than my elec healer and he is pretty sweet.
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  15. Greenman_x Devoted Player

    People dont like it because theres "too much to do" and thats precisely why I like it...Theres no real cookie cutter build like there is for DPS

    Multiple ways to play (Power battery, CC heavy, damaging, etc), multiple slots to mess around with...Thats why its so much fun
  16. ConBust New Player

  17. Greenman_x Devoted Player

    Same as the "POT" controller...from what I see you were doing your job, the troll who isn't doing POT should be roughly half of the One who is

    As long as you're putting out instant power, debuffing and putting out support damage you're doing your job
  18. CTEN New Player

    Thought Bubble
    Psychic Resonance
    Psychic Empowerment
    Speed Drain

    Commonly heard during raids:
    "Why is the troller leading in DPS?"
    "Why is the Troller second in DPS?"
    "You DPS sucks, the troller is beating you"
    "Do we even need a second troller?"
    "I have barely lost any power"
    "CTEN, will you solo troll?"
    "CTEN is AWESOME!"
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  19. Dead Biarrow New Player

    I play controller like a dps because this is an alternate character. What I mean is I provide POT but then I use the bubble for crowd control and telekinesis (POT). When I play controller I am constantly switching Mob targets like a dps. This allows me to use bubble on two mobs, use telekinesis on another which throws my trapped bubble mobs into him. I spam the bubble especially when the mobs are more then 4 and then use telekinesis to help teammates by suspending other Mobs it debuffs the mobs defense. Also, by trapping Mobs the team can focus on the stronger mobs and my bubbles do damage to the trapped mobs and I end up actually out dpsing many players and still give a lot of power. It keeps the team alive and we get done fairly quickly. Especially when we have a good healer. Note: I also use sidekick for extra damage and it just one less button I have to worry about. I focus on POT, Defense Debuff, Crowd Control, and Instant Power (don't use usually unless in boss fight same goes for my supercharge). I also focus on using my bow for a quick way to get my power replenished. This is the best loadout that works for me never have a complaint. Just so you know this is a Mental Controller. Load out is as follows: Sidekick, Telekinesis, Bubble, Shield (Very Useful for boss fights especially when the healer is not good and regular gameplay), Word of Power, Instant Power. Then I have my trinket. These are the only moves I have just enough to fill my loadout the rest of my powerpoints go into increasing vitalization, dominance, weaponization, and critical attacks. This is for PVE if I PVPed my loadout would change. I highly recommend this loadout and this style of gameplay your team will thank you as you will be more of a contributing member of your team then if you just sat back and spammed instant power.
  20. Dead Biarrow New Player

    This works in alerts the best but in Raids it works as well I just use my instant power if I'm the lower troll and defense debuffs and use my weapon more. It would be optimal to have another debuff but I'm not wasting 3 of my powerpoints to get another debuff when this loadout works so well.

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