Mental is broken

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by TheLandBender, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. TheLandBender New Player

    They nerfed my power electiricity but they broke mental its so Over Powered no one can stand a change againts mental its godly.You will just sit and wait mental to kill you too much damage stun can be invisible...They broke the game again.
  2. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    "they broke the game again"

    Because mental is FoTM in PvP?
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  3. LordDarthMagneto New Player

    pvp is broken, quit crying about a specific power.
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  4. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    I had trouble trying to comprehend what hes trying to say?
  5. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    I'm guessing he hates Mental players on PvP? Yup, I agree the stuns and spamming gets old fast.
  6. cross out Well-Known Player

    I get so tired of PvP messing up the rest of the game. Are they not able to fix powers in PvP without SCREWING up pve.
  7. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    What exactly was done to PvP that screwed up PvE? Elaborate.
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  8. Mercenary Checkmate New Player

    Back in the day Clown Box, Polymorph, Ghost and Whirling Dervish got nerfed because of PvP and people got mad. They were broken powers, though.
  9. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    That was years ago, I'm referring to now. For the most part they keep PvP and PvE separate
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  10. cross out Well-Known Player

    Seems like when they complain about fire tanks self heal enough it gets screwed with and tanking pve becomes a pain.
  11. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    if pvp was actually...something...but its not...winning and watching other random duels in the watchtower is a better way of judging someones skill than pvp ever was
  12. BestPlayerAfrica Well-Known Player

    héhéhé you what is even moar broken than mental ? dog form
  13. Pop a Trinket dey sweatin Dedicated Player

    Mental can be beaten, but I agree it is broken....and annoying as hell.

    They just keep spamming that pink crap and you can’t do anything.

    Use your shields. Use powers that have control resistance and use your trinket.

    Mental players pushing you off the nodes and you not being able to do anything about it makes you want to break your controller. Using your skills and control resistance abilities and shoving their pink crap up their backside is oh so rewarding.
  14. Emerald Vibe Committed Player

    3 dps on 1 atomic tank and we couldn't beat him, yup pvp is broken and mental is fotm pvp power, just play legends if you are trying to acquire marks
  15. Knarlydude Dedicated Player

    You need to get your mind out of the derpity DPS beats everything mode first of all. In PVP most DPS are Paper Tigers and nothing more. The 3 DiPs is why you could not beat them. What you ran against was probably a well rounded group with a healer & controller. You just cannot beat a good controller, tank & healer with a group mediocre or bad DPS.

    Wait until you meat (I said MEAT....because that is what you usually get turned into....LOL ) the group of gadgets spamming mines in groups of 3 & 4 or the group with a couple water healers. Then you'll be complaining about them too. xD Star thinking Rock, Paper, Scissors. PVP is not as broke as you think it is. You're just refusing to change from DPS/Tank only mentality.

    I Q'd into arenas once not long ago as a PVE geared earth tank with 3 gadgets and we melted everyone. I did not use jackhammer one time either. I spec'd my stats right and tanked with my little Jr while the other three were melting everyone. xD all the other team was doing was pew pew pew pew. The guys on the other team were good too because I have went against them many times with other characters. They just refused to change and we kept doing what was working. Knock down and or pull.....mines blow up they be dead...xD rinse & repeat xD...... AT first I was like why are they camping over there..... I went and saw they were having a big brawl and I just jumped the middle....The rest is history. I knocked down or pulled and they turned them into meat. Who cares who gets the most damage if you can leed the cattle to the slaughter. nom nom nom LOL. JK Just remember that PVP has more than pew pew pew now. Just try to ignore the spammers. Those guys still want pewpewpew back.
  16. JKwak Well-Known Player

    wow another power XYZ is broken thread.
    we should really concentrate on what power is not broken.....
    and the only unbroken power is....

    ok they are all broken, sorry ;)

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