Mental dps loadouts

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  1. Rebel230 Well-Known Player


    I was wondering if the current meta for mental dps is also a mid to melee ranged build like rage, earth, gadgets, atomic etc? I have been trying to find a solid ranged spec since returning.

    Either way I would appreciate what is currently considered the best LO for DPS and if its mid to melee, is there a more mid to ranged variant that is strong?

    TYVM for any help.
  2. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    Nobody still plays mental?
  3. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    PM Vagrant. He used to be big with mental.
  4. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    sad isn't it?
  5. Isif Committed Player

    Mental but Weapons Expert. Underdog all the way.
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  6. E Clip Dedicated Player

    As Fatal said, check out Vagrant's channel on youtube and ObsidianChill's channel, he released a Mental video yesterday which is a slight upgrade over Vagrant's loadout and rotation.

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  7. Jensu Well-Known Player

    you are wrong there, my main is a mental, and i love the power
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  8. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    I have no idea what's considered best. I can say I'm consistently out DPSing players who have many more SP than I do. I use a mid-range build, Psychic Prison, Thought Bubble, Pyrokinesis, Phantom Flames, TK Push, Invis.>> Sleep, Pain Blast, Reflect Pain, Bolt Barrage, Bastion, Return to Normal.

    The rotation begins with Psychic Prison, clipped with invis, sleep x2 Pain Blast, Thought Bubble, Renew Prison, Pyrokinesis, Phantom Flames, TK Push spam until you restart. You can jump cancel all the animations and make it go pretty fast, too. The only thing is you need to watch your power, so sometimes I will stop the rotation without going into Pyro/Phantom, if it will just be waste on a shorter fight.

    Thought bubble and Sleep both Daze, PyroKin and Pain Blast both put Terror on Dazed enemies. This does not remove the Daze though, so you still get the bonus damage to TK Push. In my experience TK push is far better than Psychic Shock. If you need to stay full range the LO still works kinda ok, but you miss out on the best powers, Prison and Pain Blast.

    Tried Vagrant's, hated it. Normally I love his stuff, but yeah. Also, anyone claiming the best numbers come from imitating Black Canary is either hallucinating, or making things up.
  9. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    curious if any other mental users are experiencing cool down issues with terror tendrils. its been "redding out" on me with great frequency of late during combat. won't let me cast it. i would consider "general lag" as the culprit but all of my other powers function normally (except for those that still double cast).

    as much as i hate whats been done with mental i have grudgingly found a few loadouts that seem to work but i'm constantly tweaking them. besides the cooldown issue with tendrils invisibility is its usual fickle self. i'm registering zero damage at point blank range at times, range issues, snapping back into visibility right away and lagging for a second or two unable to do anything while. its a horrible one-to punch.

    i've been keeping records. at this point its a question of sifting through several hours worth of video to snip everything together and then uploading it to youtube.

    heres one of my fun "wtf" mental moments courtesy of betty 52 (wilders little sister.)

  10. Enigma CCX43 New Player

    I've had a similar issue. For me it happens if I use invisibility immediately after terror tendrils. Terror tendrils then becomes red and unusable until I use invis again.

    Anyways... as per the original topic. My loadout is mostly melee/midrange.
    Normal: Invisibility, psychic prison, terror tendrils, phantom flames, mass terror, vacuum bubble.
    Invisibility: sleep, plain blast, supercharges

    Rotation: prison -> invis -> sleep -> pain blast -> tendrils -> phantom flames -> mass terror -> tendrils -> flames -> mass terror and repeat
    I use invis and vacuum bubble when available.
  11. AlanR80 Active Player

    I'm using a ranged load out. I use Mass Lev (PI and DoT), Pyro (DoT), TK Blast, and then Psychic Shock x2 or x3. I have terrorize for when my target is low health. I wish they had an AoE like Psychic Prison, but I could use at range as well.
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  12. Dene Devoted Player

    Mine is very similar to this - I recently started using Thought Bubble + Pyro instead of Mass Lev + Pyro in solo stuff but am scared to try it in groups.. as I am wary in case it still disturbs tanks trying to control adds
  13. E Clip Dedicated Player

    TB doesnt encase in alerts and raids so feel free to use it, though its not as good as ML and certainly not as good as SonicCry.
  14. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Honest question, why do you feel ML or Sonic are better? ML seems to do less damage than TB, and it can be interrupted. Is it Sonic's burst, or radius that makes you prefer it? Something else?
  15. L T Devoted Player

    Mass Lev does a hair more damage than Thought Bubble. Sonic Cry gets a bonus for being short range and does a lot more damage than either.

    The Terror side of mental seems stronger from my testing... Though that comes with the disclaimer that I don't play very much mental at all these days
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  16. E Clip Dedicated Player

    ML does about 10% more damage than TB, however TB is a burst move while ML does fragmented damage over 2.6 seconds. I dont think there's a right or wrong choice to setup Dazed in this case, ML will edge out TB on longer fights, but TB will be a better option in short fights.

    Mental is strongest when you mix Terror and Dazed in a rotation along with Invis and Pain Blast, but its incredibly power hungry and impossible to sustain with a single troller. If you ask me, Mental is a total mess of a powerset, probably the most messed up that came out of the revamp. The list of problems are so long it will take me a big wall of text to go through all of them.
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  17. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Thanks L T & E Clip! I'll be giving the cry a try. And I do use a mixed rotation, along with invis/improved stealth shenanigans.
  18. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    So last night I topped Machine by 7mil or so. Other DPS were Rage, Electric, and Water. Here's the loadout I've found, it sounds weird, frankly bad, but yet the numbers don't lie. I have only 251 sp.

    Psychic Prison, Sonic Cry, Pyrokinesis, Mass Terror, Robot Sidekick*, Stealth
    Stealth LO: Sleep, Pain Blast, Robot Sidekick, Bolt Barrage, Bastion, Return to normal/whatever

    *Phantom Flames does similar damage in this slot, but is even worse on power. However, if you think you're gonna die a lot, it's probably the better choice.

    Hopefully now someone can tell me why my loadout sucks, and give me a better one, so that I can do even more damage.
  19. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Here's a trick with Stealth (actually it's invisibility).
    If you have it as your last button on your controller; put Pain Blast on the last button for Invisibilty also.
    You can shoot it off a fraction of a second earlier.
  20. AberrantAngel Committed Player

    Just checking what are your 10 sec parser numbers on the 3 targets in the league hall. What's your might.
    I will give it a try later to see how it works.