Membership made useless? Premium screwed over?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by EvilDeeds, Jul 8, 2021.

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  1. EvilDeeds Active Player

    So not only has membership have been degraded to useless (unlimited cash and free episodes) but you completely screwed over the premium players that bought out every episode that’s kinda dirty why even subscribe anymore and to the poor premiums why even continue to play’ all that money down the drain.
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  2. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    How are premiums screwed?

    They get unlimited cash now.

    And the only thing they need to buy is powersets, the shield weapon, and anything else like character/bank/inventory slots.

    If you ask me.. It's not screwing premiums at all; it's actually leaving off a huge burden because all the DLC in the game over the years is seen as a gigantic paywall to overcome unless you sub and play the game often.
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  3. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    I'm someone who bought a lot of episodes.
    Bought all the powersets and weapons too.

    Even subscribed a few times here and there to unlock my cash.

    But I ain't upset, because the content actually being opened up like this means more people'll get to play it and not just drop the game when they realize they are capped at Tier 4 unless they buy DLC like it was back then.

    I can Own all the episodes sure-But getting no rewards from them(EG: Having Relevancy Windows) means they are meaningless once I get past the CR point to run them. I can own all the episodes sure- But.. with less people having access to them, means I won't be able to play the episodes as easily.

    So essentially if the episodes weren't unlocked, I'm just hoarding old content for no reason at all.

    Now I agree Legendary can still use some work, but I'm withholding that feedback til I see the login rewards system which they are saying is supposed to be the makeup for the removal of said legendary membership benefits.
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  4. EvilDeeds Active Player

    Imagine you’re a casual player that didn’t care about membership or having all the shiny materials and just wanted to play for fun so you buy out every episode just for it to be made free with no notice, refunds or anything punished for supporting the game the hard way that’s just scummy luckily I’m a member but even that has been made almost pointless
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  5. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    I own Fight For the Light.
    Lightning Strikes.
    Battle For Earth.
    Last Laugh.
    Origin Crisis.
    War of the Light Part 1 & 2.
    Amazon Fury Part 1 and 2.
    Halls of power part 1 and 2.
    I own some Tier 7 content.. but I don't care enough to remember which ones because Tier 7 is still an unstructured mess.
    And I think I stopped at Tier 8 with age of justice, but I can't remember.

    Mind you, I bought these episodes back when they still had powersets and the shield weapon included which meant some of them costed more money to buy.

    I'm not saying your wrong for thinking that premiums got screwed; Rather I'm just saying I don't mind the episode being open at all because again.. it means more people will be playing the content.
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  6. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    No notice? They announced it months ago and then removed episodes from being for sale last month I believe (or maybe even the month before). If someone has been Premium and buying all the episodes all this time, they now no longer have to buy episodes in the future. On top of that they also have full access to Lairs and the Utility Belt, if they didn't already have them purchased. Oh and no more cash caps. If anything it seems like Premiums have got the best deal out of all the changes.

    If episode access and unlimited cash cap was all you were buying the membership for the congratulations, you no longer need a membership and will have extra real life money every month.
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  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'm a member, but I've also got a bunch of premium accounts, some have spent $100s on eps and upgrades (all bought the lair/utility/shield given to F2P), but on one of them I'm probably $1000 at least. Now I get to see that those account's daily rewards are the same as some F2P toon who has never spent even $5 on the game? Yeah, that's kind of a kick in the face. Unlimited cash is nice and all, but as cash trades are still restricted, once you hit the big-boys club at 1 billion, you are back to capped in the broker. Sure that's a while, but a few of my premiums have over 100 million already and TONS of stock to not that much of a reach to hit that mark and there is a LOT of 1B+ stuff out there.

    If they wanted to do something (they didn't obviously) to pay a little reward to those who purchased things in the past they could have done 50 or 100 Loyalty per purchased DLC or something. Small gesture, but at least you'd feel like you walked away with something for your previous 'permanent' investment in the game. For many, that would equate to a few SOC or maybe a row of inventory slots...for others a bit more. None of it would have really 'cost' anything as loyalty can only be used in game.

    For the daily rewards thing...there should be the daily 'everyone' and then 2 'upper' ones. One for premium level, one for members. Members should always get more, but premiums should get a bit more than F2P...after all they are also supporting the game by putting money into it. F2P do NOT, that's why they are still F2P level.
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  8. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    So they went back in time and removed all those times you already played what you bought? WOW. The devs are WAY more powerful than I thought.


    You bought episodes of an MMO knowing that, in this industry, the game could go away at any time. Did you play those episodes? Did you have fun originally? Yes? Then you got your money's worth.

    And I say this as a former premium player who bought about 20 episodes before I decided to subscribe and stay subscribed. I don't feel cheated AT ALL.
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  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    If the game went away, it would be different. That's something anyone investing time and money into a game takes into account. The difference here is the game is NOT going away, but the 'permanent' benefits you paid for are. Now you are right, runs were ran...loots were collected, feats were garnered, fun was had(at times)...all that. And if the purchase of a DLC was temporary like membership is, that's fine. They are not. Purchase of lair/utility was not temporary.

    And again, I think the bigger screw job is that (it appears at least) F2P and Premiums will get the same daily rewards going forward. Again, remember F2P have spent less than $5 to support the game....Premiums have spent at least 5$....maybe $500....maybe more. I think that deserves something on the 'rewards' level.

    BTW...I think the cash cap removal for premiums is a mistake. They could have been raised to 1 mil or something, keeping the cap removal for members. I don't understand why that change went in as that benefit was probably the biggest sell on membership outside of the hard money goods like DBC/loyalty and replays. And I say that as someone who will benefit from it....still a mistake.
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  10. EvilDeeds Active Player

    My thoughts exactly
  11. Shalayah Committed Player

    I think the approach with this membership change is prioritize progression over anything else. Yeah I sort of understand the anger over buying the episodes and not getting nothing but that’s the only point you’ve made that I understand. Premiums get the benefit of unlimited currency and more stabilizer fragments than F2P players on top of more inventory space, and more bank slots. That’s a pretty big jump for just spending $5. The only non difference between y’all is login rewards but that’s perfectly fine because that’s really the only thing that separates paying $15 per month and paying just $5 period… Premiums already about to get a lot as is. I think it’s fair.
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  12. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I’m going to let you all on a little secret. Games change over time.

    First let’s talk about the “premium being screwed over”. No they aren’t. If you purchased the previous dlcs you probably purchased them to gain access to that dlc while it is out right. You got what you paid for. Now they made it so you don’t have to purchase future episodes which saves you money. They also removed your escrow. How in the world is that screwing you over? Because you purchased episodes no one should be allowed to give them out for free? They aren’t allowed to update there game to benefit new players who are yet to run them? That’s ridiculous. If anything you should be happy as a premium player that other premium players will now get access to more stuff. And you should be happy that you don’t have to buy future episodes. And should be happy that loot locks are not standard for you. And no more escrow. Focusing on what you could have gotten in the past and letting it spoil your future experience of the game is very mind boggling.

    And as for players with membership. I have a question. Would you rather things go back to the old membership system? Cause if you do than you will be losing the added benefits. Members get extra nth and 4x as much daily log in rewards (both the standard reward and the member reward which is 3x as if the standard). You are essentially getting more now than before. And if you previously only had membership for the cash and dlc access than the devs gave you the option to not get the membership and save money. So you get more options
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  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Not sure where it says that stabilizers will still be better for premiums. It sounded like the Stabilizer run is being lumped into the daily rewards, and it looks like F2P and premium are the same tier there. F2P also only had 1 vault run per week, Premiums got 2-3 on a 3 day reset...again, now that looks like they get the same thing. While I guess that does not mean premiums are getting screwed, lumping someone who spend 100's of dollars to support the game in with someone who spent $0, is the rub. I guess I'd like to see a 'super premium' tier where once you spent a larger amount (like 100+) you'd be further away from the guy who spent $4.99....or $5.01.

    I have only 2 premiums who spent the minimum, and that's because they were created after free eps started. The other accounts spent much more than that minimum....much of it on episodes. Nice to know that all of them will now be treated the same now (not really) and all of them just slightly better than F2P.

    I've always advocated to anyone who joins the game 'spend 5$ and go premium'. Well, depending on the daily rewards, that might change. Unless you want access to all your cash or to play the broker, why bother....50K is plenty to operate and inventory space is manageable.
  14. devsaregood New Player

    I thought the whole point was to make membership more alluring? that's the impression I got when had a whole thread asking for ideas and many people put great ideas on how to make membership attractive..
    but they ignored them all and went with the most underwhelming option whilst also buffing F2P so much.

    I was looking forward to being given a reason to buy membership, now I have less than ever.
    Surely they will lose a lot of members and thus money after this?
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  15. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    The game was doomed, dude. Every other big MMO was doing changes to compete with each other in the industry. WoW, ESO, FF14, SWTOR, every top MMO was doing a lot of changes because MMOs survive from new players, not from veterans. DCUO had the worst f2p trial, and a very depressive premium status. How many times I was told that the game was only worth it if you subbed, meanwhile I was enjoying other mmos because the f2p was legit and I was still an important asset to the company even tho I would sub every once in a while.

    I went from being online for about 12 hours a day in DCUO to completly hiatus. I went to other mmos instead, TERA, ESO, SWTOR, WoW, LOTRO, I was about to try FF14 too and DCUO was rotting on my Steam library, came back because of free episodes and stayed after being gifted a glowing chroma for my lantern so I could finally few like a green lantern, but that feeling was already not feeling anymore, because the game still was "artificially locked" for me as a premium, even tho I bought many DLCs, and powersets in the past + cosmetics and legend characters.
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  16. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Yes they ignored most request in that thread. That’s because most people wanted $100s worth of stuff every month. People wanted free seals, free nth, free replays, and more all for the same price. That is ridiculous. The whole point of the free episodes is to get mew players to stay and get new blood into the game. This is good. But all you and other care about is that you don’t get $100s worth of free stuff each month lol. The membership is meant to be something you want to get, not something you HAVE to get. And the new membership does that.
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  17. Shalayah Committed Player

    Or maybe just buy the membership if you want those extra benefits my man. It doesn’t matter if you spent $1000 or $5. Premium is premium. Those extra bonuses are your reason to sub. A premium player is just somebody who spent a minimum of $5 on the game. There doesn’t need to be any extra tiers to that as already said that premiums get the best of the update already. It’s unfair to you because you feel like you deserve more but you don’t. Doesn’t matter how much you spent on the game.

    Think of it like this. Fortnite’s main profit is from skins. But just because you bought skins doesn’t mean you deserve a special tier away from players who just use the default skins. If you want the extra stuff you buy the battlepass.

    The F2P model in DCUO was extremely outdated and discouraged new players from playing. You had to get a membership if you wanted to play the game. Now it’s an option and not something that’s required which is healthy for a F2P game. The new model in F2p games now is pretty much giving you the full game whilst offering bonuses to those that support the game monthly. Premiums get unlimited cash cap, extra inventory/bank they never mentioned anything about changing the stabilizer system so until I hear or see something that says “F2P players and Premiums get the same amount of fragments” it’s best to assume that system remains the same. That’s worth what premiums should get for the $5. If you want the extra stuff like login bonuses and stuff like that. You spend the $15 on the membership.
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  18. Dark Warrior Active Player

    Personally, I'm keeping my membership so that I can have complete access to all of my characters. At least with this new system, on the occasional month I decide not to renew, I don't lose cash, lair and utility belt access. Just the 8 characters that I have to choose to lockout. That's cool. I'm also intrigued by the extra daily rewards that you'll get as a member.
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  19. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Oh, I do sub...and plan to keep my sub on my main. You also seem to be missing that F2P and Premium do look to be getting the same 'daily' grant (according to the mock up shown) which includes fragments. Which again, you are generally talking about people who spent 100's or more vs a person who spent 0. There should be a different daily reward....or F2P should get none and Premiums get the 'free' one. Again, F2P got a better bump. The premiums are getting 1 thing extra....the cash cap removal. Which if you don't play the broker just means you can do repairs and buy vendor items....which 50K or 100K would have done fine. Granted, if you want to be a broker jockey, that's great, but likely if that's what was interesting you, you were a member already.

    And I don't really think there should be a 2nd premium tier...that was more being facetious than anything (mostly)...although if there were, most of mine would fall in that group.
  20. Rorrigam New Player

    Let me see if I'm getting it right.
    You bought and play some episodes back when only people who bought then or had membership were able to play them. Access to those episodes are not being removed from people who bought them or have membership but now because more people wont have to buy them you want some sort of compensation?
    I'm trying to sound rude or anything, just honestly trying to understand.
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