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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by GoondGod, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. GoondGod New Player

  2. Forsaken Mentalist Well-Known Player

    Yep. Sure looks like it.
  3. Nodens Dedicated Player

    Depends. Looks to me like it was simply offering you membership. Did you buy it?
  4. GoondGod New Player

    Then how come i cant make a character with the RAGE power!?!?
  5. GL4ever Well-Known Player

    Sounds like it was just an advertisement then. You'll either have to buy the membership, or the DLC for Rage powers.
  6. Zernam New Player

    I'm premium and saw the same 'active' status in my account screen, not sure why it's that way now but I'm definitely not paying a subscription.
  7. Epiclurker Well-Known Player

    Sometimes they give random players a few days of subscription as a promotional tool. There should be a part of the account menu which shows you when it runs out.
  8. GoondGod New Player

    Well guess i dont have it because theres no DLC content for me :(!
  9. Shadowwyvern Committed Player

    One way to remedy that, go Legendary ;)