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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Lightful, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Lightful New Player

    Or free mode or god mode.

    I think it would be fun to have a mode where you're more boundless. Having the ability to run an instance with more control just to see:

    - What if

    - Help prove a strategy successful or not

    - Help reveal what is optimal

    - Even just flat out beat that boss who keeps whooping your butt in the legitimate instance.

    In this mode, you'll be able to tweak your stats. By percentages though, so your abilities are still somewhat finite. Also, you will be able to:

    - Decrease the bosses health, defense, and damage output.

    - You'll be able to take no damage or have infinite power, if you choose. It should all be optional.

    - You will also be able to increase or decrease cool down time and clip which ever power of your choosing.

    Were you ever curious about how effective T5 gear really is? You will also be able to run the instance in T5 gear but set imaginary stats (on a board) to that of a T4 set, so at the end of the instance, the board will tell you how many times you would have died having used a full T4 set.

    In this mode you cannot complete feats or briefings and you can't receive gear or loot.

    Just a thought. Let me know what you guys think. :)
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  2. melvinpox Devoted Player

    So, in other words, you want to change the entire game?
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  3. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    So basically a test server?
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  4. OMAAR New Player

    How about a simple strategy mode. Where your invincible ( overridable by inevitable atacks ) but the instance does not drop any loot or register any feats.
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  5. Captain Just New Player

    Isn't being invincible kind of counterproductive in finding a legitimate strategy?
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  6. melvinpox Devoted Player

    I think you should end everyone of your posts with "Just sayin'."
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  7. Lanternius New Player

    You're basically referring to a tutorial mode...and if such invincibility is granted, obviously feats and such must be disabled. A tutorial mode, of any sort, is long overdue in this game.
  8. Sectumsempra Dedicated Player

    no, you can use it to see tells and locations of things during fights.

    Notice every group wants experienced people but doesn't let people into raids/alerts to get experience?
    Well there you go.

    Its not a bad idea nor a good one.
    It's something that could be added and I wouldn't mind
    however i know whenever anything is added in this game, even loot tables changed, something else gets messed up along the way somehow.
  9. Lightful New Player

    Lol oh man...

    Basically a free mode. Being able to do what you want. I'm not sure if the test servers are like this, I thought they were there to test out new content before release.

    Things like being invincible is just for s**** and gigs.
  10. Lightful New Player

    No, this is a mode. This is NOT legitimate, you do not earn anything doing this.

    How is this a game changer? It's just another way to have some fun playing the game.
  11. NoobishGuy New Player

  12. NoobishGuy New Player

    Now that I think about it, what is to stop people from just playing in this mode instead of grinding for armor lol. The reason we grind for armor is so we become stronger in PVE, if there is a mode where we dont die in PVE why should we work for armor anymore. OH WAIT YES ITS BECAUSE WE STILL NEED TO RAISE CR TO PLAY MORE CONTENT. COME ON DEVS ADD THIS MODE WE CALL IT SCRIMMAGEPVE.

  13. Lightful New Player

    That's not true.

    I played grand theft auto and I would have a save point when I felt like putting in cheat codes and creating havoc. When I was finally satisfied, I would switch to my save point and continue the story line.
  14. aceCase Committed Player

    I would say not a good idea at all. It would really take away from the game. And by that I mean it would dumb the game down completely.

    New raids? Cool let me go solo god mode and see everything that happens in the raid, all the tells, all the attacks to expect, where to position yourself, where you can possibly glitch the boss. Cool, now I know how to beat this raid without even legitimately trying once.

    Would not make for a fun game AT ALL.