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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Andrija7, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Andrija7 New Member

    Hi everyone!:)
    I was wondering as free user is it possible for me to get master mercenary set without spending any money for keys or upgrading to membership... ?
  2. Torikumu Well-Known Member

    I don't think you can trade as a Free To Play member, so no, you wouldn't be able to. If you were a Premium user, then you'd be able to trade Exobits and other contraband for the pieces if other members had them for trade and wanted what you were offering.
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  3. SoylentBob Well-Known Member

    If someone were kind enough to post a tradable style on the broker for under 1500 ( and you were fast enough) you could buy such things without IRL$.
    You could trade for such styles if you met the $5 minimum.
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  4. Tikkun Well-Known Member

    You can buy it from the broker, but you will find the cash cap to be an issue. Spending $5 will make you premium and you can trade exobits for the pieces you want.
  5. Andrija7 New Member

    I have one more question that is bugging me...
    I am currently free user of DCUO ,if I purchase Ultimate Edition on steam what do i become ,and what perks do i have then ,am I still a free user with limited stuff or do I become something else ??
  6. Tikkun Well-Known Member

    You would be bumped to cap would bump up to $2000 and you can trade items.
  7. Andrija7 New Member

    Thank you people for such a quick answers ,what amazing community
    Thread can be locked now :)
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  8. Torikumu Well-Known Member

    You also get access to 4 DLC packs worth of content and 2 Legends characters to use in Legends PVP mode.
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  9. kickthetank Active Member

    Hopefully you'll still be able to say that (sincerely) by the time you hit T4/T5....good luck.
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  10. undrline Well-Known Member

    I'm curious if this would work to trade. I know I've had that "new mail" icon come up pretty instantly if I've sold something for insanely cheap. Would flipping the pages back and forth be enough to make it pop up quickly, or do you have to pull up the prompt again and find it?
  11. WhiteW0lf Well-Known Member

    Was just thinking the same thing.
  12. kickthetank Active Member

    I give it two weeks before his innocence is crushed.
  13. bareheiny Well-Known Member

    Quicker if he frequents the forums.
  14. kickthetank Active Member

    Or if he rolls as a tank.
  15. WhiteW0lf Well-Known Member

    Hmm he just join my league and avoid that all together. What platform are you OP?
  16. Lightful Well-Known Member

    You're in for a rude awakening.
  17. Andrija7 New Member

    I am on Pc Eu (PvE) i guess
  18. Buckley Well-Known Member

    If you are looking for a League --> New FiftyTwo. We are not fussy no ridiculous requirements, except for Be nice, Play nice
  19. Jurgen Blitz Well-Known Member

    Short answer: yes, there is a way.

    Long answer: it´s gonna be tough. You will have to gather R&D Materials like exobits, simple and complex materials, and then try tio trade those in bulk for the pieces of the set. I got my Master Merc helmet for 9 orange exos, and I tell you, farming those took some time. But you can still do it
  20. SoylentBob Well-Known Member

    I set up Frees on occasion. The instant you post an item, it appears on the vendor, as if you launched one of your superpowers. Now, it won't appear to another toon until he calls up the page (search or back/forward), but anyone looking in the right place can see it and try to buy it.
    If you go to buy something cheap, it won't sell if the item is gone already. It stays on your screen until you somehow refresh the page.
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