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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Mileena, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Mileena New Player

    Hey. I'm new here. I want to start off by asking how to get a ninja mask. I'm trying to make a Mileena from Mortal Kombat, but I can't find a mask. Does anyone know where to find one? I don't know what it's called or anything.
  2. Octantis New Player

    You could try the Split Personality mask from the Gotham Subway T2 Challenge / T3 Duo.
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  3. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    Not too familiar with Mileena, but would the Tech Ninja head work for you?
    I believe it drops in the Smallville instance.
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  4. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Rivited Ventalator from the FOS raids is a good substitute, it's not the veil but it's more like the scoirpion/subzero facemask. Don't play a female toon so not sure if they ahve something closer.
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  5. Eternity's_Girl Committed Player

    Sorry I don't think there's anything like what you want at low levels. I think there is a basic ninja mask with creation styles, if you haven't yet checked the style vendors in your HQ. For Watchtower their in the War Room (you'll need to ask for directions) in Hall of Doom their right in the central circle area.
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  6. Mileena New Player

    Yeah. Is that a Tier 1 instance? It looks really good.
  7. Mileena New Player

    I checked, but I didn't see any. I'll check again. I'm level 26 with her now, so do you think there's anything available at that level?
  8. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    Yeah, Smallville is a T1 Alert. Not sure which part drops it, but I'm almost positive I got one from there.
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  9. Mileena New Player

    Is that the mask with the line in the middle? I've seen it and I think it looks pretty good. Thanks.
  10. Mileena New Player

    Thanks! I have to do that mission! Does it come with that head style or is it just the mask? It doesn't really matter if it does.
  11. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    The Tech Ninja head is the whole Head-Mask combo you can see in the picture.
  12. Mave New Player

    You mean this?

    I don't think that is what he is looking for, unless the female version is different
  13. Cygnus New Player

    Tech Ninja head, can be bought from the broker and there's a level 20 one too. Not sure where it drops, but you can get it before level 30
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  14. Mountie New Player

    It's a head style. And you might be able to get it on more than one of the T1 alerts. So try them all a few times to see if the tech ninja styles drop in each one.
  15. Octantis New Player

    Yeah, it's designed to be two-tone, and it has some stitches running down the center, but I think if you color it all e same it might work.

    That's the one, however it does in fact look different on female toons. You can see a good picture of it on the Costume Contest thread and check out KarmaPolice.
  16. Nitefelina New Player

    You are looking for the Split Personality face. It drops in the T2 Penguin solo challenge. Happy hunting!

    It is the one my toon is wearing in my sig btw. I have the line in the middle a dark color that can't be seen but it's there.
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  17. Mave New Player

    Ok the male version of the mask is literally only the left side of the face that's why I asked
  18. Octantis New Player

    No worries, I thought the same thing, too, until someone else confirmed it was different for the two genders. I was farming Subway looking for the female version on a male character and always wondering why it would never drop :p

    On the brightside, the male version does allow for a pretty good Deathstroke costume!
  19. Mileena New Player

    Ok. Thanks. Will it go into the group loot? Or will I get it automatically?
  20. Mileena New Player

    Cool. How can you do Tier 2 instances? I only can do T1 with my other level 30 villain.