Marvel and Dimensional ink making an MMORPG??

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  1. NIckNock Well-Known Player

    Ghost27 made a valid point with this remark above.

    I too believe the universe will never be able to beat Spectre without the help from Eclipso so stop summoning Black Orchid . :p

    Licensing maybe required.:rolleyes:
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  2. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    to me it depends. If you can create your own hero and has better customization, I will give it a try if it does become a thing. If it was anything like the last Marvel MMO, count me out
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  3. Leeerooy Well-Known Player

    This is the latest Marvel mmo . Quite fun . Here is your countdown per your request.

    Standing Ovation
  4. Ghost27Xog Well-Known Player

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  5. Leeerooy Well-Known Player

    Simple wish list no mail no bag space no trade raid bot simulation and custom creation modify wardrobe skin code gender enhancer. i.e. Basically allowing the gamer pick his opposing players wardrobe etc. Content is daily updated and older content has a mastery rating with a sliding scale managed by Big Blue.

    Rumor mill has:

    in early Spring of 2022
    N O W

    Dates and availability are subject to change without notice
  6. Monsuta Man Level 30

    Hopefully, they learn a lot from DCUO. Compared to CO and CoX (Games older than it...), DCUO is lacking in many features. Granted, someone who loves DCUO will think it is perfectly fine, and that is fine; not here to debate.

    Someone who is thinking about playing the game, looked at the new Espisode details, they would think

    "Hey, I can create a Sinestro guy?" No......

    "Hey, I can create a Gorilla? No......

    "Hey, I can create a cool Cheetah girl" Yes....But lower your expectations......

    "Hey, Bane in this game!!!???? I can use venom Powers???" Well......Kind of....?????

    Hopefully, they do not get too far into the development without asking for player input. These MMO generally do not do well. Sure CoH was deemed a success, but how successful was it, if NC was willing to shut her down?

    This could be the 1st truly successful A-list superhero mmo. They gotta nail this; get it right. Gonna be dramatic for a bit, but if a AAA Marvel MMO cannot be a top tier mmo....There is just no hope for the sub-genre lol.

    Marvel heroes was the closest thing to a A-list superhero mmo.