Marvel and Dimensional ink making an MMORPG??

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  1. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    That's not necessarily true. Eleven plus year old system architecture along with eleven years of additive coding presents a mountain of extra challenges and limitations that the process of building a new game from the ground up wouldn't have. I am by no means saying this game's live service is or has been perfectly managed over the years. Not at all. But it's certainly true that much of what the game's continual development has lacked and much of what has frustrated the player base can be majorly attributed to those limiting factors.

    All that being said, the new game is most likely only as far as broad discussions/decisions, maybe some introductory concept art, basic system architecture design decisions, etc. None of this is even worth discussing other than for s***s and giggles and that will mostly likely be the case for the next couple years.
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  2. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    A live service game has to have a way to make money on an ongoing basis. There's no way around that. Good vibes and fresh air don't pay the bills. Even if they charge $60 for the game itself or whatever they still need additional revenue to keep the game running every month, whether that be through a subscription or micro transactions or a combination of both. What exact route they choose to go down remains to be seen, and we probably won't know for a few years yet.
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  3. Wallachia Loyal Player

    And how exactly do you know that?

    Dumb answers like "It is obvious" and "It is the same company" don't work.
  4. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    The game was already being prototyped as far back as February 2020, as per the interview with Jack here. Concept art was also discovered in 2019 after rumours that Daybreak had cancelled a Marvel MMO in 2018. A Reddit post about that can be found here. Admittedly, it's unlikely that that concept art will have carried forward to the current Marvel MMO that's in production, but you never know.
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  5. myandria Item Storage

    :oops: Guilty, as charged!

    I've played Marvel Heroes/Omega and Infinite Crisis while keeping a DCUO membership. Marvel Heroes was interesting at first, but then I got bored with it quickly, as it was nothing more than a Superhero-Skinned Diablo game with many limitations; I went back to playing Diablo. Infinite Crisis was in beta for far too long; by the time it launched players were already frustrated with the microtransactions during the beta and they did not want to see more of them with no new maps/raids. That game was my first and last experience playing a MOBA; I never touched another game like it again.

    Both games have shut down without advance notice and DCUO is still going; I think this game will last a good while longer. ;)
  6. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Valid points, all. Also, admittedly, the examples I gave were just some general processes common in the first early stages of game development, which don't always necessarily happen in the same order or phases of development for every single game. But I think anyone with even a basic knowledge of game development timelines would guess that we're at least three years away from an initial release date. And on top of that, these days many if not most major games that are intended and financed to be AAA titles end up with delays and pushed back release dates. So we're all still swimming in extremely premature speculation.

    Points for sourcing that info though. Love and appreciate that. :)
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  7. PSYL0CKEX8 New Player

    Yep I posted the article in one of the DCUO Facebook groups. I’m excited!! Kinda glad that it’s the Devs at Dimensional ink that is doing it. Good for them capitalizing on Super Hero market. For them to have DC and Marvel MMOs kudos!
  8. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Because Jack Emmert did the same microtransaction-heavy environment in STO, then came here - microtransactions blossomed, now they're ubiquitous - and the likelihood that the trend will be any different is very, veerrrryyy low.

    Capcom released literally dozens of fighting games. Care to take a guess how many of them have a d, df, f + P move in them?

    It's a lot.

    Also, you should try being a little less snotty.
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  9. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    That's nice, and it's hopeful, but unless something highly unforeseen happens in the meantime? I see it being the same sort of show we have here, the difference being that I have a fondness for this and am willing to overlook some of the more egregious excess this game's production, playing, and development process have requested.
  10. Starblast Well-Known Player

    I don't know. I think miles are going to vary on this. First of all DCUO has tons more content than it did in its first few years. From my viewpoint on people I know that are into superhero stuff...Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc are all household names even if you know nothing about them. The kids I know including my nephews are all about the Marvel Movies. I took him to see Eternals at Imax and well...I never want to see it again. I mean there was a scene where literally it was like the Power Rangers got their Ninja Powers and ugh. I won't give away spoilers. But i dunno. they liked movies liked Shazam which were DC movies i had no interest in....and they really aren't into the games it seems unless they are costumes in Fortnight. But that's just my view. It's all a business at the end of the day.

    Also, they did say there was a massive upgrade planned for DCUO, which is I'm guessing graphically, in 2023. We also thought the Star Wars MMO and FFXIV were going to be DCUO killers back in the day. and TBH...i'm surprised really I am still coming back to the game after this long. I mean...look at GTAV....i still can't believe that game is going strong. So...all of this is subject to change. I mean, I would LOVE for a GI Joe contra-like video game that is 3D open world but not an FPS....but Hasbro just can't seem to get that appeal to the kids. I mean...if ur a superfan there are tons of characters and comic-lore to pick from, but unfortunately the world doesn't revolve around me. I mean I think people would love my ideas. But i'm learning not everyone likes what i like. I mean....I still love Melrose Place and cannot understand why people don't love it even today, but eh....people would rather watch 10 episodes or play a game that isn't finished and wait a year for an update. Sorry for the sidebar. lol.
  11. FoolsFire Devoted Player

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  12. Magg Redd Well-Known Player

    I am curious to see what happens and where things lead, but I am not hopping on any wagons until things actually happen. Personally I am a bigger DC fan then Marvel so I will continue playing DC no matter what, but if it comes to light and the Marvel game is any good, I will probably play both.

    For all the "Doom and Gloom" nay sayers out there always talking bad about DC and the way it was run, Marvel (AKA the House of the Mouse) must see some worth in the company, the direction of where DCUO has been and is going and how its run, to gave license for their IP to EG7/Demensional Inc/DayBreak (or whomever they are now lol) a second time like this.
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  13. PSYL0CKEX8 New Player

    Everyone that keeps comparing other Marvel Games to DCUO like Marvel Heroes Omega needs to do their research. Both Marvel Heroes Omega and DCUO were in development the same year in 2008.
  14. PSYL0CKEX8 New Player

    I don’t think it will be called Marvel Universe Online since other games like Marvel Heroes Omega already had that title
  15. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    Thought i'd pop back in.
    I see some of the crazy continues, although theres far more reasonable posts than before this time.

    No 5-point correction this time. Just going to present 1 fact and then 2 questions everyone should ponder for more than 2 seconds before posting more Fact Lacking theories:

    There is absolutely no information present whatsoever, in any way shape or form, to indicate what Type of MMO the Marvel game could be. More specifically, how it controls or works. There are more than 1 type of MMO out there. The idea that DI have decided to spend millions on Marvels Licencing Cost so that they can have 2 games in completely separate MMO Markets, makes far more sense than killing 1 profitable game with 1 that has zero guarantees.

    Why are so many people jumping to the conclusion that the Marvel MMO would just be a DCUO Clone control-wise, with better graphics?

    Were you aware that early prototype versions of DCUO actually started as third-person-shooter style controls and cameras before you made any assumptions about the Marvel MMO?
    (Search for DCUO Live Demo 2009 if you weren't aware. Think its an IGN video)

    I'll be back if i'm needed. Out.
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  16. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I think control wise it will be very similar as i'd argue DCUO has some of the best gameplay out of most MMOS.
  17. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    Thats pretty much a flawed argument.

    Dont get me wrong, i've tried a ton of MMO's over the years and i'm in full agreement with you, I too think DCUO has great gameplay compared to a lot of MMO's out there. And I do mean a lot. Genuinely unique i'd say. But find me someone who's as much of a fan of WoW as we are of DCUO who wont say the same about WoWs gameplay.

    Its like someone trying to convince me that the GTA games are better than the MGS games. From my perspective, over the years, i've just seen GTA games continuously devolve into higher definition versions of the same mindless violence repackaged and resold over and over again. Gives you a gun to shoot but no real reason why you should. Whereas to me MGS is a game about War, which goes out of its way at every turn to tell you War is horrendous. Actively being the anti-GTA type game, telling you to avoid combat, and rewarding you better for doing so.

    But there will eventually be a GTA 6. Because my view of GTA isn't fact, just opinion. Theres many out there who like GTA or who dont like MGS. And thats ok. The point is, even if 1 style of game works for (est) 27 Million people, still doesn't make it a guarantee, nor does it dictate which direction a game should/needs to go. On top of all of this, Marvel themselves may want the game to go in one specific direction as part of the Licencing Agreement, or to stay away from DCUOs territory. They already failed miserably with Marvel Heroes (Omega) and Marvels Avengers (RIP people still playing). That usually calls for a course correction.
  18. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Where was it announced that they were going to do a graphics update for DCUO? And a large expansion?
  19. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    On the left side of the Leaked Investor Presentation image.
    Underneath DC Universe Online.
    Last of the 4 updates.
    "Investment in graphics upgrade and the largest expansion content to date for 2023"
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  20. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    I remember back when City of Heroes/City of Villains was the big superhero MMORPG, and players were making recreations of the big Marvel Heroes, just like some of us do in DCUO. And then Marvel issued COH/COV a Cease & Desist Order, telling them to stop allowing violations of their copyrights and trademarks, to stop allowing players to make Spider-Man, the Hulk, etc, etc. And all because Marvel was working on their OWN MMORPG.

    And what happened to that planned game? After roughly 5 years in development, and who knows how much money spent on development, it was CANCELLED BEFORE IT WAS EVER RELEASED! :rolleyes:

    Meanwhile, City of Heroes/City of Villains is still going on some private servers (as the public servers were shutdown years ago) and a next generation version, City of Titans, has been in development for awhile. And DCUO is still going strong, despite what some players would say to the contrary. And then there's also Champions Online, which is DCUO's only true competition at the moment, and which is about as old as DCUO, give or take a year.

    So, Daybreak Games has its work cut out for it. Speaking only for myself, and I am unanimous in this, I just hope my All Access Membership includes the Marvel game if/when it releases, so I can easily try it to see if I like it.


    *YES, I fully realize this will only ever be a pipedream, as Marvel and/or DC probably would not allow the crossover between the 2 games as a contractual thing. :(
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