Martial Arts and...?

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  1. TheOtherTed Active Player

    I've come back to this game after a long hiatus, and I'm looking to start a new character. I've got a general idea of the kind of character I'd like to play - it was inspired by a cheesy, over-the-top Hong Kong superhero flick that I'll deny liking if asked, so don't ask. I've decided on Martial Arts, since it's only slightly less stylish than Staff, which I've played a lot of.

    However, I'm stumped for a power set. Gadgets seems like an obvious choice, but I want to avoid it for precisely that reason - besides which, I already have a Gadgets character. I've also played Ice, and the Illusion-side of Mental, so those wouldn't be new. Other than that, I'm open to any role or powerset that doesn't require changing into a dog. I hate dogs.

    Any ideas as to what synergizes well with MA, or, more importantly, just looks awesome alongside it?
  2. Minnion Devoted Player

    Try out a few and see what feels right would be my suggestion.
  3. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    From my experience, both Fire and Gadgets do well with MA, but you said you wanted to avoid Gadgets.... essentialy, MA has one of the best (if not the best, IMO) 360º AoE combos, Spinning Punch. If you fight Melee, which you probably will until T5-T6, that combo synergises amazingly with most of Fire´s powers, since they also affect anything in 360º around you.

    For example, what I used to to was Lunge in the middle of some mobs, open up with Inferno or Enflame to set them on fire, perform the full Spinning Punch and clip at the very last second with Flashpoint (with the option of clipping Flashpoint with Fiery Weapon to start a different rotation). Depending of the content, I´d be juggling the mobs 3 times (preventing most of the damage to me, since an enemy can´t attack if it´s on the ground helpless) and maximize the damage of Flashpoint, since it hurts enemies on fire a lot more.