Marks of Valor?

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    What are these for?
  2. Vederyn Active Member

    They're the new PvP marks that replaced Marks of Strategy and Marks of Tactics.

    So where do I get this new gear the glass cases in Meta do not have anything for sale and is the vault the only way to get t4 pvp now?
  4. recespieces31 Well-Known Member

    The new PvP gear is bought from the vendors that sold the old influence gear...However, in order to purchase T2 and above you will need to be the required PvP CR for each Tier level
  5. PrimusTech Member

    Totally off topic, but if the goal of this update was to close the gap in gear between players, the devs should have locked the use of replays out of pvp. Before I get flamed think about it.. If players have full Punchline/Vengeance already it defeats the purpose of the update
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  6. Vederyn Active Member

    The Checkmate and Knight styles were moved to the vault. You can go to any of the former Influenece gear vendors to buy the new gear. You will need the appropriate PvP CR to see each tier of gear.
  7. Bishop Well-Known Member

    No, the original PvP vendors: Robin, Aquaman and whoever Meta's is, are your provision for all PvP gear from T1 to T4. The droid next to them provides the weapons.

    In order to begin the cycle you must purchase all of the T1 set: gear, rings, neck, trinket and weapon in order to unlock and see the next set. If you had the gear from previous PvP, before U25, purchase the rings, neck, trinket or whatever is not PvP out of the above in order to sync with the vendor.

  8. VIRALITY Well-Known Member

    Some people here were reporting that they had full t4 gear in a matter of a few hours. It helps sell replay badges.

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