Marks of Triumph per day?

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  1. segundoblz New Player

    Is there any guide or something that could tell us how many marks of triumph we can get per day?
  2. TDKR-bane fan New Player

    I dont think there is a limit. last week I did all 3 fos raids in one day with the monthly reward reset. I think I got all the marks I was supposed to.
  3. Aiden Warren New Player

    ok, I'll do it

    All T3 Content.
    1Player Challenges, Duos, Alerts
    Combat Rating Required 53

    T3 1Player Challenges
    Total Marks Per Day = 100

    T3 Duos
    Total Marks Per Day = 200

    T3 Alerts
    Total Marks Per Day = About 550

    Total Marks per Day = About 850 (May not be Exact)

    Just don't feel like doing all T1 And T2's
    but all T1-T3 1Player Challenges, Duos and Alerts is

    Close to or over 1000 a day.

    Thursdays (Weekly Reward Boxes and Raids Weekly Boss Marks)
    T3 1Player Challenges
    Total Marks Per Day = 300

    T3 Duos
    Total Marks Per Day = 400

    T3 Alerts
    Total Marks Per Day = About 1175

    T3 Raids (Expert) = 1100
    Total On Thursdays = Close to 2000 or more with all T1 and T2.

    Total Marks On Thursdays = About 3000

    Marks Of War
    Combat Rating Required 70
    With DLC's
    Hand Of Fate
    Battle For Earth
    Home Turf

    Marks Of War Per Day = 9 (Not Including T4 Inner Alert)
    1 Mark Of War Convert to 65 Marks Of Triumphs
    9 Marks Of way = 585 Marks Of Triumph A day.
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  4. segundoblz New Player

    You sir are a saint. THANK YOU.
  5. VO1D Sentry New Player

    It'll be kinda difficult to keep up with home turf mods and get t4 (to some extent t3 gear) with getting just this amount of MoT per week. It'll take months of playing everyday to gear up for t5 content, if yer not there already.
  6. Octantis New Player

    Marks of War are also to be converted to Marks of Triumph when DLC 7 goes Live, and they will be worth 125 Marks.


    T4 Solos
    250 MoT daily, 500 on the 5th Day

    T4 4-Mans
    1000 daily

    Not sure about the 8-mans, never run them.

    Again, this is post DLC 7
  7. Ixnay New Player

    Marks of War are changing from 65 to 125?
  8. VO1D Sentry New Player