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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by MrFunktaztyk, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. MrFunktaztyk Well-Known Player

    So I remember a thread on the old forum discussing the conversion of Marks of Strategy and Tactics into Marks of Triumph... and it's happened...

    So can we please have it in reverse now too? Converting Marks of Triumph into Marks of Strategy and Tactics?
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  2. Hate Me Well-Known Player

    wonder what the ratio would be..

    id gladly trade my 250 marks of legends for 1 mark of lore..seeing as ive have 250 for a while now and nothing to do with them but merit..

    same with tactics..guess i can convert those to triumphs tho..? marks of strat is a time grind..unless replay badges, would be nice to trade off like 150 mark of tactics for 1 strat and same with legends and lore
  3. mikekingmuse2 New Player

    Thing is i'v already completed my mark of legends and lore stuff so it also be nice to convert them to marks of triumph.
  4. MrFunktaztyk Well-Known Player

    So is this gunna happen or are we wasting or time in asking?
  5. NCR RANGER New Player

    No they should Marks of war exchangeable for pvp marks
  6. surge914 New Player

    I don't agree cause that means you wouldn't have to pvp to get gear. pve marks are used for other things though like the utility belts or lair stuff. they should though need to make it to convert marks of legends into marks of triumph.
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  7. MrFunktaztyk Well-Known Player

    but now PVPers don't have to PVE, how is that fair... I don't enjoy PVP, therefore Don't... and I'm not alone, so then make the switch reversable and give me the ability to use my MoT's to convert for MoTact and MoStrat...
  8. Zizzi New Player

    Lol, tell me how long it takes you to get a T2 PvE set through PvP and then we'll talk. It's fine how it is now honestly.
  9. PolarisSylar Well-Known Player

    That is something converting marks of triumph to marks of strategy.
  10. MARK2099 New Player

    Dude inform yourself a bit before claim something or gonna be call . . . , the exchange rate is 2 MOTactics for 1 MOT, 1 MOS for 25 MOT, to put in easy words: a duo T3 ferris aircraft as example take less than 5 minutes to complete, gave you 100 MOT with weekly bonus, in order to obtain 100 MOT doing pvp you have to win 200 arena/legends (how long do you think take win 200 or lose 400 arena/legends?).

    Let's take a look at tactical mods IV, cost around 4k MOT from lvl 1 to lvl 4 upgrade, in order to get those marks doing pvp you have to win 8k arena/legends or lose 16k arena/legends, are you out of your mind? claim pvpers don't have to do pve is much more insulting than the mark conversion rate.

    Sigh, you really have to remind us the spit in the face of devs when the mark conversion was reveal?
  11. MrFunktaztyk Well-Known Player

    so raise the exchange rate I DON'T CARE! I want the ability to get these armors WITHOUT doing the WORST part of the game, IMO!

    Playing PVE nets you nothing on the PVE side, NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU DO IT!

    wow... that is the most narrow minded thing I think I've heard in this thread...

    If you are so insulted by the idea of converting marks so that you can continue to play what you want to play and not what you don't maybe you should find another game to play, remember this game WAS founded on the idea of PVE and the PVP came about because *****-waving sodomites (PVPers) cried until it was put in...
  12. MrFunktaztyk Well-Known Player

    So complain about the exchange rate, don't circumvent one half of the game, while cramming another down everyone's throats...

    I DON'T PVP because it's not enjoyable for me, so I won't start now...

    I agree the exchange rate is a bit skewed and I have no problem with changing it so you guys get more... I only ask that I be given the same option as you...
  13. MrFunktaztyk Well-Known Player

    So we sweep it under the rug... nice...
  14. Radium Devoted Player

    Why would you want to get PvP gear when you don't PvP?
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  15. JayJay2515 New Player

    Exactly, want PvP gear then do PvP, I agree that Marks of Tactics should be able to be converted to Marks of Strategy and vice versa but PvP gear should NOT be available thru PvE
  16. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    Only if its a real bad exchange rate, kind of like it is to change MoS for MoT. I wasnt aware MoL could be converted?
  17. CCBatson Dedicated Player

    Because some styles are DC Iconics and would be desirable for even non-PVPers. I got started in PVP because I *really* wanted a Shazam chest because of my character concept. I can imagine that others feel similarly.
  18. Mad9 New Player

    With the 2013 PVP roadmap, you will be eligible to buy the lowest tier set with game case and not need to earn PVP currency to buy gear for styles. Every 6 months, the second top most gear of the season will be available for purchase with game cash. This will solve all your problems.

    Spytle said that they have no plans to allow PVE currency to but PVP gear.

    Just wait and hopefully you won't need to spend a single MOT for PVP armours.
  19. MrFunktaztyk Well-Known Player

    I want the styles and the Feat points...

    So instead of in-game earned currency, I have to pay Real life money, to earn in game feat points...

    Not exactly sure I like THAT trend... first Replay badges and now, that... *sigh* probably won't drive me away from the game... not a DQ like that... but I will say, I don't like it...
  20. MrFunktaztyk Well-Known Player

    just asking for fairness, PvPers can purchase PvE Gear by using the mark conversions... (and I know the rate sucks for you guys) but all I'm asking for is the OPTION to do so...

    and if you had followed the point of the thread, you'd see I'm interested in the styles and the feats tied to them...

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