Malediction/benediction battle healing?

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  1. Gam3r4Lif3 Dedicated Player

    I have always wondered how to run these? Is this supposed to be only self-sustaining healing? Do I run this with battle heals (prec or might)? Or just regu”lam healsThe healing doesn’t seem that high! Should I invest in demons fang and clarion next 2x? I just wanna understand how to use the darn powers lol
  2. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Benediction/malediction got nerfed into oblivion basically. They used to be the bread and butter of battle healing, but no longer.

    You could level Clarion/demon fang, if you want to use precision for healing loadout. But celestial is very powerful as a superpowered/might healer.

    For non EoG healing I suggest:
    Transformation, page of destiny, purple.

    For EoG healing: Page of Destiny, EoG, scrap of soul cloak.

    For both loadouts, plaque combo into corrupted divine, admonish combo to blight, and consume soul combo into wrath, will be sufficient for healing.

    With EoG, you'll want 2-3 super charge (from movement and iconic). If running 2 you'll want the shield also.

    Without EoG, you can add divine light (no combo), priority heal combo, and shield.

    For battle healing, you'll want death mark, wrath, admonish, shield, divine, and priority heal.
    Mostly you'll use death mark combo (the corrupted blessing hits hard), and wrath combo for damage/group healing.
    Transformation, grim or Quislet, and page>purple.
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  3. Gam3r4Lif3 Dedicated Player

    Good stuff! Thank you! Yeah benediction and malediction just seemed off, I was getting like 2k 3k and some like 15k heal but nothing noteworthy lol. Another question is if I did want to go precision based and decide to use strat card + trans, do you know if you get both benefits as a healer? Like both damage additions as well as the heal crits? Or is it capped off by your role
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  4. Operation Failure Active Player

    Proposal for a slight buff to these 2 abilities Devs? Would be great to battle heal with these.
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  5. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    You get damage and heal numbers from trans and strat, whether DPS or healer role. That being said, in my opinion, there are much better options than strategist for healing. And unless you're running elite raids as a dps, there are much better options than strategist for that role as well. For battle healing, again, there are better options than strategist.

    Operation failure: although I would like to see those 2 powers restored to their former glory, I believe it was a balance issue that got them nerfed. During their glory days, there was no healer more powerful than a Celestial healer.
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  6. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    For full precision I would recommend using Clarion for battle healing. I followed Pale's advice in another thread, and now my Clarion armory is healing with full dps gear and all precision lower mods. Since I'm a might DPS I still lose out on the base mods, but I think my precision is over 60k. For alerts I'll use robot sidekick, for raids I'll use divine light in that spot. Rotation is just clip flurry shot with your healing powers as needed. If everyone is full health I'll just clip with the group heal to feed page of destiny stacks, or consume soul with combo for damage.
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  7. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Happy to have helped.
  8. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    Ill have to disagree with pale here as celestial might healing is ok for battle healing but the prec side is way more beneficial. I have tried both extensively and with clarion and demon fang is were its really at which would co inside with all the healing powers.

    I can run all DPS gear with prec mods and prec augments and still get over 70k resto and with the weapon buff up to 90k prec

    use benediction not malediction as benediction gives heals based on the damage you do malediction gives heals based on what damage the power does (both have to be comboed for the whole group to benefit)

    so benediction clipped with the weapon buff (with clarion and demon fang artifact)and then just flurry shot your way to battle healing. outside of those oh crap moments this is easily able to keep a raid group full and does much more damage than the might side

    which honestly is sad because it used to be the best battle healer with its own unique mechanics built just for it and because of nerfs the prec side is just better
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  9. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Yes, precision side battle healing is much more devasting, sorry I misled with saying that might is also very powerful (depending upon build and loadout).
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  10. Gam3r4Lif3 Dedicated Player

    Cool next double XP I’ll try to get both to lvl 120/160 and test it out and yeah I’ve been celestial/electric back and forth since celestial came out! Miss those old days tbh
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  11. Gam3r4Lif3 Dedicated Player

    Might is still more fun cause you can use your power and actually feel like a hero lol! And I’ve tried it and enjoyed it
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  12. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    Unfortunately there is a big gap with Clarion from 160 to 200. Not sure I would use it at 160. I don't know much about demon fang.
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  13. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I ran a while with it at 160 you cant rely on it for keeping people up but there basically free heals and the shield is still pretty strong at 160
    but it is much more viable at 200 but manageable at 160
  14. Gam3r4Lif3 Dedicated Player

    Maybe I’ll do 200 clarion and 120 demons dang instead or at least get demons dang as high as possible! But still gotta get PHR and page of destiny by to 200 as well. These arts are a hassle to level up lol
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  15. Gam3r4Lif3 Dedicated Player

    I’ll probably get clarion to 200 and try 120 for demons then
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  16. L T Devoted Player

    I've been finding that precision + celestial = Awkward with a capital A. The ability and weapon combos seem to trip over each other. Am I the only one who experiences this? Any tips?
  17. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    The ability combos aren't so much a necessity with Clarion doing the healing. Couple options:
    Clip weapon buff with benediction or divine (no combo).
    Use weapon attacks.
    When Clarion shield breaks, cast yours (mitigates damage to less healing needed).
    When you must heal, use consume soul (no combo), or priority heal: is that's not enough, use admonish (no combo).

    Basically, eliminate using combos when you use weapon combos with Clarion. The Clarion will take care of most of the healing needed, when convinced with a HoT (electrogenesis for electric, solace for water, circle for sorcery, benediction or divine for celestial).
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  18. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    The elite duo last boss has constant crowd control (I feel like this episode is CC Universe Online), but you can see in my video I follow what Pale says and clip flurry shot with heal, no combos. I clip with admonish to feed my page stacks (you can see page proc a few times), and clip with consume soul for the extra damage. When I need to I also clip the priority heal. I've only healed KCT raid with clarion, so I haven't tried it in anything too hard. The hardest fight I've had was actually the elite duo 2nd boss, but that's mostly running around avoiding all the in room damage LOL.
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