Mail server not delivering items purchased through broker

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by TheSchroedinger, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. SiiCK1 New Player


    Hero Name:


    Reference Number:
    Updated BY Customer
    03/26/2015 02:56 AM
    03/27/2015 09:04 AM
    DC Universe Online PS4
    In-Game Issues
    Character Issues
    ***Items that were posted to broker***
    1 Radiant Aura for 23 Million.
    5 to 6 (approx.) Other Auras from the current Booster Bundle (approx.) 3-5 million.
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  2. athelaz New Player

    Usps server
    character atomictroll
    posted an orange, blue, and green nimbus auras to broker for various prices. They disappeared
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  3. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Server: USPC
    Character: Silver Pride
    The Following I posted and not returned -2x Green Smoke & 1 Other Aura i cannot recall . The fix put in helped with other things being returned/sold e-mails received etc just not the auras

    Thankyou in advance for looking in to it
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  4. SiiCK1 New Player

    So......? Any updates Mepps?
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  5. raistlin dl New Player

    hi sorry if im posting in the wrong area but not sure where two go so, long story short two days and I cant log in says down for maintenance is this happening to anyone else and what should I do?
  6. Sunblaster New Player

    Hello Mepps!!

    Any uptade about this issue or the fix will come together the ps3 crashes fix?

    No words from support too.

    We need some good News.

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  7. Xanoth Dedicated Player

    Server: USPC
    Character: Xanoth
    ref#: #150331-000120

    Sold yellow nimbus aura, no cash received.

    Also sold 2 stacks of exobits, no cash received.

    Items were listed last night. This morning they are no longer for sale, not in my inventory, mailbox empty.

    edit: about 10 mails filled with collections that I'd sent over from alts are also all missing.

    edit edit: tried sending myself a new mail. I no longer receive any mail. postal strike?
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  8. Sunblaster New Player

    Hello personas!!

    My problem is solved and was answered by the support page.

    Hope all u guys have good Lucky on it.

    Tks Mepps and Devs.

    Hope now the psn aprove the ps3 crashes fixes quickly cause is impossible to play on the ps3 :S

  9. athelaz New Player

    I'm still waiting on the response from anybody still lost 3 auras
    Lost orange blue and green nimbus
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  10. Moongrave New Player

    Everything I listed and funds for them were received today . Thank You!!!
  11. athelaz New Player

    Hopefully mine will be there when I get off in the am!!!!
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  12. SiiCK1 New Player

    What server are you on? I haven't received anything. Hopefully mine will come soon!
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  13. SiiCK1 New Player

    Never mind. You're USPC. Ugh...hopefully they are working on the PS side too.
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  14. Valentine Vixen New Player

    I am not sure everyone on USPC is fixed. I know I have not gotten anything resolved yet.
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  15. Xanoth Dedicated Player

    Still nothing here either.

    That character just does not receive mail.
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  16. Skeptikraze Well-Known Player

    Just experienced this issue with mail today on USPC. Already submitted a ticket, and the following is what occurred:

    I bought a collection piece (worth 1mil) and 2 stacks of 16-piece items to manufacture grenades/emitters/etc; I waited all day and attempted relogs with no resolution thus far.

    Character: Skeptikraze
    Server: USPC
    Action: Buying
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  17. SiiCK1 New Player

    I've submitted a ticket for USPS and in about 7 days it was resolved.
  18. Xanoth Dedicated Player

    A week later:

    So they won't give me the money from my sold aura and exobits....

    So I don't have the yellow nimbus or the money from selling it.

    I don't mind waiting another few weeks/months for missing collections. The money however is annoying to go without, as I sold the aura to buy another one with said money.
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  19. JediMoonKnight New Player

    Weapon Hex EUPS Hero
    Red Nimbus sold over 24 hours ago, haven't received cash.
    Again - ended up receiving first sale a few days after my first post last week. Was a red nimbus too. Coincidence?
    Also, thought was fixed?
  20. JediMoonKnight New Player

    ^^This: ticket #150409-000097